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You guys better be prepared because in today's post I have something amazing to share with you! I was contacted by the lovelies over at skinChemists to review and share their star product from their Rose Quartz range and can I just tell you I think I'm in love with this product, it has genuinely re-invented my entire skin care routine and my skin is thanking me for it! Jokes aside though, my skin care routine was pretty much non-existent and I must admit I'm a tinsy bit lazy when it comes to looking after my face but when I was asked to test this facial oil out it reminded me how easy it is to actually take care of your skin and give it the attention it deserves. So I've started to take skin care a little more seriously and everything just feels amazing - I better keep it up! I've been testing out this gorgeous facial oil non-stop for you lovely lot and I can't wait to share all of it's amazing-ness! Also, if you're looking to get your hands on it yourself and give yourself a well deserved skin-glow I actually have an offer code to share and can I just say this reduces the price from £99 to £19.99!! Can we just take a moment - you basically have no excuse.. I'm such an enabler, haha!

So, during February skinChemists are having a rose quartz month in celebration of Valentines day (because who wants boring old chocolates and roses nowadays, am I right?!) where all of their rose quartz range is being sold at a reduced price - this rose quartz range is gorgeous might I add and is just the perfect answer to a radiant and youthful complexion. Honestly, if you haven't already checked it out you should! The product that I am sharing with you today is the star product from this range and I can see exactly why, everything from the packaging down to the way it makes your skin feel afterwards is just perfect! I've been using this product for around a week now and it has honestly not only made my skin feel super healthy but it also looks so much healthier and brighter - I can't wait to see the long term effects, I can only imagine how much my skin will glow, haha! 

Right, down to the nitty-gritty! This facial oil is filled with essential vitamins and minerals blended together to nourish and protect your face and also keep your skin looking and feeling amazing. The main active ingredients in the oil include; rose otto oil, vitamin e and almond oil, which basically all work together to create an amazing formula that smooths, illuminates and refines your skin! Rose otto oil works to restore moisture balance in the skin, it not only repairs and protects the skin from damage but also is firms and tones the skin; helping you to achieve that youthful look we all strive for! Vitamin E also works wonders for the skin, it not only protects against damage that your skin encounters every day it also reduces skin damage already present on the skin. Finally almond oil provides the ultimate nourishment by deeply hydrating the skin allowing it to glow to it's full potential! 

Honestly, the first thing I noticed when I opened my delivery was the amazing packaging because packaging can honestly make or break a brand for me - the facial oil comes in it's own little pink box which is inside a larger bright yellow box and I just love it all! It seriously reflects the product inside too which itself is in a gorgeous clear bottle and the actual oil is pink so I was pretty much sold at this point as you can imagine, haha! My one concern was the fact that the bottle is quite small and you don't actually get a whole tonne of product for your money, however once I found out that you literally only need around 2-3 drops to cover your face and neck I realised that this bottle will probably last me forever - so there's no need to worry about that! The formula itself feels amazing on the skin, it doesn't feel sticky or too wet and easily absorbed into the skin which is something I definitely love about this product as I hate anything that just sits on top of the skin and leaves you feeling sticky! It's also important to note that this product is suitable for all skin types, I have combination to oily skin and it didn't leave my skin feeling extra oily or greasy at all, in the same way it won't leave someone who suffers from dry skin feeling dried out. The last thing I want to mention is that I love that this product is anti-ageing, this isn't something I've really ever considered being 20 years old, however it is actually important to incorporate a few anti-ageing products into your skin care routine in order to slow down the ageing process and at least reduce the inevitable onset of wrinkles! 

So, now that I've got you interested you can click here to get your hands on this gorgeous facial oil and all of skinChemists' other amazing products! Remember for the month of February they are selling the Rose Quartz range at a reduced price meaning that this facial oil is now being sold for £24.99 and the rest of the range will be priced at £29.99! That's not all though, you can use my unique code JEMMABLOG at check out for a further 20% off the price, meaning that you can get your hands on the Rose Quartz facial oil for only £19.99! (Down from £99!!) So any girlfriends out there should definitely link their boyfriends to this post as a huge hint for what to get you for Valentines Day! And don't worry all my singletons, I am giving you permission right now to buy yourself a little gift from this range and have a good old pamper on Valentines Day! Get in there fast though because both offers are only running until the end of February! 
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*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post, featuring products that were sent to me


  1. This is so cool!! I've never heard of it, but now I'm so going to try it out

    1. I honestly can't recommend it enough! :) x