Update #19 | What Happens Now..?

Hi Guys! I hope you all enjoyed my recent series where I talked all about my three years at uni, I keep saying it but I had so much fun reminiscing on all the good times and looking back at the three years - since they seemed to just go by in a blur! (If you haven't had a read, you should - start here!) But if four parts wasn't enough for you and you wanted to read a little bit more about my life then you've come to the right place! I've decided to do a little update post and talk all about what happens next with my life now that uni is over and done with. (Also, apologies for anyone who isn't as hyped about these uni update posts - normally posts will resume in two days... starting with a lush haul, woo!... Also, I promise there's only like one more photo of me in this outfit that'll be up on the blog lol) I thought it would be fun to write this little post just so I can look back in the future and see what I thought I'd be doing versus what I'm actually doing because honestly at this point I don't have a set path I want to take so in a years time I could honestly be doing anything... which is a bit scary really. But yeah, enjoy this little update post and if you're in the same boat as me at the moment - just out of uni, not really sure what to do with yourself, let me know in the comments, maybe we can help each other out! 

Part 4 | Reflecting On My University Experience

So here we are, the fourth and final part of my reflecting on university series. I really can't believe this ended up being four parts, haha! I genuinely didn't expect this end up being so long, I originally planned this out to be either one or two parts actually... but as per usual I ended up rambling a little too much, I hope you guys don't mind, haha! But yes, if you haven't already read the rest of the series you should - (start here at part one!) I've talked all about anxiety at uni, what it's like moving in with strangers and so much more.. so you should go and catch up for sure, haha! The last part is all about my third and final year of university, this year was pretty tough for me and as you guys all know (because I didn't shut up about it!) I had to write the dreaded dissertation, so this part will pretty much be discussing how the struggle was real when it came to writing my dissertation... since it took up most of my time during this year! Also, if you want to read more about my dissertation experience you can read another blog post I wrote all about it here - I talk all about what I would do differently if I could do it all over again. (God forbid, haha!) So anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed this series - I have definitely enjoyed writing it and looking back at everything, it's surprising how much I had forgotten already so I'm hoping that I can look back on these posts in the future as a little reminder! I actually have an old planner out for writing the last part so I'm hoping that'll help me a little for this part too.. feeling very reminiscent! So, let me know in the comments below if you have enjoyed this and as always feel free to ask me any university related questions, I'd be happy to answer them!

Part 3 | Reflecting On My University Experience

Guys! I'm back, apologies again for another short break! I had a bit of a lapse in motivation so I've been patiently waiting to start feeling in the mood for blogging again.. as much as I love blogging I feel like there's no point trying to force out blog posts when I'm not feeling up to it - so here I am, blaring Taylor Swift through my headphones (because she's back on Spotify, woo!) and I'm back at it again! I say it every time but I've definitely missed blogging - it's weird how much it becomes part of your life and I definitely felt a bit lost not scheduling tweets and interacting with you guys on twitter! I've actually had such a busy few weeks away though we went to go and see Emma Blackery in London which was SO amazing, I enjoyed every second of that! I've also definitely been making the most of the gorgeous sunshine.. and may have bought a few too many bardot dresses in preparation for summer, oops! But anyway, I left you guys with my last post which was all about my first year at university (and part two of my reflecting on university series!) where I talked all about the terrible exam I had to sit, my anxiety and my bad relationship with my housemates so if you haven't already had a read of that you definitely should! Part 3 is all about (you guessed it!) my second year at uni, some really exciting things happened during my second year of uni so I can't wait to reminisce and share all the good (and bad!) times with you! I hope you're enjoying this series, let me know in the comments - I would love a little feedback! 

Part 2 | Reflecting On My University Experience

So welcome back to part 2 of my little reflection on my university experience - if you haven't already read part 1, you should because it's a good place to start! I talked all about my experiences before university - all about how I felt forced into university, how I wasn't accepted into halls and how I almost ended up living with four third year boys, it's a real treat! But yes, in this part I'm going to talk all about my first year at uni; my first ever lecture, how I made new friends, my first night out as a fresher, and getting diagnosed with anxiety As I said in the last part, my three years at uni went by in a blur so it's really nice to just sit down and reflect - I feel like my first year especially went by super quickly so I look forward to writing this and reminiscing on all the good and bad times! I'm actually sitting here writing this on a gorgeous little spot on the sea front, it's such a gorgeous day.. So naturally I'm embracing my pasty legs and working on my tan while the sea literally laps at my feet - today is a good day! (Update: I'm burnt.. what a surprise, haha!) But yeah, enough gloating.. As I said in the last part I'm always happy to answer any questions you might have whether you're already at uni or you're thinking about going - so feel free to ask away in the comments! And I hope you enjoy this little part! 

Part 1 | Reflecting On My University Experience

So, as you may or may not know - I've just finished University completely! I finally handed in that last assignment and I'm in that weird place in between handing in that last piece of work and graduation.. where you're just like 'now what' haha! So I thought I would write a bit about my three year experience with uni - maybe to help out anyone who's currently at uni or someone who's thinking about going to uni but also to mark then end of the three years, so I can come back to these posts when I'm old and grey and remember my experience! It's also just nice for me to reflect on my experience since the whole three years has gone past in a complete blur and it only feels like yesterday that I received my acceptance email! In order to save your boredom and my sanity I've decided to split the post into a few parts, so today I'll be sharing a bit about my experiences before uni (if I can remember that far back, haha!) I'll be sharing everything I can from how I managed assignment stress and anxiety, to my bad relationship with my first ever housemates, to how it felt moving out of my family home, to what the night life was like, so if you want to know more about all that be sure to pop back for the whole series! For those of you wondering, I studied (feels weird not saying 'I'm studying' haha!) Early childhood studies - I'm not going to share the name of my uni for reasons, but you can probably find out (I've mentioned it before) if you're interested in that. But yeah, let me know in the comments if you're currently at University or if you're thinking about going to uni - I'd love to know! Also, if there's anything you want me to talk about in Part 2/if you have any questions you need answering please feel free to ask away in the comments, I'd be happy to help! 

