Recent Lush Purchases | First Impression & Reviews

As I keep mentioning (I promise I'll stop.. At some point) I haven't been in the best of moods recently and if you've read one of my recent posts you'll know that having a Lush stockpile is something that can cheer me up any day, so as you can imagine I've gone a little bit Lush mad, and I'm super happy about it! All of my recent Lush purchases actually sit in a metal tray on my vanity table in our bedroom and it smells so gorgeous in that room, I love it so much! Annoyingly, I made this order stupidly right before the Valentines collection was released so I didn't actually get anything from that range (ugh.. I know!) but I'll hopefully get my hands on some of those goodies in the near future once I've gotten through this lot (...I'm looking at you unicorn horn!) But yeah, I decided to share these recent Lush purchases with you lot because I've actually bought a few things I've never tried before and I wanted share my honest first opinion on them. I actually haven't done a proper Lush haul since October, which is a bit mad so I'm so excited to just spill all my thoughts and first impressions about all of these! (Even though I've tried most of these before!) I also pushed the boat out and actually bought a few bath bombs, which if you know me, I never do! I'm strictly a bubble bar lover.. But yeah I got stuck watching those really satisfying videos where people drop Lush bath bombs into the bath and you just watch all the colours.. So I bought some. Haha! I hope you enjoy this little post, let me know in the comments what your favourite thing I bought is and whether you've tried them before! 

FIZZBANGER // Fizzbanger is bath bomb that I have used before a handful of times, if I decide to branch out and actually buy bath bombs (which as I said before, rarely happens!) I usually go for this one because it's so unique and isn't just like a regular boring bath bomb that fizzes and turns your bath water a different colour! Not only does Fizzbanger smell amazing and have a really gorgeous citrus/lemon-y smell which is something I seriously love when it comes to baths, it also has a secret hidden surprise inside and although you'd think that this would just turn your bath water a boring old yellow colour, it actually turns it blue - and the yellow and blue together just look GORGEOUS! And that's not all, this bath bomb also features popping candy which crackles and pops in the bath water and also little bits of paper that say 'bang' on them - it's an experience guys, and if you haven't tried it already you should, haha! But yeah, I love this bath bomb because it's not just your boring, simple bath bomb, so if you're looking for something unique I couldn't recommend it more!

BUTTERBALL // So butterball is like a Lush staple that if you haven't tried then you must try asap! It may come as a surprise but I've actually only used around 2-3 butterballs in my life, even though I really do love them and every single time I use them I think why didn't I buy like 10 of these?! So if you don't already know what butterball is it's basically a bath bomb filled with so much goodness for dry skin you always come out of the bath feeling amazingly soft and nourished - so if you're feeling a bit dry recently I couldn't recommend it more! The scent is very much a creamy/toffee/vanilla smell which I love, it just adds to the soft, comforting vibe that this bath has and although this bath bomb is much smaller than most other bath bombs that Lush sells it's so worth it for an amazing pampering bath - I will definitely be saving this one for a bad day where I'm feeling a bit rubbish and need a good nourish! 

BIG BLUE // Once again, another bath bomb I have used before (I can push the boat out (pun not intended....) and get bath bombs, but it has to be bath bombs I've used before, haha!) But yeah, another one that I've used and loved in the past, this one is definitely a bath bomb that smells the most natural to me, it's probably one of the most natural smelling Lush products I've used. Every time I use this I feel like I'm genuinley in the sea, mainly because of the fact that one of the main ingredients is sea weed which actually ends up floating around the bath - which also works wonders for making you feel calm by the way! It's also packed with sea salt and a hint of lemon oil which gives it a slightly citrus smell (we know how I feel about citrus...) so yeah, as you can imagine, this is a big winner for me and I can't wait to use it! 

BRIGHTSIDE // I love how I said this was kind of a first impression post but I've pretty much used most of these... in fact Brightside is one of my top favourite Lush products that I constantly go back and buy more of.. (I've probably raved about in a post at some point, haha!) I love this bubble bar for so many reasons; it's pretty big and tends to last me around 3 baths, it smells so gorgeous because it's filled with tangerine oil which gives it an amazing orange smell that I love, it's also just such an uplifting and invigorating bubble bar! If I'm ever having a mopey day where I'm in a bad mood I tend to go for this bubble bar just because it genuinely lifts my mood and makes me feel better, I love it! 

CREAMY CANDY // In the effort of going for a more sugary, sweet smelling bubble bar to add to my stockpile I decided to go for creamy candy, which is another bubble bar I have actually only  used once before, a while ago now so I can't really remember if I had a good experience or not - but my genuine 'first' impression is that I LOVE the sweet, girly smell! I seem to remember that this doesn't actually turn your bath water pink though, so I need to try this again soon to see what actually happens, but yeah this ones just kind of your typical bubble bar; tonnes of bubbles, silky smooth skin, gorgeous scent - you know the drill! 

SUPERTRAMP // Now we actually get a proper first impression because I actually haven't used this one before! I actually decided to buy this one because it's the same size as Brightside and Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds and I've always loved both of those and got so many baths out of them that it's always worth the money! Another thing that caught my eye was that this has ginger and sandalwood in it which are two very different scents that I was very intrigued to try out, the scents actually work pretty well together and come together to create a very natural, green smells and although it's not my favourite smelling Lush product it's still pretty nice smelling! I was also drawn in by the colours of this bubble bar, the pale green and pink is definitely something I haven't seen before and I can't wait to try this in the bath though to see what colour the bath water goes! 

CYANIDE PILL // Now although this is somewhat of a first impression I am cheating a little bit because I've literally just used this in the bath just now! I went for this bath bomb because it just looked so different and like nothing I'd ever seen before, I've also heard some really great things about it and wanted to try it for myself! So this bath bomb smells pretty citrus-y which I love, it's quite a sweet smelling bath bomb and the scent definitely lingers on your skin once you're out of the bath! (She says whilst sniffing her arm..haha!) So as you pop this one in the bath it immediately starts to fizz and your bath will start to turn a very luminous yellow colour, silver glitter also starts to come out and settle on top of the surface then to top it off the popping candy starts to react with the water and pops and crackles like crazy (I actually didn't know this one had popping candy in it and I was looking around my bathroom trying to see where the popping noise was coming from, I'm not even kidding, haha!) again, it was a bit of an experience, haha! My only downside with this one is that the glitter definitely sticks to your body! I actually had a shower after this bath and I'm still COVERED in glitter, I mean I don't hate it but it's not ideal, haha! 

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  1. You picked up some lovely bits! I especially like big blue, but can't say that I'm a fan of the sea weed! x

  2. I've never seen that Cyanide bath bomb before in my local shop! I'll have to hunt around for it. I haven't made a massive lush haul in forever and I need to before Valentines day! Butterball is my favourite bath bomb of all time (and butterbear at christmas time) because to me it's the only bath bomb that gives you skin benefits! xx

  3. These all sound so nice! I'm going to need to go to Lush soon and stock up!

    xo, Liz

  4. I always end up buying the same things from Lush - I deffo need to switch things up! Butterball sounds like something I need!xx

    Lucy x |

  5. Oh my goodness, I can't wait for the day when I'm living in apartment that has a bathtub. :D I'll probably buy all the bath bombs & bubble bars there is :D

    ♥ Jasmin N // Little Things With Jassy

  6. I haven't tried Brightside before but it sounds lovely! Definitely one I want to treat myself too. x

    Jordan Alice

  7. Do love it when the bath bomb does something a little different 🙂

  8. I need to try the fizzbanger, it sounds like it is so much fun! X