Unicorn Hot Chocolate Recipe

Happy Valentines Day to all my lovely readers out there, you deserve all the love! What better way to feel the love this time of year than with the most delicious and aesthetically pleasing hot chocolate I have ever seen or tasted! I actually saw the unicorn hot chocolate a while ago, I think it was a craze on Facebook for a little while, but I knew I wanted to save it until my Valentines Day post because who doesn't love baby pink hot chocolate on Valentines Day! Whether you're in a relationship and want to make something cute for your loved one, or you're a singleton and want a delicious treat today, you should definitely give this unicorn hot chocolate a go - it's super simple, actually really inexpensive to make.. and not to mention it's DELICIOUS! You can also tweak this recipe around a little bit too, depending on how sweet you want it and also how much crap you want to put on top... I recommend just tipping everything you've got on there haha! I actually had to take the photos for my hot chocolate upstairs because it had the best light up there and now there's sprinkles and all sorts all over my bedroom floor...oops! Anyways, let me know if you give this one a go and I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day whatever your relationship status!

• 1 bar of white chocolate
• 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
• Milk (enough to fill your cup)
• Food colouring in your choice of colour - I recommend pink!

For the decoration:
• All sorts of sprinkles!• Edible glitter
• Mini marshmallows
• Squirty cream
• A cup or jar or mug

1. Melt around 4 cubes of your white chocolate in a ban marie - make sure you heat it really slowly because white chocolate burns really easily! Also, if like me all your saucepans are way too wide to sit a bowl on top you can melt your chocolate in the microwave. Make sure to turn the setting down to medium and only leave it in there for around 20 seconds at a time, stirring each time you take it out until completely melted!
2. Grab your cup or jar and use a spoon to coat the inside with the white chocolate allowing it to drip and create a cute pattern. (This looks really gorgeous if you have a glass jar because you can see the white chocolate inside!)
3. Then dunk your entire glass rim in the remaining white chocolate (optional: if you have edible glitter I definitely recommend allowing the white chocolate on the rim to become a little bit dry and tacky and then dunking it in a bowl full of edible glitter - it makes it even more unicorn like!)
4. Pop your cup into the fridge for around 15-20 minutes.
5. Once 15-20 minutes is up you can start making the actual hot chocolate! (You could be really sneaky and buy white chocolate powder, but I think it's more fun to make your own and besides white hot chocolate is ridiculously expensive!)
6. So, take a saucepan and pour in enough milk to fill your cup/jar, then pour in your vanilla extract and a few cubes of white chocolate (this completely depends on how sweet your want your hot chocolate to be, but I've found 2-3 cubes works the best!) Lastly, pop in a few drops of your food colouring - if you want to go for that baby pink colour I suggest starting with around 5 drops giving it a mix and seeing if you need more. (Mine came out pretty dark pink in the end because I used way to much, haha!)
7. Simmer this all on a really low heat until the white chocolate has completely melted!
8. Get your cup/jar out of the fridge and carefully pour in the hot chocolate!
9. Now, you have to work quickly for the decoration part, especially if you want to get pictures, because the cream will start to melt really quickly! So I definitely recommend having all of your decoration-y bits out ready to stick on top!
10. Squirt your cream on top in a swirly pattern. Then grab a handful on mini marshmallows and basically go crazy with all your sprinkles and more edible glitter, haha!


  1. I know what I'll be drinking tonight! Oh my goodness that look & sound so delicious 😍

    ~ Jasmin N
    // littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi

    1. Trust me, it was pretty delicious, haha! ;) x

  2. This looks amazing, I need to make these at the weekend!! :) x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    1. Yes! You should! I couldn't recommend it more, haha! x

  3. This looks amazing! May have to get around to making one of these! x


    1. You definitely should, you won't regret it, haha! x

  4. I LOVE how this hot chocolate looks! I'm definitely going to give it a try.

    Marilyn x

  5. Ah such a stunning post, you photography is beautiful by the way! You’re made me want to have a unicorn hot chocolate now, I think they are suited well to Valentine’s Day with all the pastel colours. Hope you had a good one and sending wishes for a fab week! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Awh, that's so lovely to hear! :) Thanks so much, you too! x

  6. Think I will definitely be trying this one out! x


  7. Omg it looks amazing! I hate marshmellows though!!! xx


    1. You can definitely substitute the marshmallows, I recommend more sprinkles, haha! ;)

  8. My goodness, who knew hot chocolate could look so cute! I love white chocolate so this would be perfect for me. I might throw in some edible glitter too heh

    Angi www.twodifferentworlds.com

  9. This is looks so so delicious! and it's so pretty! I am so going to try this out! xx C&K

  10. This sounds amazing! Like the ones on INSIDER videos on Facebook. :P I'll definitely be making this for me and my boyfriend in a few days. ^_^


  11. OMG i have to try this!

    elle x