10 Blog Photo Props You Already Own

I recently went on the hunt for blog props, I wrapped up warm, braved the outside world and made my merry way to TKMaxx and although it's never let me down before I just couldn't find the right trinkets that I was looking for to pop into my blog photos. I realised that to be honest I already own a lot of things that can be used in blog photos and ones that I've never used before - I literally just went around my house with an empty box adding little trinkets as I went... I actually own a lot more tat that I realised and I'm sure you do too! So instead of doing a blog prop haul of all the new cute little nick-knacks I had bought from TKMaxx like I was expecting to do, I was feeling pretty inspired to write a little post all about the blog props we all probably already own, since I feel like we tend to have those staple items we always use in our photos and as I mentioned in my recent post it's nice to have a refresh when it comes to blog photo props - even if that means going on a hunt through your house and picking out new trinkets that you can use! So as a way of refreshing for the new year I've put together a list of things that you most likely already own that you can use as a cute way of adding something to your blog photos. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to add you own ideas in the comments below! 

1. WHITE CARD //  It sounds super simple but trust me white card can be a proper game changer when it comes to blog photography, especially flat lays. You get yourself some white card and pop it under your makeup for beauty product flat lay and tell me that it doesn't look gorgeous! White card is so inexpensive too, you can buy a fairy large piece from most craft stores or I got mine from The Range and it's the perfect simple background for any blog photo - perfect! 

2. BOOKS AND COOKBOOKS // Just adding a simple book to a flay lay can make all the difference, I've actually got quite the collection of 'Instagram worthy' books now that I like to just sneak in to some of my photos and it does honestly make everything look so much more put together and gorgeous. Cookbooks are also a must, especially when doing a baking post, just a little peek of an open cookbook can give that flat lay something else. 

3. MUGS // Mug obsessors like me won't struggle when it comes to this one, in fact my mug collection is kind of insane - but they're all gorgeous so it's for my blog, right?! I feel like adding a cute mug filled with black coffee or tea in can be such a cute little touch, especially for one of those 'work' shots with your laptop, glasses and phone.. you know the drill, haha! Truth is, I don't actually drink black coffee, I mean who does... (ew!) but I always leave enough room to put the milk in after I've taken the shot... #bloggersecrets, haha! 

4. BLANKETS, THROWS AND RUGS // Blankets and throws look lovely just peeking into the corner of your flat lay, you can even use a scarf if you don't own a nice blanket or throw. White faux fur is something that's definitely becoming popular when it comes to blog photos, so even putting all of your makeup products onto a furry rug is such a simple way of taking a gorgeous photo! 

5. JEWELLERY // Jewellery is the perfect blog photo prop because you can just squeeze it into any little gap you have, you could use the tiniest ring and it would just give it something something, you know? Or you can use a gorgeous necklace draped across some of the product.. gah it's just lush! 

6. FLOWERS AND PLANTS  // Flowers are perfect for sneaking into the corner of flat lays, they're the perfect way to tie the picture together and make it look effortlessly gorgeous. Succulents are also just so perfect, you can sneak them into any photo and it just makes sense. Also, don't even try and tell me you don't own a succulent plant, I'm pretty sure you have one somewhere! I always find that I want to pop a cactus into a lot of my photos and I sometimes have to stop myself, haha.. there is such thing as too many cactus photos! 

7. FAIRY LIGHTS // Fairy lights are again something you can just pop into ANY photo, they work really well because you can drape them over the main products in the photo and they just pull everything together. I have some really tiny fairy lights that I always find are perfect if I have a picture that just need something adding to it, they are also super inexpensive so I would definitely invest if you don't already have some lying around! 

8. MAKEUP // This one just speaks for itself really and I'm sure we all have at least two makeup brushes somewhere. Just popping a couple of makeup brushes or a lipstick into a photo is perfect for filling in gaps - there are some really gorgeous makeup products out there that just look bloody beautiful and are perfect for chucking into any flat lay. 

9. POSTCARDS AND POLAROIDS // I just recently received the Polaroid Zipp for Christmas so I have to admit this is what inspired me to include this one, but little Polaroid pictures are the perfect addition to any flat lay, they don't even have to be photos of anything in particular either, just something cute, haha! So if you're lucky enough to own an actual Polaroid camera or you have a mobile printer definitely print off some cute photos to include in flat lays! In the same way having a few post cards with quotes on or cute pictures (like my 'smile' on in the picture above) are another cute addition - I actually have a few that I got free when I ordered some prints online, so I keep them all on my vanity table and you might see them featured every now and again on my blog! 

10. YOUR PHONE AND LAPTOP // Your phone is the easiest addition to any flat lay and if you have a cute phone case that's even better! Even if you don't own a cute case (I don't... because I wreck everything!) you can have your phone open on twitter or your blog and it just instantly adds something to a flat lay. In the same way having your laptop keyboard in the corner of a flat lay can also look really gorgeous or professional if you want to look like you're super busy and working super hard, haha! 
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  1. I have become such a addict to blog props. Every time I go into kmart I want everything. I definitely love using fake plants and fake flower stems as blog props as well as cute notebooks these cute and simple makeup bags I got from shop miss A with cute phrases on them. There are still so many things I want to get. As I already have a white table specifically to take blog photos on I want to purchase White card and some how tape it to one side of the table so I can take pictures of beauty products standing up.





    1. YES! I know exactly how you feel! It definitely helps to give blog photos that extra something though, so it's definitely worth it - at least that's what I tell myself ;) x

  2. Thanks for this tips!! There are truly amazing, and the best part if that we can find it in any part of the house haha


    1. Definitely! Any way of saving money is perfect, why go out and buy new things when you have them already, right?! X

  3. Loved this one! I usually run around my flat looking for stuff to use as a photo prop haha :D I don't really like to spend too much money on "unimportant" bits and bobs that will end up all around the apartment, when there already is so much of that stuff :D

    ♥ Jasmin N | Little Things With Jassy

    1. Definitely!! I always forget how much stuff I already have that I can use, always great to have a little hunt around the house! x

  4. I've recently started working on improving my photography and this post helped so so much! I'll be trying to get fairy lights to work for me in photos next!xx

    Beth | MissCosmeticBlogger