The Uni Box* | February Review

GUYS! I'm back again doing another post for The Uni Box, I was so excited and appreciative to receive another box since I seriously love everything about this company and obviously I love all the goodies that comes with it! So, if you missed my last post (you should read it here if you did, by the way!) The Uni Box is a subscription box designed for students and I was lucky enough to review the January box and now here I am reviewing the February box and I couldn't be more excited to share everything with you guys! You lot know uni has been a bit tough for me recently, what with being in third year and having to deal with the stress of writing my dissertation and trying to also balance that whilst working part time and running a blog - it's been a bit stressful to say the least! So The Uni Box couldn't really have contacted me at a better time to be honest and it was such a lovely surprise coming home from a busy day at uni to my little box of goodies! So, anyway this post is going to give a brief rundown of what The Uni Box is and also tell you a little bit about what you get in a typical box. If you want to learn even more about The Uni Box I definitely suggest going and reading my review of their January box, I also shared a few tips all about how to feel happier at University if you're interested! Let me know in the comments what you favourite treat from this February box is and also let me know if you're currently at University yourself, I would love to know! 

So! The Uni Box is a monthly subscription box designed for students, it's basically an amazing service for the friends or family of university students where they can send them this little box full of goodies whilst they're away at university as a little way of cheering them up or reminding them that you appreciate them - it's especially perfect for people who don't really know what to get their loved one, since we all know university students are pretty hard to buy for! To me this is the perfect gift for any student, receiving a little box of goodies every month is honestly such a lovely surprise and would definitely do just the trick to cheer me up when dissertation and assignment stress is bringing me down! So, if you're a friend or family member of someone who's currently at university or you're just a student who wants to treat them-self (or you could do a bit of hinting to your parents, haha!) you should definitely sign up today! The typical box is full of some amazing treats that any university student is sure to love - inside you can expect to get some more healthy, wholesome treats and some more indulgent snacks (my personal favourite, haha!), fun and useful items including gadgets and novelty toys, a The Uni Box official magazine which will feature some simple recipes (...easy enough for students to follow, haha!) and also tonnes of tips and hacks for University life! The sender can also include a little message for their loved one inside the box and this is the first thing you'll see as soon as you open the box - how cute is that! 

Now, I believe that February box has already been sent out to all the lucky students so if you decide to subscribe today you/your loved one will be receiving the March box and you won't be able to get your hands on anything I share today - don't worry though, you'll get tonnes of other amazing treats I'm sure, plus it's always nice to have a surprise anyway! But I thought I would give a little run down of what I received in the February box so you know the sort of thing to expect! I was so happy with everything I received and I just really love this idea because now I've been introduced to loads of new products and brands that I love and will use in the future. 

So, in the February box first of all I received a little Faith In Nature soap, this soap is pure vegetable soap so harmful in there at all and I love this because it's grapefruit flavour and it has a really citrus-y smell (you'll know how I feel about citrus if you read any of my Lush hauls... hint, I love it. Haha!) I also received an oat bar by Nom, as someone who doesn't really dabble in healthy foods or really try out anything new I really love that healthy snacks are incorporated into the box because it means I can try new things and see what I like! It's also obviously really important to stay healthy at university of course but I actually really ended up loving this oat bar so now I have something new that I love and will buy more of in the future - woo! The second healthy snack was from Quibbles and it is a little snack pack of wasabi coated broad beans, pea and peanuts. As I'm not the biggest fan of wasabi, I must admit I haven't had the courage to try these but I used Ethan as my guinea pig and he really seemed to like them, haha! Another little healthy goody in the Feb box is the MultiVit daily multivitamin spray, I mentioned it before in the January box but I really love how multivitamins are included in the box since it's so important to stay healthy as a student and it really is so easy to not take in all the vitamins you need to stay healthy whilst at uni - so this spray is such an easy was to get all those vitamins you need! Now, the more indulgent treat is the marshmallow bars - I really love these because even though they're seriously delicious (especially the raspberry one!) they're still really low calorie and aren't actually that bad for you, which is always a bonus! I feel like these would make the perfect library session snack. I've actually spent a lot of time in the library recently and it's so easy to fall into the trap of slobbing out on junk food whilst doing work but I definitely recommend healthier snacks and The Uni Box is the perfect opportunity to try new healthy snacks! 

Oh.. but there's more, haha! Also in the box I got a official The Uni Box flask - I really love this thing again it's the perfect library companion and it also says 'carpe caffeine' on the front which I am seriously obsessed with! To go with the flask you also get some infused instant coffee from Little's, as a coffee addict I have to say this was the treat I was most excited about - the flavour is chocolate caramel so I was instantly sold and oh my god it tastes amazing and I want like 10 more jars of this, haha! You also get a little The Uni Box pen which is always super handy since, I don't know about you but I am always losing my pens at uni - I'm honestly a nightmare! Also, not forgetting The Uni Box official magazine, the February eddition features some really handy budgeting tips, which is always so important at University, it also features the piggy bank challenge and an amazing looking recipe for chocolate brownies - yum! 

So, if you're looking to send a really lovely gift to someone you know at university please click here to order yours today! You get to choose your own plan (however many months you want to subscribe to) and you can cancel or skip a month at anytime without any hassle! In order to get your hands on the March box you need to order soon, you can also enjoy your box for 15% off by using the code UNIBOX15. Honestly, what are you waiting for?! Order yours today because we all know studying away from home can be really tough, so put a smile on your loved ones face today! 

*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post, featuring products that were sent to me


  1. I SO wish I had heard about this (or that it existed ha) when I was at uni! This sounds like the perfect thing to help with exam/essay stress. I found being a student could really get me down sometimes, and I think this would be so helpful

    Steph -

  2. Such a great idea - I wish I had one of these boxes when I was at uni x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x