Recent Lush Purchases | First Impression & Reviews

As I keep mentioning (I promise I'll stop.. At some point) I haven't been in the best of moods recently and if you've read one of my recent posts you'll know that having a Lush stockpile is something that can cheer me up any day, so as you can imagine I've gone a little bit Lush mad, and I'm super happy about it! All of my recent Lush purchases actually sit in a metal tray on my vanity table in our bedroom and it smells so gorgeous in that room, I love it so much! Annoyingly, I made this order stupidly right before the Valentines collection was released so I didn't actually get anything from that range (ugh.. I know!) but I'll hopefully get my hands on some of those goodies in the near future once I've gotten through this lot (...I'm looking at you unicorn horn!) But yeah, I decided to share these recent Lush purchases with you lot because I've actually bought a few things I've never tried before and I wanted share my honest first opinion on them. I actually haven't done a proper Lush haul since October, which is a bit mad so I'm so excited to just spill all my thoughts and first impressions about all of these! (Even though I've tried most of these before!) I also pushed the boat out and actually bought a few bath bombs, which if you know me, I never do! I'm strictly a bubble bar lover.. But yeah I got stuck watching those really satisfying videos where people drop Lush bath bombs into the bath and you just watch all the colours.. So I bought some. Haha! I hope you enjoy this little post, let me know in the comments what your favourite thing I bought is and whether you've tried them before! 

5 Struggles Only People With Anxiety Will Understand

As I've mentioned in recent posts, my mental health is a touchy subject recently, so in an effort to cheer myself up and bring a little bit of light to my anxiety I've decided to write another struggles post - woo! Yes, today I'll be writing all about the struggles us lovely people with anxiety have to face! Since I've definitely got some stories to share when it comes to these struggles and I'm sure a few of you our there can relate. I really hope you all enjoyed my last struggles post where I shared some struggles all bloggers understand, I'm hoping that this post is just as relatable especially for those of you out there who also have anxiety - because even though I know anxiety isn't great at least we can laugh together right? Let me know if you can relate to any of these struggles and feel free to share your own struggles in the comments below. Oh also, can we just appreciate my adorable mug! My best chummy gifted it to me to cheer me up and it definitely worked, haha!

Finishing Touches (sort of...) | HomeSense Haul

The house is finally starting to come together now and yes, we finally have our dining table and I LOVE it (it's this one here if you're interested by the way... I did try to take a picture of it, but the room is still fairly empty so I couldn't make it look overly photogenic, but I'm sure I'll show pictures once the house is done!) So yeah, we're basically adding all the finishing touches and all the little trinkets to a few of our empty shelves now! Obviously that means we had to make a cheeky trip to HomeSense! We hadn't been since Autumn so I was very excited to see all the new pieces for Spring and I was not disappointed at all, I managed to pick up some really lovely bits and of course I had to share it with you lot! I did another post like this on my last trip to Homesense featuring all the Autumnal bits I picked up, so if you're a sucker for Homesense hauls like me and want to read another one - you can find that here! But yes, I'm so happy with everything we got and I can't wait to finally finish filling all the gaps in our little house. I hope you also enjoy reading about all the bits I picked up, annoyingly I couldn't photograph everything because that would've genuinely taken me hours, so I'll try and do my best at describing the things I haven't included pictures of... bear with me, haha! Let me know if you like anything I mention and also let me know if you've ever been to HomeSense, because I love it and it's basically become my second home, haha! 

Positivity & Self Care Tips

I've been rambling on about it so much over the past few week but January is tough. Going back to reality after Christmas is stressful and daunting and just not that nice, to the point where it's so easy to just forget to look after yourself, especially your mental health. Self care is so important, especially during stressful times, so that you can not only stay sane and keep your mental health happy but also so that you can maintain a good relationship with yourself - 'cause you've got to look after number one, you know! So today I wanted to share a few of my tips when it comes to self care, these are some things that have really helped me in the past and over the past few weeks, so hopefully they will help you too if you're feeling a bit stuck or a bit down - don't worry you're not alone! You can also read one of my recent posts here which is also all about self care, where I share some of the things that actually make me feel better personally when I'm feeling stressed, so if you need more tips, go there! Feel free to share your own tips in the comments below and also be sure to let me know if you found any of these tips helpful! 

Little Habits To Add To Your Morning Routine

I promise I'll stop talking about the new year at some point, but that 'some point' is not today, haha! All of my posts just seem to fit the 'new year, new me' thing and I can't help but mention it. Anyways, I've tried to be more of a morning person this year and so far it's actually going pretty well. I mean having work at 6am three times a week kind of forces you to be a morning person, but even on my days off I now try and be up before 9:30am. I talked about being more of a morning person in a post a while back actually and that was more about how to actually wake up early and start your day right - so you can read that here if you want some tips on that! But for todays post I wanted to talk about little habits that basically make up the perfect morning, almost like a little routine that would set you off on the right track every morning, you can also incorporate these easily into your normal morning routine, simple as that! All of these things are perfect for maintaining not only a health body but also a healthy brain, so if you're working to being more of a morning person and are looking to have a healthier lifestyle by adding little habits to your morning, you've come to the right place! If you have any other ideas feel free to share them in the comments below and also let me know if you are going to add any of these little habits to your morning routine! 