Romwe Haul & Review

As I said in one of my recent posts, I've been allowing myself a little bit of retail therapy lately.. I'm still using the excuse that I've just finished my dissertation and that was over a month ago.. but still, haha! So I decided to hop on over to Romwe and order myself a few tops, since my wardrobe is mainly jumpers and I need summer clothes now that the weather is actually decent here in the UK! Now, if you've never heard of Romwe before it's basically an online clothes shop based in China and everything is seriously dirt cheap... And if you have heard of Romwe before you probably know that  these dirt cheap prices mean that it's VERY hit or miss. I have to say, I've ordered from Romwe in the past before, around 2 years ago and although it was a big order I only ended up liking 2 or 3 items from the lot (these 2-3 items I still love and wear regularly today by the way!) a lot of the clothes that came were pretty bad quality and some didn't even look similar to the clothes I ordered online... not good! But I decided to give them a second chance and I am pleasantly surprised, although the package did take a little while to get here from China (that's to be expected) I actually ended up liking and loving many of the clothes I received and I can see myself wearing everything to death this summer! I was also really happy with the quality of everything I feel like they've really grown as a company over the past 2 years, but the prices have stayed the same - which is always a bonus! As you know, I really struggle to get good pictures of all the clothes for my clothing hauls, so I didn't even bother with that, haha! Instead I've left a link for everything I mention so if you like the sound of anything you can just click straight over to Romwe and see a clear picture of what everything looks like! I've also ordered loads of bits.. so I'll try and keep this short and snappy! But yeah, let me know in the comments if you've ever ordered from Romwe before and what your experience was like, also let me know if you like any of the bits I've picked out! 

Things I've Been Loving Lately | #3

Having neglected my blog for a little while I've actually really missed doing these posts because I do really love sharing and recommending all the little bits I've been obsessed with for the past few months... I've actually collected quite a stock of bits to share (I've had to narrow it down to the best bits so this post isn't boring-ly long...) so grab some snacks and get ready for a long(ish) read, haha! But yeah, I feel like I've forgotten how to ramble for my post intro's since I've been gone... so, how is everyone? Are you enjoying the lovely weather? I definitely am - we actually finally got around to weeding the garden yesterday (it was a literal jungle out there..) and now I can't wait to get out there and get the barbecue going! I also took the new sunny season as a chance to change my coffee table around since I was getting pretty bored of the old set-up and I have to say I'm really loving it now.. which is why it made a little appearance as the photo for this post, haha! As much as I don't want to wish Summer away I have to admit I always look forward to Autumn though, mainly because I have so many cute ornaments and coffee table decor to put up everywhere.. exciting!  Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the post, and as always be sure to let me know what you've been loving lately or if you like any of the bits I've shared in the comments below!

Beauty On A Budget | Dupe Ebay Brushes Review

I've been really enjoying watching those 'trying on £5 dresses I bough from Ebay' videos that have popped up all over YouTube recently, honestly I don't know why I find them so entertaining but I guess I just love the mystery of finding out whether or not the thing that actually gets delivered will look like the picture on the Ebay listing! I guess I also love the fact that even if it is a huge fail you haven't really lost out on any money.. So I was inspired (mainly by my huge need for new eye makeup brushes... I have literally used the same two brushes for a year now and it's a daily struggle, haha!) to order a few different sets of brushes from Ebay for really really cheap to see if they're actually any good or not - I know we all love a good bargain, especially when it comes to makeup and although I have to say I'm a huge lover of my Real Techniques brushes I'm always drawn back to the cheap Ebay ones and I've always found them to be good enough quality for the price I paid! I actually ordered a dupe Nars ita brush from Ebay a few years ago and I still use it pretty much daily for my contour! But yes, I ordered a few different types/sets of brushes and I have to say I'm pretty impressed by all of them (spoilers!) especially for their prices since they're all under £3 - in fact the whole lot cost me £7.20 all together as most of them had free postage and packaging, not bad for a whole new set of makeup brushes! Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried make up brushes from Ebay and whether or not you liked them or not and I hope you enjoy my little review! 

Update #18 | Guess Who's Back (...back again)

Ooh yes, I am back! In case you didn't notice, I took a bit of an impromptu break from blogging (a break that ended up being way longer than I realised... how is it already nearly June?!) but yes.. I'm back, hopefully for good this time! It's funny because I always thought that once my dissertation was in full swing I wouldn't really have time for blogging, but I actually managed to stay up to date with blog posts the entire time I was writing my dissertation (somehow!) It was actually the two essays after my dissertation deadline that killed me (I had that moment where I looked at the question and just didn't understand it at all.. it was hell, haha!) so that's why I kind of had to put blogging aside... annoyingly! But I'm actually finished with University now...like completely done! MY SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN- WOO! I have no idea how to feel because it's really scary and exciting all at the same time, but at the moment I'm enjoying the extra free time and my non-existent to-do list - I can't even describe how relived I was to hand in that last piece of work! I'm actually hoping to write a post where I talk about my experience with University soon, so if you're into that definitely pop back soon (or follow my twitter to stay updated.. p-l-u-g...lol). I'm super excited to get back into blogging though and I have some exciting posts planned... plenty of hauls, plenty of Lush reviews and makeup first impressions - I've needed some intense retail therapy, haha! But yeah, this was just my quick re-introduction just to let you all know that I haven't completely abandoned my blog and I will be back with posts every other day from now on! As always, thanks so much for all your continued support by the way, you're all the best!

Update #17 | I Finally Did It! (my dissertation experience)

Yes, you read that right - the day has come where I stop mentioning my dissertation and how stressed I am in every single blog post... I've handed in my dissertation! Honestly though, I genuinely cannot believe I'm finally done with it, to the point where when I was done formatting the whole thing and I sent it off to be printed I just kind of sat there like... what now..? I also managed to hit 6k on twitter on the day I handed it in, so it was a pretty good day for me! I can't even describe how good it feels though, it's a huge weight off my shoulders and now I only have two more essays to write and I'm done with university completely, which is actually a pretty scary thought - I try and move that thought to the back of my mind as often as possible, haha! It's so weird to think that my eight (was it really eight though?! that's gone by so fast!) months of hard work and procrastination has now been printed into my own little 40 page book - how weird is that?! Writing 10,000 words felt like such an impossible task eight months ago and now it's finally done - I'm actually pretty proud of myself, woo! But yeah, I thought I would just do a quick little update post to mark this day and share this little experience with you lot. I also just wanted to say that if any of you out there are still writing away and finishing off your dissertations or if you're a second year student who is just starting out on their dissertation proposal - YOU CAN DO THIS! If I can do it, you can - trust me! I was actually going to make a full on blog post where I share some of my dissertation advice (I did kind of share some in this post if you want to have a read), but I feel like a few little pieces of advice would fit nicely into this post - so, here are few key pieces of advice/what I would do differently if I could go back and do it all again... which I never want to do by the way, haha!) 

