Update #12 | Is It Socially Acceptable To Listen To Christmas Music Yet?!

As I mentioned in my recent favourites post, I still can't quite believe that it is December and that Christmas is literally around the corner! I don't even know if I'm excited yet either, because Christmas coming quickly means that my dissertation deadline is also coming quickly and I've hardly even started it properly yet if I'm honest... ugh! I am however embracing the fact that I can now loudly play Christmas music without the guilt... right?! My tree is also up, in an effort to feel more festive and I've worked out that Christmas shopping is a brilliant, guilt-free way of procrastinating (I don't have to feel guilty if I'm buying presents for other people, right?! Haha!) But yeah, I thought I would write a quick update post since I haven't done one in while - it's also a great way to start off my Christmas posts, since I thought I would also share a few sneak peeks of what to expect this year! So yeah, let me know what you've been up to recently in the comments and I hope you enjoy this quick update! 

As I mentioned a while ago I think, I won't be doing blogmas this year (I know.. sad face!) I was definitely planning on doing it, since I'd love to see if I'd actually survive, haha! But what with uni work, dissertation, Christmas shopping and work work I definitely wouldn't be able to keep up with it all! Honestly, props to anyone who is doing blogmas and I will for sure be reading as many as possible - so if you are doing blogmas, definitely feel free to link your blog below. I am also LOVING vlogmas too - 24 days of Zoella is kind of what I live for every year... haha, I'm sad! But you can't beat getting into a festive bath and watching vlogmas, it's definitely the best way to feel festive. But yeah, as I said - no blogmas! But you can bet that I have got tonnes of Christmas-y themed posts planned so you can expect a festive overload here on the blog! As I've said, my tree is now decorated so expect a Christmas decorations post, Ethan is also badgering me to bake more so I will definitely be forced into some Christmas baking posts and I've also got a couple gift guides planned with some amazing collaborations from brands up my sleeve... and maybe even a sneaky little giveaway... - so I can't wait to share all that with you lot! 

So yes, I hope you're all getting into the spirit of Christmas now and I definitely hope you'll all be back to feel festive with me on the blog! I would also really love it if you could let me know what you want to see on the blog this Christmas - since I would love some more ideas, so definitely let me know in the comments what you love reading the most on blogs at Christmas! 
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  1. I'm doing both vlogmas and blogmas this year if you fancy a nosey sweet! My links are www.coleoftheball.com and www.youtube.com/coleoftheball xx

  2. Am looving Zoe's vlogmas so far! I'm not doing blogmas either, but still love reading everyones posts!
    x Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

    1. Me too! I much prefer to read all the posts, don't know how they do it, haha! :) x

  3. Ahhh I've been loving Zoe's vlogmas so much .. it makes me feel so festive! I think it's perfectly acceptable to be festive now! I love everything about this time of year ... it's my fave !

  4. I've basically missed 3 days already, because blogger didn't post some of the ones I had scheduled! I don't think I'll be doing it next year, as getting the photos and actually writing 24 some posts out takes tons of effort, haha. It's also quite stressful on my behalf. x

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// Come read my BLOGMAS posts!
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. Oh no, I hate when blogger does that!! I can imagine that it gets super stressful! Sometimes even trying to post every other day can be stressful enough :) x

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