The Things That Actually Make Me Feel Better

I get stressed a lot so it's not surprise that I've done plenty of 'ways to make yourself feel better' posts (or something along those lines - you know the ones!) since I started blogging. But today I decided to do more of a real post sharing some of the things that actually make me feel better when I'm feeling down, because obviously there are the 'best' ways to self care that are a bit more generic but there's also the 'real' ways that we can probably all relate to more and these real ways are the things that I personally find really helpful when I'm not feeling too great. Obviously as you can tell by one of my recent posts I haven't been feeling 100% recently so a lot of these things have been helping me out at the moment and I hope these will be helpful to anyone who's also not feeling too amazing right now! But also remember that whatever is making you feel low will pass and you will survive, I promise.. that's something I need to remind myself of too sometimes. Feel free to share your own ways of making yourself feel better in the comment below - I would love to know if anyone has any really different ways of making themselves feel better, also let me know if you can relate to any of my ideas!

Mental Health & The New Year | How To Beat The January Blues

I know New Year posts are getting quite boring now and we've probably reached that point in January where you need to stop talking about the New Year, but I've mentioned a few times now about how January and the New Year seem to effect my mental health negatively (especially in my latest update post where I pretty much rambled about how stressed I am... you can read that here if you really want to, haha!) and so I thought it would make sense for me to do a post addressing some of the reasons why and also some tips to help beat the January blues, since I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one feeling this way! Mental health can be a nuisance at the best of times and but I always feel super anxious in January for some reason and I'm sure you'll know exactly what I'm talking about if you also suffer from anxiety or other mental health difficulties to be honest! In January not only do you have to say goodbye to Christmas and the fun times spent with family and food but you have to go back to the realities of work, university or school and back to the stresses of working life! Having to go back to university work is something that hit me hard this January, I suddenly realised that I could no longer use the excuse 'but it's Christmas' and I had to go back to writing my dissertation and get back to the stress of assignments, which isn't nice for anyone - let alone someone who overthinks and worries about everything! Luckily I don't have an exams this year, but I know a lot of you out there are probably stressing out over exams too - I've been there and I know how you feel.. who's smart idea was it to schedule exams in January anyway?!  I also feel like there's so much pressure in the New Year, you can't miss everyone saying 'new year, new me' and making resolutions which just creates so much anxiety for me I suppose because I'm not the biggest fan of change and I would much rather keep things the way they are! Also, don't even mention the weather, which does not help my mood in the slightest! Basically the New Year can just be daunting, there's a whole new year ahead of you and that can be scary to think about, but there are definitely things you can do to beat the January blues and look after your mental health if it all gets too much - as much as I know it's tempting to just hide under your duvet until Spring! So I hope you enjoy my little tips on how to look after yourself in January if you're feeling the pressure of the New Year and feel free to share your own in the comments below!  

Struggles All Bloggers Will Understand

I'm finally writing another struggles post, woo! I love writing these because not only are they super fun to write I know how fun they are to read and relate to - this one is probably going to be a very relatable one too, since I believe that most of my audience are fellow bloggers. Yes, today I'm going to talk about all the struggles we go through as bloggers, because it's not all Lush baths, picture perfect decor placed on our super fancy marble dining tables or beautiful hot chocolates with all the trimmings... as much as we like to pretend! We do definitely go through our fair share of struggles as bloggers even if people like to think it's as simple as writing some words and pressing 'publish' - we know there's so much more to it than that and whether you're just starting out as a newbie blogger or you've been doing it for years I'm sure you can relate to these! Let me know if you do relate to any of these struggles in the comments below and feel free to add your own, since I'm sure I've missed loads! 

Update #14 | Stream Of (Stressed Out) Consciousness

Hey, you lovely lot! Thought I would do a little update today, since it's a new year and January makes me nervous so I need a good distraction to be honest, so don't mind me while I just ramble away and get everything off my chest.. a stream of consciousness if you will! I don't know what it is but my anxiety levels have been seriously high recently and I think it's because this year is such a big year and the fact that it's now 2017 has just made me realise how soon everything is happening. I'm actually hoping to write a clearer post on this in the near future, just explaining why January can be tough for a lot of us (since I'm pretty sure I'm not alone!) and also sharing a few tips for beating the January blues, so if you're interested in that definitely pop back soon or keep up to date with my twitter. I actually have loads of mental health posts planned for January and February for some reason, I suppose it's just something that's on my mind at the moment - so prepare yourselves for lots of that. I haven't really written many mental health posts for a while, in fact the last one was back in November so I am glad to get back to writing some motivational pep talks again! 