A Disney Lover's Dream! | Mad Beauty Review*

Welcome all Disney lovers, I have a treat for you lot today! Oh yes, I was contacted by Mad Beauty to review a few of their products from their super cute Disney range - I was obviously incredibly excited to share my thoughts, since I am huge lover of Disney and I also really love Mad Beauty! They have so much to offer from cosmetics to stationery to adorable hand sanitiser all in fun, novelty prints.. so if you're looking for a cute retro notebook or lip glosses featuring a variety of Disney quotes look no further! I think Mad Beauty is the perfect place to go if you're looking for gifts, I know that my younger sister would love everything from their Disney collection and I've already spotted 20+ stocking filler ideas (for anyone who does their Christmas shopping super early, haha!) so I know where I'll be going to buy presents this December! Everything is also pretty cheap with the majority of products being under £10 so no need to break the bank! But yes, I hope you enjoy my little review of the products I was lucky enough to receive - let me know in the comments if you've ever tried anything from Mad Beauty before, I would love to know!

7 Things I Would Save In A Fire

I love doing these little tag posts every now and again and I was feeling inspired by one of Gabby's recent videos where she shared some of the things she would save if there was ever a fire in her home! Luckily, I've never had to deal with a house fire in my life *touches wood* but it really got me thinking about some of the bits I would try my best to save if I got the chance to, because there's definitely a few bits that are super sentimental to me in this house! To be honest, I am pretty lucky though, since the majority of my sentimental bits and bobs are at my Mum's house... (including my box full of every sentimental thing I own!)... is that cheating!? Also, I know in reality you probably wouldn't have time to grab 10 things from your house (let's be honest) but you kind of have to use your imagination a bit... Although I won't be tagging anyone specifically I think it would be really great for some other bloggers to get involved in this tag too - so be sure to leave links to your own '10 Things I Would Save In A Fire' posts in the comments below! 

35 Simple Ways To Self Care

I'm a huge lover of self care and I genuinely think it should be an important part of everyone's life. I understand that sometimes we do forget how important it is to look after ourselves though and we all go through those times where we're too busy to properly give ourselves a well needed break! I've been a bit like this recently, with trying to finish my dissertation off my self care has been getting slightly lapse and I haven't been treating myself too kindly or giving myself time off for my sanity to rejuvenate! I definitely find though that when my self care gets a bit lapse my mental health tends to suffer too and I tend to get more anxious or have more bad mental health days - I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets like this, so I thought I would write a quick blog post with a list of my favourite ways to self care, all in one place to inspire you (and me!) to spend more time caring about number 1! Some of these are super simple too so you'll never be to busy spend a bit of time loving yourself - trust me, you'll thank me later!

Time To Relax & Unwind | My Pamper Routine

I've done a few of these evening pamper routines in the past, so I guess this is sort of an updated version - but if you want to go back and have a read of my past ones to see how I used to relax and unwind you can click here and here! I've definitely been sure to pamper myself recently, I've had so much going on in the past month I honestly think pamper routines are what keep me sane, haha! Honestly though, 'me time' is so bloody important and I couldn't recommend even just giving yourself an evening to rejuvenate and shake off all the stresses of daily life... even just for half an hour - we all need a break every now and again! We all know I'm a bit of a bubble bath addict so I do end up having a fair few baths in my time, but when I need a full-on pamper I take time to treat myself and use all my favourite products to leave me feeling relaxed and smelling fabulous! So I hope you enjoy this little post and agree with my pamper routine essential recommendations - let me know in the comments some of your favourite pamper products, I need new recommendations too! 

Review | Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Palette

Apologies for another short break, I am actually currently in the midst of finishing my dissertation completely (woo!) so I promise normal blogging will resume as soon as possible... (I'll also probably stop talking about it in every post, haha!) But yes, get excited because I'm back with a makeup review, and I don't do these very often anymore but this palette is way too gorgeous not to share! I believe this Makeup Revolution palette has actually been out for WAY longer than I expected (and I'm actually pretty annoyed that I didn't discover it sooner!) but I thought I would share it anyway - as I said, it's a gorgeous palette and perfect for Spring/Summer with all it's beautiful bright colours! I did actually write a post a long while ago on another  gorgeous Makeup Revolution palette (the Fortune Favours The Brave one) so if you want to go and have a read of another makeup review or if you love Makeup Revolution and you haven't heard of that palette (because you should - it's a great palette, haha!) then go and have a read of that one if you like! But anyway, I hope you enjoy this little review, let me know in the comments if you've tried this palette before and which shade is your favourite! 

How To | Up Your Blogging Game In 5 Minutes!

Being in my third year of university and doing my dissertation (which I've almost finished by the way... I can smell the freedom!) I've grown to appreciate how difficult it can be to maintain a blog. Since my uni workload has gone a bit hectic you may have noticed that I've struggled a fair amount trying to write and publish new posts every other day since, let alone maintain a blog and do all the little tasks that come with being a blogger and running your own blog. Luckily there are a few blog tasks out there that you can literally do when you've got a few minutes spare - little tasks that you can spend a few moments doing when you don't have too much time spare to sit down a fully sort out your blog, but these little tasks are definitely essential when it comes to up keeping your blog! Recently, I've been trying to do at least one of these tasks a day just to maintain my blog and keep it running smoothly, alongside all my uni work and also working part time - so I thought I would share my little list of blogging tasks you can get done in 5 minutes, since I know how busy us bloggers can be! Let me know if you find any of these helpful and also feel free to share your own ideas in the comments below - I've probably missed some! 

skinChemists Advanced Pro-5 Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream* | (+offer code!)

