ColourPop | Haul & First Impressions

This month has been stressful, what with uni work and this dreaded dissertation... But don't worry, you can bet I've been treating myself to lovely new things - it's the best motivation I'm telling you! Annoyingly for my bank balance, retail therapy seems to really work for me, so I've kind of been really leniant on buying new things this month... oops! In fact, you can read all about my latest purchases in this recent post! In that post I talked a little bit about my recent sneaky ColourPop purchases and I did promise a full first impressions/review type post, so here I am with my review, haha! I've honestly been eyeing up all things ColourPop and the last I heard was that they don't ship to the UK, so I would always just swoon over everything but never be able to buy any of it... but apparently they now ship to the UK?! So, ignoring the fact that I knew there would be a hefty customs charge I ordered a few eye shadows and now I am so excited to finally own ColourPop things! I thought I would share my thoughts on them today since I'm obviously obsessed and in love with everything, haha! Let me know if you've ever tried anything by ColourPop in the comments below and also let me know what you favourite eye shadow from my haul is!

If you've never tried ColourPop's super shock eyeshadows before - first of all, you need to get your hands on them right now, second you probably want to know what makes them so super and shocking, haha! Basically the super shock eyeshadows are a cream to powder formula and they are genuinely like nothing I've ever tried before mainly because they're so soft and spongy to touch - it's really weird! Now, I feel like these are best applied with your finger and you'd definitely get the best pigmentation this way, but you can definitely apply these with brushes also and when I tried using brushes I found I got a much more soft and natural look, so it really depends on what you're going for! They're also different to cream eye shadows in the way that they last all day long without budging or settling into your crease, which is definitely something I struggle with when it comes to cream eyeshadows. So yeah, I basically don't have a bad word to say about these and you should buy them yourself, right now, haha! 

So, my shadows actually turned up on the day before Valentines day, which is the day me and Ethan had planned to go out for a little Valentines date. Me being me, I was obviously very excited to try them out and I very risk-ily decided to use my new shadows when doing my makeup that night... I haven't really every experimented with cream eye shadows before so it was probably a bad idea, right?! I'm no expert when it comes to makeup and honestly I pretty much just slap my eyeshadow on and blend it out until I think it looks right and having never really worked with cream eyeshadows before I didn't really know how they worked. Honestly though, these shadows were super easy to work with and I don't have a bad word to say about them! First of all the pigment was amazing, I went for a burnt orange and red look (I was definitely feeling risky apparently, haha!) and the shades just looked so gorgeous on my eyes - the pigmentation is amazing and you really barely have to use any product to get a bold looking eye! I actually blended mine a fair amount using a powder transition shade (from the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave palette) I found this worked really well and the ColourPop eye shadows actually blended out really really nicely. Now, we actually went to the cinema on our little date (to see Fifty Shades no less, haha!) and for some reason my eyes ALWAYS water when I go to the cinema.. so there was basically no hope for my eye makeup! Yes, as expected my eyes definitely watered and I walked out looking like I'd just gone to see The Notebook...or like I was really emotionally touched Fifty Shades lol.  To my surprise though, although all my eyeliner had practically poured off my face the eye shadow was still firmly in place and wouldn't budge - so if your eyes water like mine you definitely don't need to worry about panda eyes from this eye shadow! 

Okay, so let's talk about these gorgeous shades! As you may or may not know I am basically Autumn's number one fan, especially because of all the Autumn colours and shades, so it's no surprise that I went down the burnt orange, burgundy and red route - woo!  I obviously had to pick up the Zingara quad because this was basically made for me, it features 4 very very autumnal eyeshadow shades that can all be used together to complete a look and I am obviously obsessed, haha! This quad also features a range of eye shadow finishes including two mattes (seeker and elixir) one satin (paradox) and a pearlized (jinxie) so I feel like this is perfect for anyone who has never bought ColourPop eyeshadows before just to test out the different finishes and see how you like them! Obviously I am a huge matte lover, so I was immediately drawn to seeker and elixir but it was nice to have a range to work with and test out! Moving onto the swatches, paradox is the gorgeous bright red cranberry shade, which I obviously love - I don't actually own many bright red shades in my makeup collection so this is something that I've loved experimenting with recently. This one looks pretty matte to me, but it's labelled satin so I won't question it, haha! Seeker is the warm brown colour, this one is basically perfect for giving your outer corner dimension and I love how this one looks paired with the the red and burnt orange in the same set! Jinxie is the gold shade and although I'm not always the biggest fan of gold shadows, I've found that this one is pretty subtle and looks gorgeous next to the paradox for quite a festive look actually! The last shade in this set is Elixir and this is the burnt orange colour that I have fallen in love with! ColourPop have basically made me the perfect quad and I love how all of these work together so well... you can tell I will be using this every day for the rest of my life, haha! I also couldn't help myself from buying an extra little shadow, mainly because I'm also obsessed with deep purples and plum colours - so I couldn't help but pick up central perk as well and although I haven't actually gotten around to using it, I love the way it looks with all the other shades! 


  1. They sound like such an interesting texture, spongey doesn't sound right for a shadow!! I've been wanting to get my hands on a burnt orange shade for a while now!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. Haha, I suppose it does sound pretty word - it definitely works so well though! The burnt orange colour in this set is gorgeous! x