Gift Guide | 15 Stocking Fillers Under £15*

I'm sure a lot of you are in full blown Christmas shopping mode by now but I always feel like every year I seem to hit a brick wall half way through my Christmas shopping and I just run out of ideas of what to get people and end up accidentally buying things for myself... that's where all the gift guides come in! I have definitely spent so much time over the last couple of days reading as many gift guides as possible and just browsing through all the different ideas for what to get your loved ones for Christmas! One thing that I definitely love reading through are stocking filler ideas since stockings are such a good idea, I don't know about you but I definitely prefer to receive lots of little presents at Christmas time! So I thought I would jump onto that band wagon and write my own stocking filler gift guide. (I actually wrote one last year, but as per usual it's cringey as anything.. you can click here and have a cringe and read it if you want though, haha!) My gift guide includes 15 stocking fillers under £15 so you definitely have no excuses when it comes to gift ideas now, most of them are more suited for the lovely ladies in your life though, since I always find girls easier and more fun to buy for - but I have tried to cater for a wide age range so you can get inspiration for your Mum, Grandma and younger sister all in one place! I'm hoping to also do a regular gift guide too, at some point in the near future, so if you're still looking for more inspiration pop back soon or follow me on twitter to keep updated! 

BEAUTY GIFTS // I wanted to start off with a selection of beauty gifts since I know for sure that any girl loves to receive some pamper or makeup essentials whatever age they are. I've tried to include a range of beauty products including makeup, pamper essentials, skin care and a little something for gorgeous nails and something that I definitely recommend for the beauty obsessed lady in your life is doing a little pamper stocking full of all of these beauty essentials so that she has everything she needs for a cosy pamper evening, I'm sure she would love it! One thing I picked up from The Body Shop was this Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash (£7), I think this is a perfect gift to pop into a little pamper stocking since who doesn't love a bit of skin care on a pamper evening? I haven't actually tried this facial wash out for myself but it was highly recommended and it does smell absolutely delicious, so I have high hopes - I might even have to go back and buy one for myself, haha! Another little gift I got was this tiny little Frosted Flower Bath Fizzer (£1) at £1 I couldn't really say no to be honest and it really is the perfect little gift just to stick into a stocking, it actually also comes in three other scents and colours, so you could treat someone to the whole lot. Whilst on the topic of baths something that I picked up whilst in Boots was some Joules bath salts (£8) I think these are perfect for your Mum or your Auntie or your Grandma or basically anyone who loves a good pamper in the bath. These bath salts come in a super cute glass jar and it even comes with a little scoop for the salts, I must say I'm actually really jealous to the lucky person who will be getting these this Christmas because I've been meaning to buy bath salts for myself for months and I've never got round to it. Also, I can already tell that these Joules ones in particular are going to be amazing, I haven't even opened the jar and they smell delicious! Moving onto more skin care in particular hand care, I picked up these two little hand creams from Primark for £1 each, I've not tried these either but I'm sure they'll do the job! I actually almost picked up the hand creams that look so similar to these from The Body Shop but they were so much more expensive and I'm certain that the Primark ones are going to be a very good dupe for those, they even have matching packaging which was something I loved about The Body Shop ones. Again, I feel like these are the perfect stocking present that you can just chuck in - just be sure you have a sharpie at hand to draw over the price... (who's clever idea was it to write the price on the actual packaging and not on a sticker?!) 

The last few bits I would include in a beauty lovers stocking is makeup! Makeup is perfect because you can pick up some hidden gems that are quite inexpensive and will fill up any stocking nicely. The first makeup item I picked up  is the Maybelline New York Babylips lipgloss (£4.99), this lipgloss is actually for my younger sister and I highly recommend it as a stocking filler for any younger girl who's starting to get into makeup. I got mine in the colour Wink Of Pink which is a gorgeous, girly pink colour and it's full of sparkles - perfect for a young girl who wants makeup for Christmas! Another makeup item I would recommend this bronzing ball from Madame La La.  (£14) This was actually sent to me to be included in this gift guide and I've been using it for about a week now and I have to say I'm loving it - I haven't even reached for my usual powder bronzers. The bronzing ball is a twist-up cream bronzer which is something I seriously love when it comes to bronzers, it gives you much more precision and you don't even need to use a brush - perfect for makeup on the go and the perfect stocking filler present for the makeup lover in your life, I'm sure they've never seen a bronzer this unique before!  Another little gift I would pop into my beauty lovers stocking is a nail varnish - my nail varnish of choice is always Barry M, I've been using Barry M for years and I absolutely love everything about their nail products! The one I picked up is again for my younger sister, so I bought her the colour called 'Fashion Icon' which is a gorgeous deep purple and as it's part of the Glitterati collection it's full of glitter and sparkles!