Guys! I'm finally back, sorry for my little break - but if you've been reading some of my recent posts you'll know I've been a bit busy when it comes to uni work, good news though, I've pretty much finished my dissertation now so hopefully I'll have way more time for blogging now! I'm back with an exciting post too, as I've had to pleasure to work with skinChemists for a second time and I have another amazing product from them to show you (and an absolutely amazing offer code, no less!). If you haven't read my previous post where I talked about my experience with one of skinChemists star products from their rose quartz range  (which has definitely become one of my favourite products in my skin care routine by the way!) you should definitely go and give that one a read - especially if you want a bit of a run-down of who skinChemists are. why they're so good and why you should make the most of this offer code! But yes, I am super excited to share this gorgeous night cream with you, I've been using it for around a week now and I have to say, I'm really impressed by the results! 

My Current Lush Collection (+ bits from the Easter range)

If you don't know that I have a Lush obsession by now then you're either new to my blog or maybe you're just not that observant, haha! But yes, I have a huge Lush obsession and I probably have at least 6 bath products in my little Lush basket at any given time - I just love to have a collection, as I mentioned in my Things That Make Me Feel Better post, I love to have a Lush stockpile and it genuinely does cheer me up on a bad day.. not to mention, I pretty much live in my bath so a stock of Lush bath products is essential! Anywho, I thought I would do a little current Lush collection post seeing as I have a few bits that I would like to share - I realised that I don't have enough of the Easter collection to do a full on Easter range haul... but I do still have a few bits from that collection to show you, along with a few classic favourites of mine and one left over from the Valentines collection! (I'm as surprised as you are that I haven't used it yet, haha!) But yes, let me know if you've tried any of the bits I've mentioned in the comments below and also let me know what you favourite product from the Easter collection is, I would love to know! Also, be sure to let me know if you like this type of post because maybe I could start sharing my current Lush collection more often, maybe every two months or so?!

Technic Cosmetics | First Impressions & Review*

I was kindly sent some products from Technic to test out and review this month and I obviously couldn't wait to share this brand with you lot, not only because I love everything I received but also because I feel like this makeup is perfect for anyone who's on a budget or basically any of you out there who, like me, are always looking to expand your makeup collection! The price of these products are seriously amazing by the way and I was definitely impressed by everything I got considering how cheap everything is- I was lucky enough to receive 5 items in my little bundle but I also recommend having a mooch at all the other bits they do because they do everything from makeup to nail varnish (their nail varnish is something I definitely want to try!) to brushes.. there's something for everyone! But yes, I hope you enjoy this little first impressions/review type post and let me know in the comments if you've ever tried Technic before or if you like the sound of anything I mention - I'll be sure to include links to everything too!

Things I've Been Loving Lately | #2 (feat. Mr Lee's Noodles)*

Guys, I'm back with more things I've been loving! Yes, this isn't another series I've forgotten about (which has happened more times than I'm willing to admit...) and I'm back with my second post on all the things I've been loving lately - which, if you haven't read the first post (you should by the way...) is my little way of doing a monthly favourites without the monthly thing... I rambled about it in the first post if you want to know more, haha! But yes, as you may have guessed from recent posts (like my clothing haul, my collective haul, and my birthday haul) I've been treating myself a lot recently... I call it retail therapy as an excuse to buy more.. and that means I've had a lot of new things to love lately, but I've kind of saved all of my favourite/the most interesting bits up until now so I could share them in this post instead. I've included all the links I could find by the way (because I'm a huge enabler and you need to buy everything I mention *evil laugh*) and without further ado, I hope you enjoy! Also as always, let me know in the comments if you like any of the bits I've mentioned! 

Treating Myself! | Collective Haul (feat. Primark, Tiger and Urban Outfitters)

This post is kind of a part two of a huge haul, so if you want to have a read of part one click here - I basically talked all about the clothing I've bought recently and everything I'll be wearing this Spring! So yes, part two is basically everything else I've bought recently - mainly homely bits, because I can't pass up anything cute that I can put on my dining room shelves... Also, can we just talk about Primark's home ware range recently please! I literally love everything in that section at the moment, to be fair I've been pretty good at restraining myself, so not much of it will feature in this post - but if you haven't had a mooch at the home ware in Primark recently you need to! All of the bits in this haul came together to look pretty aesthetically pleasing if I'm honest, which I'm pretty impressed with - I guess I've just been a little bit obsessed with baby pink things recently... I'm not complaining! But yes, If you like anything from this haul let me know in the comments below and I hope you enjoy!

What I'll Be Wearing This Spring | Clothing Haul

Okay, so I've done a bit too much shopping recently... Not even joking though, I went shopping three days in a row around my birthday and I might have spent a little bit too much money... oops! It's totally justifiable though because I needed a bit of retail therapy anyway and it was a great distraction from my dissertation stresses - shopping always makes me happy, especially buying new clothes, I have no idea why! Also, I mean I need to have a huge wardrobe clean out at some point soon anyway so all my new bits will be replacing the old stuff... see I have a good excuse I promise, haha! I also have the excuse that I love doing clothing hauls for you lot, so there you go, haha! But yes, here are the few bits I'll be wearing this spring. I actually did one of these for Autumn last year where I shared the bits I wore in Autumn so it's interesting to see the change in colour from deep reds and oranges to purples and pinks- I've definitely gone down the pastel route because I'm loving that trend recently! You might also notice that I've bought loads of jumpers mainly due to the fact that I basically live in jumpers no matter what the weather but also I live in the UK and the weather here is so unpredictable, especially in spring, so I like to make sure I have a bit of a mixture when it comes to warmer and colder outfits! I hope you lot enjoy this haul anyways - I've bought loads so grab yourself a hot drink for this one... I actually have a kind of part two coming out on sunday featuring all the extra bits and bobs I've been buying recently, so if you want to see that keep updated on my twitter! Also, I'll try and include links to things if I can (some of the bits are from Primark so sadly there won't be any links for those!) so you can go and buy them yourself. And as always, be sure to let me know if you like any of the bits in the comments below!

What I Got For My Birthday | 2017

Guys, I'm back! First of all, thanks for your continued support for my little break, it was so nice to just chill out with my family, get away from my laptop and work and uni and just celebrate my birthday! I got to see as much family as possible and enjoy not having to cook or clean- so that was lovely, thank you! But yes, I am back and of course, it's been my birthday. So here I am with a What I Got For Birthday haul! As I said last year it wouldn't be a birthday without one of these posts, so here we go! I absolutely love reading these because I'm super duper nosey and I love seeing what people have got, so if you're as nosey as me I'm sure you'll appreciate this one. I also obviously want to share a few of the bits I got with you guys because I love it all, I wish I could share everything, but this post would probably get a little bit too long, so I'm just sticking to a few of the bits I think you lot will be the most interested in! It feels so weird being back to blogging by the way, I've literally had a week off and I feel like I've been gone ages - I genuinely missed it! I'm glad to be back too and I've done a fair bit of shopping during my time off, so be prepared for a few more hauls coming your way... I've got loads scheduled, haha! Let me know in the comments if you like any of the bits I got for my birthday and I hope you guys enjoy!

