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The house is finally starting to come together now and yes, we finally have our dining table and I LOVE it (it's this one here if you're interested by the way... I did try to take a picture of it, but the room is still fairly empty so I couldn't make it look overly photogenic, but I'm sure I'll show pictures once the house is done!) So yeah, we're basically adding all the finishing touches and all the little trinkets to a few of our empty shelves now! Obviously that means we had to make a cheeky trip to HomeSense! We hadn't been since Autumn so I was very excited to see all the new pieces for Spring and I was not disappointed at all, I managed to pick up some really lovely bits and of course I had to share it with you lot! I did another post like this on my last trip to Homesense featuring all the Autumnal bits I picked up, so if you're a sucker for Homesense hauls like me and want to read another one - you can find that here! But yes, I'm so happy with everything we got and I can't wait to finally finish filling all the gaps in our little house. I hope you also enjoy reading about all the bits I picked up, annoyingly I couldn't photograph everything because that would've genuinely taken me hours, so I'll try and do my best at describing the things I haven't included pictures of... bear with me, haha! Let me know if you like anything I mention and also let me know if you've ever been to HomeSense, because I love it and it's basically become my second home, haha! 

So first of all, for our dining room we wanted to pick up some fake flowers, since on our last visit to HomeSense we picked up a really gorgeous super tall glass vase for our dining table and we still had yet to fill it with flowers! HomeSense have such an amazing variety of fake flowers and they're all really cheap so if you're looking for fake flowers, definitely start with HomeSense! We picked up two different types of flowers for the vase, the first being an off white, small, peony style flower - we picked up around 4 of these and also a taller branch with leaves on it to add some green to the bunch! I think they look gorgeous on our dining table and it really fits with the gold and white theming I have going on!

Not only have we recently cleared out our dining room but we've also now done up the office, so obviously we need to fill it with decor! We tried to stick to quite a classy look as we already have a huge, old looking map in there with a gorgeous black frame and we really tried to stick to that theme so hopefully it'll look good in the end! The first thing we went on the hunt for was a globe because every classy office needs a globe and I just feel like that's the perfect decor piece to stick on a shelf in an office! We came across this really gorgeous globe (you can see a small bit of it in the first picture above!) it is decorated really brightly which I love since I normally see globes with darker colours and woods but the room is quite bright and it we definitely want to keep it looking that way with brighter colours and woods! I also really love the colours used to highlight the different countries and it goes really well with our big map picture. To go along with our classy theme we also wanted to find a traditional looking clock to go on our mantle piece in the office, we found this gorgeous white one with silver accents and I feel like it just fits so nicely in the office, I love the shape and everything about it! 

Also for our dining room is the three things in the picture above, we needed some bits to dress up our dining room since we realised after setting the table up that we actually have a fair few gaps to fill in there! We have these two white shelving units on either side of a fireplace in there each with three shelves to fill so we definitely needed a few trinkets to go on those. I already have a few bits on there and I've sort of gone for a white and gold theme so I wanted to stick to that theme with the new pieces I picked up. The first thing that caught my eye was the gold geometric pot (on the right) I love the shape of it and obviously I was sold because the colour went so well with my theme! It is actually an hollow pot so I was toying with the idea of getting a small succulent to fit in there, but at the moment I'm liking it empty - so I'm not sure yet! The next bit for my dining room shelf was the gold candle (middle). I kind of can't leave HomeSense without a new candle, it's like an unwritten rule, and to be honest none of the scented candles were taking my fancy - even though I really need a new candle for my living room now that all the Christmas scented ones have been put away! So I had a look at the reduced Christmas section and in amongst the candles was this little cutie, it doesn't have a scent but I'm not too upset about that because the pot is gorgeous and looks so lovely with the rest of my pieces on those shelves... Not bad for £2! I also wanted to add some green to our shelves and plants look gorgeous wherever you decide to stick them, so I decided to have a hunt for a nice looking fake plant (I can't look after living plants to save my life, haha!) and I came across this one, it has a really gorgeous vase, in an off-white colour and almost a slate feel about it - which I think is really beautiful! I have to admit the plant isn't the best quality and it doesn't look as real as it could but still, it adds the right amount of green to our shelves and I really like it!

In terms of lighting for the office we definitely knew that we wanted a pixar style lamp, I've always wanted one of those and I think they just look so amazing set up on an office desk. We picked up (once again!) a fairly large, white and gold one which looks really gorgeous lighting up the office in the evening! We also bought another lamp which I am still debating whether or not I want in the office (it would look much better in a bedroom or a living room but we have no space for it, ugh!) but yeah anyway, it's a really beautiful lamp with a white lampshade that is silver on the inside and the base is a really wide hourglass shape in a gorgeous shiny gold colour, I LOVE it and you can probably see why I want it somewhere other than in the office, ahh well - it can live there for now! 

The last thing I picked up were some more flowers for my vanity table, I finally got around the clearing it out and making it actually look nice! I only have the essentials on top of my vanity now, so obviously there were a few gaps to be filled and it was begging for some flowers so I got these gorgeous small, white flowers (picture above) in a really delicate glass vase - it really is the perfect fit and looks so gorgeous next to all my perfumes, I love it! 
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  1. I work at Homesense so I always get really excited when people mention it in posts haha! I enjoyed reading this so much, it makes me happy seeing how much people love the store and the cute things they find in it as no two weeks (or even days!) are the same in terms of stock! Great post :) x
    - Clare |

    1. Ooh! I would love to work there - I feel like it would be way too tempting though, haha! x

  2. Ah those flowers are so gorgeous! I've never been to an homesense before I am dying to go as the products all look so lovely xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. You definitely should go, you won't be disappointed! x