21 Things I've Learned In (almost) 21 Years

It's my birthday week and I'm turning 21, so in true blogger fashion I obliviously had to do a 21 Things I've Learned In 21 years post... *rolls eyes* But really though, as much as I've got left to learn, I do feel like I've really grown as a person over the years, especially recently - what with moving out and having to deal with all the wonders of adulting, haha! This year has also probably been one of the toughest and scariest and I'm sure it will only get tougher and scarier, especially since I'm graduating from University super soon and I have to decide what I'm doing with my life - gah! So I do have a couple of pieces of advice that I've been living by and that I would love to share with you guys! I've also seriously love reading everyone else's posts like this too - loads of bloggers out there have some amazing life lessons to share! In fact I would love to know if you've got any extra pieces of advice to share and you should do so in the comments - I hope you enjoy this little post and maybe learn a lesson or two yourself. 

1. Smile at your haters, they hate it. 
2. You will regret not wearing your retainer... wear it. 
3. Most good days start with coffee and end with a bath. 
4. Treating yourself to a day off is okay and you don't need to feel guilty about it. 
5. Ultimately, your happiness is what matters. If you're not happy change whatever it is that is keeping you from being happy!
6. Make an effort with others, even if that means getting out of your comfort zone. 
7. Your support system is so important, if someone isn't being supportive cut them out! 
8. It's so important to be yourself and not change yourself for anyone. 
9. It's okay to have anxious days. 
10. But it's also important to step out of your comfort zone from time to time! 
11. You have a voice and an opinion, share it! 
12. You can never have too many baths...
13. Times can be really tough, but you will survive them and learn from them. 
14. It's okay to not have your life figured out - life will do what life will do! 
15. Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter! 
16. It's okay to say no sometimes. 
17. Worrying about the future won't change anything, instead focus on the present and enjoy every moment.
18. Read books - you enjoy it and it's a great way to learn!
19. Don't let anxiety stop you from taking opportunities, you'll regret it. 
20. It's okay to not be okay - admit that you need help sometimes!
21. 99% of the things you worry about don't actually happen!


  1. Smiling at your haters is my favourite one because it's just so true! Don't let them bring you down! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. Love these kinds of posts. Im currently writing mine because I turn 21 on March 23rd. Happy early Birthday!! X


  3. happy early birthday, I hope you'll have the best day! :) I loved this list a lot, especially number 14 cause it's something I'm currently learning too x


  4. Yay!! Happy Birthday!!! I feel old lol.
    Heck yeah to #5.

    Danielle xo

  5. I love these types of posts, definitly going to do one when I turn 21! Hope you have a brilliant birthday xxx