Update #16 | A Short Break (+ happy birthday to me!)

It's my birthday!! (...well almost) I'm actually writing this well in advance since I'm expecting a bit of a hectic month.., woo. I'm actually writing this on the train on the way to my Mum's for a bit to celebrate my birthday (yes, that's how crazy busy I am.. feel sorry for me, haha!) It's not all bad though because I'm off to London this Saturday to go and see Wicked and I am super duper excited - we actually went to go and see Mamma Mia last year and I absolutely loved it, so I have really high hopes for Wicked! I am also IN LOVE with all of the songs so you can bet I'll be annoying everyone and singing along to Defying Gravity, haha! (UPDATE: I've seen it. It was AMAZING. I loved it! Want to see it again... haha!) But yes, also. As you can maybe tell from the title of this post I have a little teeny bit of bad news - basically, as you will know if you've read some of my posts recently I am a crazy busy bee at the moment with work and dissertation and travelling between home and family for my birthday so I don't really have a lot of time for my blog... to cut a long story short, I'm going to have to take a little break... just a teeny one, of maybe a week?! Just so that way I can catch up on blog posts and work and get my life back in check, haha! I'm sure you won't mind too much though because once I'm back I have tonnes of posts ready to write so be prepared for brand collaborations, spring baking a birthday haul, a lush haul, a collective haul... hauls, hauls and more hauls - I've been treating myself, haha! But really though, I hope you don't mind - I'll be back soon anyway, just need a few days to catch myself up, so yeah thank you for understanding and pop back soon or check my twitter for more posts! Speak to you all very soon! 

Dear 25 Year Old Me

I turn 21 in two days and that makes me a little bit nostalgic.. apparently I get nostalgic around my birthday every year because I wrote a similar post last year where I wrote a post to my younger self! I've been watching a lot of those Dear __ year old me videos on YouTube recently and I really wanted to do my own,  to my 25 year old self! I love the idea that in 4 years time I can look back at this blog post (if I remember!) and not only read all about what I was up to when I was (almost) 21, but also so I can maybe answer all of these questions in a new blog post - if I'm still writing posts then, which I seriously hope I am! I hope you enjoy this little post, maybe it will inspire you to write your own letters to your older self - I'd love to read yours if you have so be sure to leave a link in the comments! 

21 Things I've Learned In (almost) 21 Years

It's my birthday week and I'm turning 21, so in true blogger fashion I obliviously had to do a 21 Things I've Learned In 21 years post... *rolls eyes* But really though, as much as I've got left to learn, I do feel like I've really grown as a person over the years, especially recently - what with moving out and having to deal with all the wonders of adulting, haha! This year has also probably been one of the toughest and scariest and I'm sure it will only get tougher and scarier, especially since I'm graduating from University super soon and I have to decide what I'm doing with my life - gah! So I do have a couple of pieces of advice that I've been living by and that I would love to share with you guys! I've also seriously love reading everyone else's posts like this too - loads of bloggers out there have some amazing life lessons to share! In fact I would love to know if you've got any extra pieces of advice to share and you should do so in the comments - I hope you enjoy this little post and maybe learn a lesson or two yourself. 

Things I Couldn't Live Without As A Third Year Student

So I wrote a post recently where I talked about all the little things I couldn't live without in general and it got me to thinking - there are a few things that I couldn't live without as a student, especially now that I'm in my last year of University and deadlines are getting a bit stressful, there are a few things that are helping me to get by this stressful time and I definitely couldn't live without them! I also really hope that my list might help some of you out there who are also students, maybe you can take some of the things from my list to help you get through University - we all know it can be tough, but trust me, you'll survive it and maybe these little things might be what helps you through.. they're definitely what's helping me with writing my dissertation right now! Also, if you need any extra tips when it comes to surviving university I have tonnes of posts on this subject so you should click here to read more posts! - I also have a whole post dedicated to my tips for third year student so if you're a third year student and you need a few survival tips you can click here for that, haha! So, if you're a student let me know in the comments the little things that you can't live without as a student - I would love to know! 

Chocolate Delivered To Your Door! | Love Cocoa*

I promise I'll stop talking about it once the deadline is out of the way, but you all know uni is kind of taking over my life right now and my dissertation is due very very soon - so basically junk food, especially chocolate has been getting me through! Honestly though, I've probably put on a fair bit of weight trying to get this thing done.. but I'll continue to eat all the junk food and deny that until I've finally handed this dissertation in, haha! So yes, chocolate has become my comfort food so you can imagine how excited I was to be contacted by Love Cocoa who wanted me to review their gorgeous chocolate and of course, I jumped at the chance. I actually had a tough day at work on the day I got home to this lovely, chocolatey package on my doorstep so that was a huge mood booster for me! I'm sure I'm not alone in my huge love of chocolate either, so I'm so excited to share this amazing company with you lot.. I mean who doesn't want chocolate literally delivered to your front door, that's heaven if you ask me, haha - especially for all you university students like me who need a little pick me up, I couldn't recommend this company more! Let me know what you think in the comments below, also have a little mooch on their website and let me know which flavour you would like to try the most! My personal favourite is the honeycomb one... it was so delicious! 

Managing A Blog 101

As much as I would love to give you a set plan on how manage your blog amazingly there is honestly no rhyme or reason when it comes to blog managment! I feel like you pretty much just find your own way of doing things as your blog grows, you'll find your own routine and what works best for you and it's perfectly fine if you manage it completely differently to someone else. However, when I first started my blog I definitely felt like I was just thrown into the deep end with it a bit, especially once I'd decided a schedule of posting every other day and I had to go back to university which meant doing assignments alongside writing blog posts - it got a little bit mad! But establishing a proper plan and finding a way of effectively managing all the aspects of my blog really helped me to find my feet and feel a little bit more organised! (...organisation is my life, haha!) So I thought today I would share some of my blog managment tips, for all of you out there who are thinking of starting a blog, have just started your blog or even if you've been blogging for years and would love some extra help with how to manage your blog - maybe you'll prefer my way of doing things! Also, feel free to let me know of your own methods in the comments - I am always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to manage my blog better and sharing is caring, right?! 

