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That dreaded time of year is upon us once again. You've stuffed your cheeks full of food from home and you're ready to go on back to university.. or are you?! I know how tough it can be, especially going back after Christmas, you've spent so much lovely time with family and eaten SO much food and the worst part is you can no longer use the excuse 'but it's Christmas' when the guilt of not doing enough academic reading sets in or you realise you have an assignment due in January. So as many of you may know, I'm now in my third year of University and although I don't live in a student house anymore and I actually have a job up at university so I don't really feel the sting of going back to University after Christmas quite so much, I definitely do remember the feeling back in first year of going back to my uni house and feeling really homesick and rubbish! So if you're headed back to uni in the next few days and dreading it, I have a few tips for you. I also have an amazing company to share with you too who will definitely help to beat those back to uni blues! And if you're not currently at University but you know someone who is you can still have a helping hand too, so don't worry! Anyway I hope you enjoy this little post, let me know if you also have some tips to share in the comments below and let me know if you're currently at uni or know someone who is - I would love to know! 


1. COSINESS IS KEY // Making you uni room super comfy and homely is definitely my number one tip when it comes top feeling happier at university! Spending a little bit of money on some cute fairy lights and cushions can make all the difference when it comes to making your room feel like home. This definitely helped me in my first year, I decorated my room with little bits to make it feel more comforting and this helped with homesickness and it also made the thought of going back to university after Christmas a lot easier - since I had my cute room to go back to! 

2. TO DO LISTS! // One thing I remember that made it difficult for me to want to go back to University was the thought that when I go back I had SO much to do. I had to bite the bullet and get on with the tonnes of assignments and academic reading that I had let pile up over Christmas and I did not look forward to it in the slightest - especially not after being able to put my feet up over Christmas. But the best thing I can suggest when it comes to this is make a to-do list and set yourself smalls goals every day until you get things done. This way instead of just thinking about the huge list of things that needs to get done you can focus on two or three of those things a day and set your mind to a few things in particular which is much more manageable.

3. MAKE PLANS // One thing you can definitely look forward to when going back to university after Christmas are your uni friends who I'm sure you've missed over the Christmas break! So be sure to make tonnes of plans for cute dates with them, even if it's just to go out for coffee one day, that way you have loads to look forward to when you go back!

4. SIGN UP TO THE UNI BOX! // You didn't see that one coming did you...?! My final tip is to sign up to the uni box which is a monthly subscription box designed to give student a bunch of goodies they need at university! To me, this is the perfect gift for anyone dreading going back to university - I mean who doesn't get excited about the idea of a box of beautifully wrapped treats being delivered to them once a month! So if you're a friend of a family member of someone at university keep on reading for more information!


The Unibox is a monthly subscription package specifically designed to give students the best uni experience. It's an amazing service for friends and family of uni students and it's perfect for anyone who wants to give back to their loved ones at university but don't really know what to get them.  To me this is the perfect gift for anyone who is dreading going back to university, now every month they can have a box of goodies to look forward to. So, if you're a friend or family member of someone who's at university or you're a student who could do a bit of hinting at their parents I definitely recommend signing up to uni box. The typical monthly box contains so many goodies to enhance your loved ones university experience, you can expect to get wholesome treats, including healthy snacks and some more indulgent snacks, fun and useful items including gadgets and novelty toys, the box will also include a mini magazine that will feature simple recipes aimed specifically at student and also tonnes of tips for university life. The sender can also include a message in the box and this will be the first thing you see as soon as you unwrap the box, which I think is such a cute little touch! 

In the January box, which is the first box you will receive if you sign up now you get an amazing range of treats that retail at over £45 altogether First up, you will receive a bar of Chocolate from a lovely company called Nom Nom, you'll either receive the peanut butter or honeycomb flavour! Oh my goodness this chocolate tastes absolutely amazing - I received the honeycomb flavoured one and pretty much devoured it before I finished opening the rest of the box, haha! You'll also receive two sachet of Puriton protein shake, which I think is such an amazing addition to the box whether it be going to someone like me who has never tried protein shakes before and would love to give it a go or to someone who drink protein shakes regularly (which many people I know at university do!)  As I said, I'm not a regular protein shake user but from what I can tell Puriton is an amazing brand and their products are free from unnecessary ingredients found in other protein shakes. In the box you also get a healthy snack of some 100% fruit crisps called Spare Fruit and this brand also used surplus fruit from small British farms to make their crisps so not only can you enjoy a tasty snack you'll also be helping to create less waste - win win if you ask me! One brand that I was very excited to see in the January unibox is Tea Pigs, which is obviously a very well know brand that people know and love! Inside the box is a some amazing popcorn flavoured tea, which I cannot wait to try out as I haven't actually tried this flavour before. Vitamins were also included in January's box, which is definitely something I was very happy to see included in the unibox, since we all know students can need a little help when it comes to getting the right nutrients and vitamins into our diets - but yes, in the box you get a tube of effervescent vitamin tablets from Voost! Another item I was very excited to see in the uni box was a room spray by BubbleOff! In the box you receive a full size bottle of room spray which is tonka bean and lime scented to keep your uni room smelling fresh and clean, this stuff definitely does smell amazing too! Also in the box you will recieve a little unibox card holder that you can stick onto your phone and will hold your student card - I love this because I can't tell you the amount of times I've lost my student card and had to fumble about in my bag on the way into the library.. embarrassing! You also get a £20 gift card that can be used on the Teech app so that you can be connected to tonnes of mentors from top universities all over the country and they can answer any questions you have via video call - the perfect gift for a student right?! The last thing in the box is the unibox magazine of course, which includes recipes and tips on how to make your own video projector, the perfect mini project for a student! 

So if you're interested in sending an amazing gift to someone you know at university you can click here to order yours today! You get to choose your own plan and you can cancel or skip a month at anytime without any hassle whatsover. In order to get your hands on the January box you need to order before the 15th of January and your box will be sent out on the 16th ready for all the students to be back at uni! You can also get your first box FOR FREE (as long as you order before the 15th! *limited availability) - so what are you waiting for, make your loved one excited about going back to university by sending them a box of treats! 

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*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post, featuring products that were sent to me

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