Dear Santa | My Christmas Wish List

Every year I struggle with what I would like for Christmas to the point where my parents have to hassle me quite a lot to actually get me to tell them what I want, haha! So today I thought I would write a quick post where I share some of the things that I've finally thought up to put on my Christmas list. I hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas season so far by the way and that you're loving my Christmas posts! Tomorrow is my last day off before Christmas eve so you can imagine how Christmas-y I'm feeling right now... I also start work at 4am every day for a week - I hate working in retail over Christmas! So I'm trying my best to make the most of the festivity and I really can't wait until Christmas eve! I also need to try and squeeze the rest of my Christmas shopping into my schedule at some point which is why this post is quite a short one, so apologies about that! But yeah, I hope you enjoy my wish list, let me know if you would love to see some of these bits under your tree or feel free to add your own wish lists down below in the comments! 

1. KYLIE COSMETICS KYSHADOW (THE BURGUNDY PALETTE) // I actually didn't really have much interest in Kylie Cosmetics to begin with, I'm not a huge lipstick wearer so the lip kits didn't really interest me to be honest! (I was probably the only one not obsessed with it... haha!) But I must admit I am really loving the eyeshadow palettes and I've fallen in love with this burgundy palette, I've watched so many swatch videos of this palette and every colour is just GORGEOUS and you guys know how much I love burgundy and berry shades! The only thing stopping me from buying this is the thought of getting a huge unexpected customs charge... Santa?! 

2. URBAN DECAY ULTIMATE BASICS PALETTE // One palette that I own and absolutely love is my Naked 2 palette and I pretty much use it most days, my only problem with it is I'm not a huge fan of the shimmer-y shades - and there are a fair few in there! So the ultimate basics, which is full of all matte shades in some really gorgeous colours is pretty much perfect for me - I feel like I would be able to get use out of every colour, it has some really beautiful natural nude shades and some more bold colours so you can get so many looks out of one palette and I love it, haha! 

3. PACO ROBANNE OLYMPEA PERFUME // I must admit already know that I'm getting this one for Christmas thanks to my lovely Mum, haha! I've been really into perfume recently and my little collection is definitely growing. After smelling this one I was sold and I just love it so much - I'm pretty sure it will soon become my new favourite fragrance! Also, can we just talk about that bottle... it's so beautiful, definitely the best looking perfume I will own. I definitely can't wait to add it to my vanity table! 

4. BAN.DO I AM VERY BUSY DIARY // It wouldn't be a Christmas wish list without including a diary... to be honest it wouldn't be a bloggers Christmas wishlist without the 'I Am Very Busy' planner, haha! This one is actually sold out, huge bummer I know - but there are tonnes of others on the website don't worry - i do LOVE this one so much, but I might have to settle for a different one! I just love everything about this planner - the colours inside the book are just amazing, it's full of cute quotes, pictures and everything you will ever need to stay organised and keep on top of deadlines and your to-do list - perfect for a list freak like me! 

5. POLAROID ZIP MOBILE PRINTER // This another sneaky one that I already know I'm getting for Christmas! I actually made a tonne of hints about the HP Sprocket mobile printer to my boyfriend and it completely sold out (dammit Zoella for doing a #spon about it!) so he said that I might as well get the Polaroid zip instead, it does the same job and is just as good as the HP one! The best thing about both of them is that they don't need ink (making it so much cheaper!) it has some sort of zink technology that I don't understand, haha! But what I do know is that I really want to make a scrapbook out of the pictures I print from my phone featuring some of my favourite memories from Uni and all of the pictures I've taken over the years so I can keep them all safe long after my phone inevitably packs it in and takes all my pictures down with it! I am obviously going to need to buy LOADS of paper too! 

6. PRETTY HONEST BY SALI HUGHES // I've been looking for a gorgeous coffee table book that I actually like for years and I think I've found the one! Not only that but I also can't wait to read this book too. From what I can tell from reading a few reviews, it's full of recommended beauty products, tips and basics for understanding beauty, which is something that I definitely would love to read up on! It's basically a beauty blog in a book from what I can tell, which does excite me and I can't wait to get my hands on this! 

7. BLACK SCRAPBOOK (WILKO) // As I mentioned earlier I really want to make a scrapbook from the pictures I print off of my phone and this is the type of scrapbook I want to stick them all into, just something big and bulky with completely plain pages! On a separate note, I would also really love to buy a label maker to make some cute headings.. ooh I'm excited! 

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  1. I recently got that Kylie palette and the shades are absolutely gorgeous, you definitely need it in your life! Hope Santa is good to you;)

    Emily xo

  2. The ultimate basics is on my wish list too for Christmas! Hope you get what you want :)