The Best Thing About Being A Blogger

It's March! First of all, how did that even happen?! I feel like it was New Year, I blinked and now it's March... Second, I have huge mixed feelings about this month. I'm ridiculously excited because it's my birthday, I'm turning 21 and we're going to see Wicked in London to celebrate - gah! But also, I'm internally screaming with fear because March means that April is fast approaching and with that comes my dissertation deadline - oh crap! I have to admit, I haven't really been the perfect student and, in true Jemma fashion, I have well and truly left it to the last minute which means my March has suddenly become pretty hectic, haha! (It doesn't help that out internet is down at the moment and sky literally don't have a clue what the issue is... I'm actually writing the 'first draft' of this blog post by hand right now - it has got to that point, haha!) So yeah, I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I apologise if the blog goes a bit lapse this month but unfortunately (as much as I love blogging and wish I could do nothing but blog for the entire month!) uni work has to take priority - for now (you can bet as soon as I've handed in this work I'll be blogging as often as possible - I cannot wait for that day!) but for now, I'm aiming to get a blog post up every other day to the best of my ability, but if that doesn't happen for some reason you know why, haha! But anyway, that was a good enough segway into todays topic right?! I wanted to share some of my favourite things about blogging today, because as cringey as it sounds I truly do fall more and more in love with blogging every day! So yeah, here are some of the reasons why I love blogging. Let me know in the comments if you agree with any of my reasons and also feel free to share your own reasons too! Oh also! I know this intro is getting ridiculously long but I have to give photo credit to Ethan - we discovered this gorgeous row of houses near where we live and I knew I wanted to snap a few pictures of it, but I was way too embarrassed to take pictures of peoples houses, so I sat in the car while Ethan got out and took pictures for me... he'd hate me if I didn't give credit, haha! 

A Touch Of Spring! | Blossoming Gifts Flower Delivery*

It's March and Spring is just around the corner! Naturally it's been raining all day long so you can imagine how happy I was to receive these gorgeous flowers this morning - they definitely brightened up my day to say the least! (And I have an assignment to write today so cheering up was completely needed, haha!) I love flowers, they freshen and brighten up my home and honestly I would restock all of my vases over and over again if my bank account would let me! I also just never really know where to buy my flowers from...I used to get them with my weekly grocery shop but I always found that we ended up getting the same ones and it got really boring! So basically I was incredibly excited to be contacted by Blossoming Gifts which is an amazing flower delivery service, not only so that I could share this amazing-ness with you lot (whether you're looking to treat yourself to some gorgeous flowers, or you need a quick gift option for a loved one!) but also because I will certainly be purchasing more flowers from them and restocking my vases as often as possible, they have so many different bouquets to choose from as well, so I'm certain I won't ever get bored of them... and I mean who doesn't love getting flowers delivered?! I've seriously enjoyed browsing through all the flowers on the website, just swooning over all the different bouquets you can buy and I basically want them all - so if you're all about flowers too, you should definitely head over to their website and give it a mooch! I'd love to know in the comments what your favourite type of flower is and if you love getting flowers delivered as much as I do! 

Struggles All Introverts Will Understand

I've always known that I was an introvert. I definitely enjoy my own company and I really don't strive off of socialising with others like some people do - I'd much prefer the company of a book or Netflix to be completely honest! It doesn't mean that I don't enjoy spending time with my friends and I really enjoy my time spent with them when we do plan little day trips out, it's just the motivation to make plans and to actually get myself out that I'm lacking! This has been such a big part of my life recently, now that University work and working part time has gotten a lot busier, it's kind of gotten in the way of seeing friends and I've found myself making up excuses to stay in and not see anyone... when, let's be honest - I definitely have time! So today I thought I would write about some of the struggles us introverts face, I hope all my fellow introverts can relate to some of these and that we can all laugh, because they're all silly little things but they're struggles no less! If you want to have a read of some of my other struggles posts you can click here - I've written quite a few now. Also, let me know if you can relate to any of these in the comments below! 

The Uni Box* | February Review

GUYS! I'm back again doing another post for The Uni Box, I was so excited and appreciative to receive another box since I seriously love everything about this company and obviously I love all the goodies that comes with it! So, if you missed my last post (you should read it here if you did, by the way!) The Uni Box is a subscription box designed for students and I was lucky enough to review the January box and now here I am reviewing the February box and I couldn't be more excited to share everything with you guys! You lot know uni has been a bit tough for me recently, what with being in third year and having to deal with the stress of writing my dissertation and trying to also balance that whilst working part time and running a blog - it's been a bit stressful to say the least! So The Uni Box couldn't really have contacted me at a better time to be honest and it was such a lovely surprise coming home from a busy day at uni to my little box of goodies! So, anyway this post is going to give a brief rundown of what The Uni Box is and also tell you a little bit about what you get in a typical box. If you want to learn even more about The Uni Box I definitely suggest going and reading my review of their January box, I also shared a few tips all about how to feel happier at University if you're interested! Let me know in the comments what you favourite treat from this February box is and also let me know if you're currently at University yourself, I would love to know! 

ColourPop | Haul & First Impressions

This month has been stressful, what with uni work and this dreaded dissertation... But don't worry, you can bet I've been treating myself to lovely new things - it's the best motivation I'm telling you! Annoyingly for my bank balance, retail therapy seems to really work for me, so I've kind of been really leniant on buying new things this month... oops! In fact, you can read all about my latest purchases in this recent post! In that post I talked a little bit about my recent sneaky ColourPop purchases and I did promise a full first impressions/review type post, so here I am with my review, haha! I've honestly been eyeing up all things ColourPop and the last I heard was that they don't ship to the UK, so I would always just swoon over everything but never be able to buy any of it... but apparently they now ship to the UK?! So, ignoring the fact that I knew there would be a hefty customs charge I ordered a few eye shadows and now I am so excited to finally own ColourPop things! I thought I would share my thoughts on them today since I'm obviously obsessed and in love with everything, haha! Let me know if you've ever tried anything by ColourPop in the comments below and also let me know what you favourite eye shadow from my haul is!

