Dear 25 Year Old Me

I turn 21 in two days and that makes me a little bit nostalgic.. apparently I get nostalgic around my birthday every year because I wrote a similar post last year where I wrote a post to my younger self! I've been watching a lot of those Dear __ year old me videos on YouTube recently and I really wanted to do my own,  to my 25 year old self! I love the idea that in 4 years time I can look back at this blog post (if I remember!) and not only read all about what I was up to when I was (almost) 21, but also so I can maybe answer all of these questions in a new blog post - if I'm still writing posts then, which I seriously hope I am! I hope you enjoy this little post, maybe it will inspire you to write your own letters to your older self - I'd love to read yours if you have so be sure to leave a link in the comments! 

ARE YOU BETTER AT MAKEUP YET... PARTICULARLY EYELINER?! // I admit, right now I'm not really the best when it comes to makeup, my eyeliner flicks are constantly wonky and after wiping it off too many times than I'm willing to admit I usually end up trying my best to hide it with eye shadow, haha! I have to say though, I have definitely gotten so much better at doing my makeup recently... at least now I know how to actually blend eyeshadow and how to not draw my eyebrows on like sperm lol! So 25 year old me, are you any better at makeup... and can you actually do winged eyeliner without one side going up and the other going down?! Also, is face baking still a thing and if so have you figured out how to do it properly without making you eye bags look worse?! 

ARE YOU A TEACHER...? // So for those of you who don't know, I'm currently at University studying early childhood studies in hopes of going on to do my PCGE and then being a reception teacher! I would love to ask my 25 year old self if I actually become a teacher because at the moment it does seem like a distant dream, I'm in my third year of University but I'm taking a year out to do teacher training so actually becoming a teacher seems pretty far away for me right now! I like to think I'll have reached this dream by the time I'm 25 but who knows where my path will lead! I would also love to ask my 25 year old self if I actually managed to complete my dissertation on time and to be honest if I actually graduated, haha! 

DO YOU STILL BLOG REGULARLY? // I have to admit I've never really stuck to any of my hobbies before, I've done ballet, street dance, ballroom, cheerleading, hockey and I also dabbled in scrapbooking for a while but I've never stuck with anything in the long run! Which is why I'm so surprised that I've managed to keep blogging for as long as I have! I'd like to think I'll still be busy blogging in 5 years time, still rambling about my life and documenting everything for when I'm old and grey and want to go back and have a read, haha! But I'd love to ask my 25 year old self whether I still blog regularly and if so, do I still enjoy it as much as I do now?! Have I upped my blogging and photography game too... also, do I earn money for my blog now?!

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? // Right now I live in Portsmouth with Ethan as we're both studying here but obviously I will be graduating next year and Ethan will be graduating in two years time and I know that we both don't really want to stay here, so I'd love to ask my 25 year old self where we end up! Also, on the topic of moving away - unfortunately a lot of my friends will be moving away and back home after graduation so I'd love to know if I still talk to my best friend Zoe despite being long distance friends?! Also, if you haven't spoken to her in a while you definitely should! 

CAN YOU DRIVE YET? // Annoyingly, I can't drive yet - I don't know why, I've just never got off my bum and sorted out lessons, it also is super expensive, especially for a poor student like me, haha! I hope that by the time I'm 25 I've at least started driving lessons, if not completely passed my test because it really is annoying having to rely on Ethan, public transport and walking to get anywhere I need to go! If I can drive, I'd love to ask my 25 year old self, have you got your dream car yet?! I really really want to get a baby blue convertible mini... it's kind of my dream car... fingers crossed I've got it by the time I'm 25 (I can dream!) haha! 


  1. Happy birthday girl! I love your sense of humor when you described your makeup skills, haha. This post really inspired me to write my own letter for my future self.

    Marilyn x

  2. An early Happy Birthday!! Such a fun post, I love it!xx

    Lucy x |

  3. Happy belated birthday! This is a great idea, writing a note to your future self is something I have't seen before but I think that its a great idea.
    Love, Sophia x

  4. I love reading posts like this and I love your sense of humour! I relate a lot. X


  5. Posts like this are my favourite! Hopefully you will look back and feel accomplished!
    Happy Early Birthday, welcome to the 21 club haha, it's great!
    Leanne x |

  6. This is such a cool idea! Although I'm jealous - me writing to my 25 year old self would be a letter to that past #old. Happy Early Birthday!