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I hope you're all enjoying the final week of Christmas (how is it even a week until Christmas?!) but yes, it's that time of the Christmas month where you're quickly running out of ideas for what to get for people... and you realise that you pretty much just bought things for yourself on your last trip to town that was supposed to be strictly for Christmas shopping! Trust me, I know the feeling! Last minute gift idea posts are my favourite when it comes to the last week of Christmas and I spend ages browsing through them trying to find inspiration for what to get for my loved ones. So today, I thought I would share an amazing last minute gift idea that would be perfect for any of the lovely ladies in your life - particularly if you've suddenly realised that you haven't bought anything for Mum, oops! Anyone who has a love for skin care and loves a good pamper when it comes to giving your face a little TLC will absolutely love this gift I am sure of it.. even if you do end up keeping it for yourself - you deserve it, Christmas is stressful, haha! After using this product for around a week thought I pretty much want to buy the gift set for everyone I know

First of all I wanted to introduce you to AlumierMD as a very unique brand that was actually created by a team of experience PhD biochemists, physicians and skin care specialists, their products give you amazing results, not to mention optimal skin health - these people know what they're talking about! One of the best features of this company is that they use innovate ingredients meaning that all of their ingredients are of the best quality and quantity as proven by clinical studies, so you know that you're getting only the best for you money and these products are genuinely doing a good job at keeping your skin feeling and looking healthy. This product can be found at The Face and Body Clinic on London's Harley Street. "The image-conscious celebrity’s best kept beauty secret, The Face and Body Clinic, is run by renowned industry expert Shenaz Shariff. Having dedicated her stellar career to discovering the most effective non-invasive aesthetic treatments, Shenaz founded her clinic to offer world class non-invasive, non-chemical beauty treatments, which provide a genuine, safer alternative to surgery. The Face and Body Clinic is unlike any other beauty clinic: situated on London's prestigious Harley Street, it offers cutting-edge treatments that are not available anywhere else in the UK. Shenaz is a personable but highly skilled aesthetician and revered beauty and wellness expert, and can provide expert comment on all issues relating to beauty, skincare, body image, cosmetic surgery and natural beauty treatments."

So, in the gift set itself you get your hands on two of AlumierMD's most popular formulas including the 'Lotus Scrub' an exfoliating scrub and 'AlminEye' brightening eye cream, both designed to brighten and smooth leaving you with gorgeous, healthy skin - if that doesn't scream the perfect Christmas gift, I don't know what does! Also, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and definitely reflects on the quality of the products themselves. The box itself is completely plain white with a sleeve that goes on top featuring the Alumier logo in a beautiful shiny, orange-y gold colour and I love it, I think it's super simple but really gorgeous! Inside the box are the two individually boxed gifts featuring the same style packaging including the orange-y gold colour again. 

1. LOTUS SCRUB // The first gift inside the box is the 'Lotus Scrub' mild exfoliating scrub. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is that this product comes in a very reasonable size (120ml) and so will most probably last you a fair while. The packaging again is also white and the directions and ingredients are clearly on the back of the product itself. So, this scrub is very gentle, it uses spherical exfoliation which I've always been told is so much better for your skin than jagged grains that can irritate the skin and be quite harsh on the sensitive areas of your face. The scrub will remove any dead skin cells or impurities and leaves you with smoother and more radiant skin, it also includes many soothing ingredients like lotus seed powder to calm the skin and also help the skin glow - perfect for after all the Christmas stress, if you ask me! I actually don't often buy myself exfoliating scrubs for some reason so I was very to try this product out for myself, when trying the product the first thing I noticed was that it was so much smoother on the skin than any scrubs I've tried before. Some of the skin on my face, particularly around my eyes tends to feel really sensitive and tended to feel quite scratched when I've used scrubs in the past but this isn't something I experienced with the Lotus Scrub at all - it was super gentle, but you could still definitely feel that it was removing the impurities on the skin. One thing I will say is that a little goes a really long way with this product and I only needed a small amount for my whole face, so I definitely suggest starting with a tiny amount and building it up! After massaging the scrub into my face for one minute as the directions say, I washed the product off with warm water, which was a lot easier than I thought! In the past I've had to really rub at my skin to get some scrubs off my face, but as this product is fairly runny in consistency it was very easy to wash off of my face. After washing all the product off I could instantly feel a difference, my skin looked so much brighter for massaging the small grains into it (and to be honest, I gave this the ultimate test as I'm super tired from working too much!) and my face look instantly so much healthier - I can't wait to use it more and more to see the results after a week and a month! 

2. ALUMINEYE // The second gift in the set is the 'AluminEye' brightening eye cream and this work so well as an after treatment for the scrub if you want gorgeous pampered skin! The brightening eye cream is probably my favourite product in the set and it couldn't have arrived at a better time since I'll be starting at 4am every day this week - I will definitely be using this a lot! But yes, the eye cream comes in a gorgeous little, silver pot that I absolutely adore. Again, you get a really generous amount (15ml) seeing as you really only have to use a tiny amount, I'm sure this will last a fair while too! So the eye cream improves elasticity and firmness around the eyes, making you look more awake (which is exactly what I need right now!) it also diminishes the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness and features light reflecting ingredients to brighten the eye area, basically everything you need to trick people into thinking you've got tonnes of beauty sleep! On using this myself the first thing I noticed is that it immediately feels so refreshing on the skin and actually felt really lovely to put under my eyes, I only used a tiny amount on my fingertips and this went a long way. The effects of the eye cream are seriously instant, I could definitely notice that my under eyes looked brighter and more awake. As someone with naturally dark under eye circles that concealer can hardly cover sometimes it's so nice to find a product that actually works and makes me look more awake, especially during the festive period, we're all stressed and we're all losing out on sleep - this is exactly what we need!

If you want to get your hands on you own gift set, be it for that friend of family member that you have yet to buy a Christmas present for, or for yourself because you deserve a little pamper after all the Christmas stress. You can find the AlumierMD Luxury Gift Set at The Face and Body Clinic on London's Harley Street - one of the few places to stock this product in the UK! You can also click here to find out more about this product and other AlumierMD products, since they have tonnes more amazing products just like these, including cleansers, sunscreens and more whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination - there's something for everyone! 

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*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post, featuring products that were sent to me

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