Bula Batiki Raw Fiji Coconut Oil*

So, I have something really amazing and heartwarming to share with you guys, basically the lovelies behind Bula Batiki reached out and sent me some of their amazing coconut oil and I really have to share this stuff! You may be thinking, coconut oil is just coconut oil right...? But this coconut oil is kind of special because of the whole story behind it (how many more times can I say coconut oil...) - and it's something that I seriously love so I had to share it! So, there's a beautiful island called Batiki Island (which I am told is a 3 hour boat ride from the east of the Fijian mainland by the way) and there are four villages on this island. These villages make the coconut oil using the island's natural coconut trees (in fact, it takes six coconuts to make one jar!) Basically Bula Batiki makes it possible for the villagers to sell their coconut oil and all of the money goes back into the island in order to give the island a sustainable source of income to provide developments in education, healthcare and housing - how amazing is that! I absolutely love everything about this and I feel like it just makes the coconut oil that little bit more special knowing not only where it has come from and the amazing story behind it but knowing that your money is going towards a good cause!

Update #15 | Life Lately

I thought it was about time that I did another little update posts since it's been a bit of a whirlwind month with so many highs and so many lows so ya' know... thought I might as well share! I love writing these because I can literally just spill everything and get loads of my chest - I feel like it especially helped after writing my last update post because I just poured all my stress out into the post and I could actually take a step back and see that the stress wasn't as bad as I thought. So yeah, honestly if you have worries or just something you need to get off your chest I definitely recommend writing it all down, it doesn't even have to be this public, you could write it down in a personal diary that only you will see - trust me, you'll feel much better afterwards! But yes, this update post won't be quite so stressful because I actually feel a little bit more on top of everything now which is good, well I'm on top of work but unfortunately that does mean my social life is lacking a little bit and annoyingly I've had to prioritise my dissertation over seeing friends.. which is never good! Honestly, have you ever seen that picture where there's a triangle with 'social life' 'enough sleep' and 'good grades' and it says 'choose two'?! That picture basically sums up university for me... so I've become somewhat of a recluse, but a happy recluse because I'm such an introvert, so it's okay for now, haha! 

Things I've Been Loving Lately

As you may have noticed, I've kind of ditched doing monthly favourites... I guess I just never really enjoyed writing those posts because I'm such a fan of routine that I could hardly ever think of anything new that I've used and loved each month - I just tend to stick to using the same products which, let's be honest, would make a very very boring monthly favourites, haha! So I did it for a year and now I've decided to just ditch it completely. It's pretty nice not having the pressure of trying to think up some new things that I can write a bit about the night before it's due to be published! But naturally, I now have some new things that I've bought recently and want to share *rolls eyes*! So I've decided to start a bit of a new 'thing' on my blog called 'Things I've Been Loving Recently' where I share anything that I've been loving recently - so it's like favourites without the pressure of it being monthly, I suppose. But yes, I hope you enjoy - let me know if you want to see more posts like this and also please share some of the things you've been loving recently in the comments, I would love to know! 

February Book Haul

I'm back with another book haul and that makes me so excited! I've honestly become a little bit obsessed with books lately and that's definitely not like me at all, but it's a good hobby right.. so I'm not even sorry! I actually wrote a January book haul last month where I said I wanted this to be a monthly thing, so that took away a bit of the guilt from ordering these - I must admit I haven't finished the others yet because I don't have as much time to read as I would like at the moment, but having a bit of a collection makes me super happy! I realised the other day actually that I find it really difficult to remember what books I've read which I mentioned breifly in one of my recent posts in fact I've pretty much forgotten 80% of the books I read over Summer - so I've decided to start writing them down in the back of my five year diary and keeping that list has motivated so much to read more and read as many books as I can - hopefully in five years once I've finished that diary my list will be pretty long and I can go back and see everything I've read! But yes, I hope you enjoy my book haul, let me know if you've read any of these books in the comments below and also, let me know what you're reading at the moment because I always love recommendations! 

Unicorn Hot Chocolate Recipe

Happy Valentines Day to all my lovely readers out there, you deserve all the love! What better way to feel the love this time of year than with the most delicious and aesthetically pleasing hot chocolate I have ever seen or tasted! I actually saw the unicorn hot chocolate a while ago, I think it was a craze on Facebook for a little while, but I knew I wanted to save it until my Valentines Day post because who doesn't love baby pink hot chocolate on Valentines Day! Whether you're in a relationship and want to make something cute for your loved one, or you're a singleton and want a delicious treat today, you should definitely give this unicorn hot chocolate a go - it's super simple, actually really inexpensive to make.. and not to mention it's DELICIOUS! You can also tweak this recipe around a little bit too, depending on how sweet you want it and also how much crap you want to put on top... I recommend just tipping everything you've got on there haha! I actually had to take the photos for my hot chocolate upstairs because it had the best light up there and now there's sprinkles and all sorts all over my bedroom floor...oops! Anyways, let me know if you give this one a go and I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day whatever your relationship status!

Little Ways To Say 'I Love You' This Valentines Day

Valentines day is fast approaching and to be honest having been with Ethan for five valentines days now we never really do much anymore and I'm totally okay with it! Actually the highlight of last years Valentines was going to see Fifty Shades.. and I'm sure the highlight of this years' will be Fifty Shades Darker, haha! (Is that sad..? Probably, yes.) But yeah, we don't really feel the need to do anything extravagant anymore and we've been there, done that in a way - I remember the 2nd Valentines we spent together we rushed off on a train to Bristol after skipping fifth period at sixth form (that's as romantic as it gets if you ask me, haha!) and had a over priced meal at an Italian restaurant and then wandered around for hours until it got dark and although it was so lovely and I loved every second, now that we live together we can pretty much just do that whenever we want (except not Bristol.. because it's pretty far from here!) so the novelty of Valentines day just doesn't work for me! I also definitely believe in showing everyone I love that I appreciate them as often as possible, be in Valentines Day or not, so there's that! It is nice to have Valentines Day as a little reminder to show this appreciation though, in little ways, be it to a partner, a family member, someone you have a crush on or a friend. So today, I decided to give you lot some ideas of little ways you can say 'I love you' on Valentines day...or any other day of the year to be honest..! Let me know in the comments if you have any other little Valentines day ideas and I hope you enjoy!