HOME GIFTS AND STATIONERY // I'm a huge fan of receiving home-y type gifts at Christmas, so naturally I love giving these types of presents too - the person who I LOVE to give candles and mugs and home-y presents to is my best friend Zoe because we both love the same things when it comes to decor and home ware so you can bet that a lot of her presents are home ware based haha! My first home-y gift recommendation is this gorgeous candle - I actually got it from The Card Factory (at least I think I did... Christmas shopping has been a bit of a blur!) so annoyingly I can't find a link for this one. But anyway, as you can tell this is a mulled wine scented candle in a gorgeous mason jar and I love everything about this, the scent is so delicious and perfect for Christmas, and the packaging it super cute, no one would ever know it was £3 from The Card Factory! Another home-y type gift that I can't wait to give this Christmas is this Luxury Hot Drinking Chocolate from Chocolat Charbonnel. (£4.72) I know. Who knew hot chocolate could make such a cute gift?! The packaging for this is absolutely gorgeous (to the point where I seriously want to keep it for myself... haha!) it's also a pretty decent size too considering the price and I can only imagine how delicious it tastes being Chocolat Charbonnel chocolate! Now, although the link I've included is for Waitrose online delivery, I definitely recommend going in store and buying it yourself so you don't have to pay a ridiculous amount for delivery. You can get it in both Waitrose and Sainsburies I believe - and this is definitely the cheapest option I have seen around! 

Stationery is another no-brainer when it comes to stocking fillers, everyone is always in need of a new planner or notebook and I don't know about you but I get super excited when I receive stationery at Christmas! TK Maxx is one of my favourite places when it comes to journals and notebooks, they always have cute ones in and I genuinely always have to restrain myself from buying the lot! I got this adorable pink and gold spotty journal again for my younger sister, it just says 'Journal' on the front and is completely blank (only lined pages) inside - I thought this was the perfect gift since there aren't any dates inside so she could either use it as diary or just a notebook. Christmas is also the best time to give someone a new diary, since 2017 is only around the corner a new diary will definitely come in handy! I picked up this super cute 'Being This Brilliant Takes Planning' 2017 diary from Calendar Club (£10) for my best friend. As I said, diaries are perfect for this time of year and I love this one in particular because it's so cute and quirky, there are so many adorable quotes and pictures throughout the whole diary I just know my best friend will love it! 

COSY GIFTS // You can try and kid yourself by saying no one wants socks at Christmas, but secretly everyone loves to receive socks, just trust me. I feel like socks are something that we always mean to buy for ourselves but just never get round to it! To be honest I hardly ever buy socks but I normally build up quite a collection at Christmas so it doesn't matter, haha! I actually buy my Mum a new pair of slippers every Christmas and they're usually Christmas themed (then she wears them all year round, haha!) so when I saw these cute reindeer slipper in Primark I had to get them! They are honestly the cosiest things I've ever felt and I genuinely might have to go back and get a pair for myself, I love Primark slippers! I also obviously had to pick up some socks. I got these 'cuddle socks' also from Primark you get 2 pairs in a pack for £2 which is such an amazing deal for a pair of genuinely cosy socks... I guess that's why they're called cuddle socks?!
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  1. This is such a wonderful post! I haven't even started my christmas shopping yet! (oops) but this has really inspired and motivated me, so- thankyou! xx

    Grab Your Camera x

    1. I'm glad you're feeling inspired! You've got plenty of time to get it all sorted! x

  2. Such a helpful post! I've done a few gift guides on my blog too:)

    Emily xo