Talking About My First Time?!

Guys. It's been a stressful few weeks, filled with procrastination, assignments, work, lectures and so much more. Basically my mind is on my work and not on my blog at the moment and I hate it, but that's just the way it is right now! Honestly, it was so lucky that I had tonnes of posts scheduled in advance because I don't think I could've written posts in amongst all that stress, haha! So I wanted to keep it easy today and write something simple, something that took me back to my roots when I used to do tonnes of tag posts, because they are genuinely a guilty pleasure of mine... I came across the first time tag when it was big on YouTube ages ago and always loved hearing about all the little 'firsts' that people have had in their lives, so I decided to hunt down some questions and answer them for you guys today, simple as that! Feel free to also answer these questions in the comments below, I always love learning more about all my readers, also let me know if you can relate to anything I mention, hope you enjoy! Ooh, also! Are you guys loving my new blog template?! It was kind of a rash decision at 8pm last night... I did love my old one, but I was getting a bit bored of it and I was well overdue a new one so I just went for it and I kind of love it - just need to sort out a few bits and then it should be perfect. Let me know what you think!

FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO YOU WATCHED? // I can't remember specifically what the first ever YouTube video I watched was but I think I started watching YouTube when I was around 11-12 and other than watching random stupid videos like baby monkey riding backwards on a pig (if you haven't seen that you need to look it up... trust me, haha!) the first youtuber I remember being obsessed with was Jenna Marbles at the time, I used to watch her videos all the time along with Charlieissocoollike and that kind of started me off watching everyone else I watch now... and the rest is history, haha! No, but I'm a bit obsessed now - I can't even remember what I used to do when I was bored before I discovered YouTube! 

FIRST PERSON YOU SUBSCRIBED TO? // As I said, it was probably Jenna Marbles, in fact I'm 99% sure I have a different YouTube account from back then where I'm literally just subscribed to Jenna and that's it, haha! I also obviously became really obsessed with Zoella and I actually started watching her way back before she got loads of subscribers. I also used to be really obsessed with The Shaytards and I used to watch them religiously every single day, their videos are honestly what got me through school, haha! 

DO YOU STILL TALK TO YOUR FIRST LOVE? // I'm gonna be really soppy and say that my first love is actually my current boyfriend of four years, so yes I do, haha! I did have a few boyfriends before him in school, but that was back when I was like 15 and being in love was just holding hands in the playground and occasionally talking at lunchtime! 

FIRST KISS? // My first kiss was actually with my first ever boyfriend back in year 7, so I was around 12 years old - it was obviously one of those 'relationships' where we just held hands sometimes and chatted occasionally at lunch times, haha! But I remember it was the end of the day and we'd just finished English class and I was about to walk home, he said goodbye to me and just randomly kissed me! Obviously it was super awkward and I can't really remember if I said anything afterwards, but I remember having a huge grin on my face as I walked home, haha! 

FIRST ALCOHOLIC DRINK? // I feel like along with the rest of the world my first ever alcoholic drink was a blue WKD, haha! I definitely was over the legal drinking age... but I didn't get drunk (is that even possible on WKD?!) I actually don't mind the taste to be honest and I don't mind drinking them every now and again nowadays! Also we can't forget about Smirnoff ice and also Bacardi breezers when I got a bit older and wanted to impress people at parties, haha! 

FIRST CAR? // I actually don't drive.. yeah it's super annoying! I want to learn soon, but it's just getting around to having lessons and learning all the theory side of things, I definitely can't do it yet because I have my dissertation to focus on but maybe next year! My dream first car though is a baby blue mini cooper... you know, if there's any rich people or genies reading this who want to gift me a car, haha! 

FIRST JOB? // My first job was when I was 14 years old working as a waitress in a little local cafe! I actually really enjoyed it looking back, I worked there with my best friend and it was such a lovely atmosphere! I also used to work the closing shift so I'd always end up taking all the leftover sandwiches home and they we're so delicious too - best part of the job, haha! 

FIRST PET? // My first pet that I remember was my little cat called Sammy, that cat lived to be like 14 years old or something crazy and I can actually remember tormenting her when I was really really little by holding her tail as she ran around the garden haha! My first pet that I actually owned myself though was a little hamster that I called Father Christmas.. don't judge me, I was like 4, haha! 

FIRST CELEBRITY CRUSH? // I'm not ashamed to admit that the first celebrity crush that I actually remember having was Justin Bieber... yes when Baby came out, I was obsessed with Justin Bieber, haha! I feel like people can't even judge me for that anymore because he's not bad looking nowadays! Once I grew out of that stage though and went into my Glee phase I ended up having a huge crush on Darren Criss... I still do to be honest, I mean who doesn't?! 

FIRST REAL BOYFRIEND? // I want to say that my first real boyfriend again is my current boyfriend, he was the first boyfriend that went beyond just holding hands in town and never talking to each other, haha! I definitely thought at the time that all of those past 'relationships' were real by the way and I probably thought that we would be together forever... oh good times, good times, haha! But yeah, me and Ethan have been together four years now and we live together so I'd say that's pretty real! 

FIRST PERSON TO TEXT YOU TODAY? // My best chummy Zoe was the first person to text me today, as always! We've both been super busy with uni work recently, so we haven't been able to spend much time together but we do definitely try to keep in touch and text each other as much as possible... at least just to keep us sane to be honest! 

FIRST TEACHER? // My first teacher was Mrs Brown, she was pretty strict for a reception teacher to be honest and I remember getting told off really badly by her once because me and a few of my friends decided to go into our class using a different door one day...when all the rest of the class went in the front door we decided to go down the corridor and use a different door. Obviously she wasn't too happy and I remember crying in front of the whole class when she made us sit and think about what we did! The teaching assistant was really lovely though, she was called Miss Body and I remember really really liking her!

FIRST CONCERT YOU EVER WENT TO? // Although you'd probably think that I wouldn't have this taste in music my first concert was actually The Prodigy! I went to see them with my Dad and it was a really lovely day! I've also been to see Muse twice since then and I loved them both times - would love to see them both again!   

FIRST BROKEN BONE? // I've never broken a bone *touches wood!!* I have sprained my ankle, but never broken a bone and to be honest I hope I never do! Spraining my ankle was painful enough and that was only because someone kicked a football into my ankle and I tripped over... it was super embarrassing! 


  1. This is such a great idea for a post, I agree I think all of our first alcoholic drink was a Blue WKD or a Bacardi Breezer haha

    Ella xx

    1. Thanks so much! :) Those we're the best, haha! x