Little Things I Just Couldn't Live Without

We take a lot of things for granted. I realised that this recently when our boiler broke and we couldn't really turn the heating on much (otherwise our kitchen would start flooding) ... this also meant that I couldn't have baths, so you can imagine how unhappy I was about that! But this really did open my eyes to all the things I take for granted, even just not being able to have the heating on all day and having to be a little bit cold every now and again was a bit of a shock to the system and it made me realise where I would be if I we didn't even have hot water or heating! Not only is this true for all the big things I would miss if I didn't have them like water, food, family and friends etc but all the little things that I take for granted every single day! So for today's post I wanted to write about some of these little things that I couldn't live without, some of those petty little things that I use pretty much every day without thinking but I know if I was on a remote island without them I would be at a loss, haha! Feel free to share some of your own things you couldn't live without in the comments below and tell me if you relate to any of the things I mention! 

EXPOSED: A Realistic Day In My Life

You already know the deal, us bloggers aren't all coffee shops and marble dining tables - as much as we sometimes like to appear like this in our posts... (that we write from our bed whilst we dream about blogging from our perfectly organised office complete with rose gold stationery!) ...even we can't hide the fact that our lives sometimes get a bit stressful and our washing pile does sometimes overflow ridiculously, haha! I always liked watching those 'day in the life' videos on YouTube but I mean come on, they're definitely not realistic; so today I kind of wanted to share the other side of me, the real side if you like.. (gah that's scary!) and give you an actual real insight into my daily life including all the nitty gritty bits that I would probably prefer to leave out, haha! 

How To | Survive Your Third Year Of University

I'm not the perfect student, never have been never will be, but I've made it this far and I like to think I'll survive until July when I've handed in my dissertation and this all over, haha! I actually wrote a similar post to this back in October called How To Survive University where I gave some more general tips for surviving university whatever year you're in but now that it's February and my dissertation deadline is looming (as it probably is for a lot of other third year students out there!) I thought I would give you some more university tips that are more appropriate for third year students and for anyone writing their dissertation. Because let's e honestly, no one prepared me for third year! I'm sure if you're in the same boat as me at the moment (...my boat has a huge hole in it and I am slowly sinking into a sea of deadlines and responsibilities, haha!) and are feeling the pressures of third year you probably could do with a few tips to help you survive or at least make you feel like you've got your life together a bit, haha! So hopefully you find these helpful and feel free to share your own tips in the comments below... I need all the help I can get at this stage! Ooh, also I'm in the middle of writing a huge post at the moment for a big reflection of my three years at university experience, so if you're interested in reading all about everything from assignments, to anxiety to my lack of social life definitely pop back and have a read of that one - I'm thinking of publishing it at some point in April once my dissertation has been handed in, so get excited! 

Talking About My First Time?!

Guys. It's been a stressful few weeks, filled with procrastination, assignments, work, lectures and so much more. Basically my mind is on my work and not on my blog at the moment and I hate it, but that's just the way it is right now! Honestly, it was so lucky that I had tonnes of posts scheduled in advance because I don't think I could've written posts in amongst all that stress, haha! So I wanted to keep it easy today and write something simple, something that took me back to my roots when I used to do tonnes of tag posts, because they are genuinely a guilty pleasure of mine... I came across the first time tag when it was big on YouTube ages ago and always loved hearing about all the little 'firsts' that people have had in their lives, so I decided to hunt down some questions and answer them for you guys today, simple as that! Feel free to also answer these questions in the comments below, I always love learning more about all my readers, also let me know if you can relate to anything I mention, hope you enjoy! Ooh, also! Are you guys loving my new blog template?! It was kind of a rash decision at 8pm last night... I did love my old one, but I was getting a bit bored of it and I was well overdue a new one so I just went for it and I kind of love it - just need to sort out a few bits and then it should be perfect. Let me know what you think!

skinChemists Rose Quartz Age Defence Youth Facial Oil* | (+offer code!)

You guys better be prepared because in today's post I have something amazing to share with you! I was contacted by the lovelies over at skinChemists to review and share their star product from their Rose Quartz range and can I just tell you I think I'm in love with this product, it has genuinely re-invented my entire skin care routine and my skin is thanking me for it! Jokes aside though, my skin care routine was pretty much non-existent and I must admit I'm a tinsy bit lazy when it comes to looking after my face but when I was asked to test this facial oil out it reminded me how easy it is to actually take care of your skin and give it the attention it deserves. So I've started to take skin care a little more seriously and everything just feels amazing - I better keep it up! I've been testing out this gorgeous facial oil non-stop for you lovely lot and I can't wait to share all of it's amazing-ness! Also, if you're looking to get your hands on it yourself and give yourself a well deserved skin-glow I actually have an offer code to share and can I just say this reduces the price from £99 to £19.99!! Can we just take a moment - you basically have no excuse.. I'm such an enabler, haha!

Recent Lush Purchases | First Impression & Reviews

As I keep mentioning (I promise I'll stop.. At some point) I haven't been in the best of moods recently and if you've read one of my recent posts you'll know that having a Lush stockpile is something that can cheer me up any day, so as you can imagine I've gone a little bit Lush mad, and I'm super happy about it! All of my recent Lush purchases actually sit in a metal tray on my vanity table in our bedroom and it smells so gorgeous in that room, I love it so much! Annoyingly, I made this order stupidly right before the Valentines collection was released so I didn't actually get anything from that range (ugh.. I know!) but I'll hopefully get my hands on some of those goodies in the near future once I've gotten through this lot (...I'm looking at you unicorn horn!) But yeah, I decided to share these recent Lush purchases with you lot because I've actually bought a few things I've never tried before and I wanted share my honest first opinion on them. I actually haven't done a proper Lush haul since October, which is a bit mad so I'm so excited to just spill all my thoughts and first impressions about all of these! (Even though I've tried most of these before!) I also pushed the boat out and actually bought a few bath bombs, which if you know me, I never do! I'm strictly a bubble bar lover.. But yeah I got stuck watching those really satisfying videos where people drop Lush bath bombs into the bath and you just watch all the colours.. So I bought some. Haha! I hope you enjoy this little post, let me know in the comments what your favourite thing I bought is and whether you've tried them before!