10 Blog Photo Props You Already Own

I recently went on the hunt for blog props, I wrapped up warm, braved the outside world and made my merry way to TKMaxx and although it's never let me down before I just couldn't find the right trinkets that I was looking for to pop into my blog photos. I realised that to be honest I already own a lot of things that can be used in blog photos and ones that I've never used before - I literally just went around my house with an empty box adding little trinkets as I went... I actually own a lot more tat that I realised and I'm sure you do too! So instead of doing a blog prop haul of all the new cute little nick-knacks I had bought from TKMaxx like I was expecting to do, I was feeling pretty inspired to write a little post all about the blog props we all probably already own, since I feel like we tend to have those staple items we always use in our photos and as I mentioned in my recent post it's nice to have a refresh when it comes to blog photo props - even if that means going on a hunt through your house and picking out new trinkets that you can use! So as a way of refreshing for the new year I've put together a list of things that you most likely already own that you can use as a cute way of adding something to your blog photos. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to add you own ideas in the comments below! 

January Book Haul 2017 | TBR

I'm getting really back into reading and that makes me super happy! As much as I would love to start off the year by setting a goal to read a certain amount of books I feel like that would just create unnecessary pressure for me and reading is a hobby that I love doing to get away from the stress of work and uni - it works for some people but not for me, unfortunately! I definitely would love to do monthly book hauls though and I feel like that would motivate me so much to read as much as possible so I can treat myself to new books. I'm also trying to get Ethan to build me a little bay-window seat in our dining room with a shelf to store all my books so I definitely need to start stocking up on books and fill it up.. that's what I keep telling myself anyway, haha! As you know I'm not a book blogger and I definitely cannot write book reviews to save my life but hopefully this is one of many book haul posts where I can just give you my first impressions of the books and inspire you to go out and read them for yourself! I actually did do another book haul a while back featuring some thriller books I was going to read during the summer (you can read that here!) and it got loads of lovely feedback so I'm very excited to do more hauls for you guys! I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your own opinions of the books in the comments below, also let me know if you've read any of them and any more book recommendations - I definitely need some ideas for what to buy next!

A New Year Of Blogging

As I've said before, I don't tend to make new years resolutions, because I never stick to them and they just give me unnecessary anxiety. I do however see the new year as a fresh start and it has definitely made me want to up my blogging game! As I said in my last post my blog turns two this year and that makes me super excited to get really into blogging and making my blog better. It's going to be tough because I've also got my dissertation to worry about but you need a good challenge every now and again, so I'm going to try my absolute best. So today I wanted to share a few tips for starting and preparing for a new year of blogging. All those little things you can do to set your new blogging year off to a great start, since I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to up their blogging game this year - So here's the best place to start if you want to do the same! I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your own tips in the comments below.

Things To Look Forward To In 2017

Although new years give me a little bit of anxiety and I know I also run the risk of sounding completely cliche but 2017 is a fresh start. Although I really don't like to set myself new years resolutions (because of the anixiety bit..) there are tonnes of things that I have to look forward to this year and I decided that today I want to share those things with you lot! Thinking about it, I actually have quite a packed year ahead of me including turning 21 which is actually quite a scary thought to be honest... oh god. It's safe to say though that so far 2017 has gone a million times better than 2016... I think we can all say that to be honest and we can make this our year. (ew... cringing at my cliche-ness..)  I'm sure we all have so many things to look forward to this year, so I hope you enjoy this little post and feel free to share your own things to look forward to in the comments below - I would love to read them.. especially if any of you have any nice holidays planned, so I can read all about them and get insanely jealous... 

Feel Better About Going Back To Uni With The Unibox*

That dreaded time of year is upon us once again. You've stuffed your cheeks full of food from home and you're ready to go on back to university.. or are you?! I know how tough it can be, especially going back after Christmas, you've spent so much lovely time with family and eaten SO much food and the worst part is you can no longer use the excuse 'but it's Christmas' when the guilt of not doing enough academic reading sets in or you realise you have an assignment due in January. So as many of you may know, I'm now in my third year of University and although I don't live in a student house anymore and I actually have a job up at university so I don't really feel the sting of going back to University after Christmas quite so much, I definitely do remember the feeling back in first year of going back to my uni house and feeling really homesick and rubbish! So if you're headed back to uni in the next few days and dreading it, I have a few tips for you. I also have an amazing company to share with you too who will definitely help to beat those back to uni blues! And if you're not currently at University but you know someone who is you can still have a helping hand too, so don't worry! Anyway I hope you enjoy this little post, let me know if you also have some tips to share in the comments below and let me know if you're currently at uni or know someone who is - I would love to know! 

December Favourites | (+ My 2016 Beauty Favourites)

Happy New Year my lovelies! I hope you all welcomed the New Year in happily, however you spent it! I had a lovely evening spent with my family - just the way I like it! But yeah, its kind of ironic that the first post of the New Year is my December favourites and it probably should have been published at the end of last year.. but never mind... better late than never right! This favourites post is sort of a special one anyway since I'll not only be showing you some of my favourites from last month but also my favourites for the year featuring some of the things you've heard me rambling about over the year! It actually wasn't too difficult to think up a few things I've been loving for the year, since I definitely have my staples that I always go back to again and again and most of them I have genuinely been using for the entire year if not longer! You might recognise a lot of my favourites for December were featured in my What I Got For Christmas post but to be fair, you can't blame me for loving my Christmas presents and they've definitely been some of my favourite things from the month! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my favourites - let me know what your favourites are this month in the comments and also tell me what you got up to for New Years!