Technic Cosmetics | First Impressions & Review*

I was kindly sent some products from Technic to test out and review this month and I obviously couldn't wait to share this brand with you lot, not only because I love everything I received but also because I feel like this makeup is perfect for anyone who's on a budget or basically any of you out there who, like me, are always looking to expand your makeup collection! The price of these products are seriously amazing by the way and I was definitely impressed by everything I got considering how cheap everything is- I was lucky enough to receive 5 items in my little bundle but I also recommend having a mooch at all the other bits they do because they do everything from makeup to nail varnish (their nail varnish is something I definitely want to try!) to brushes.. there's something for everyone! But yes, I hope you enjoy this little first impressions/review type post and let me know in the comments if you've ever tried Technic before or if you like the sound of anything I mention - I'll be sure to include links to everything too!

GET GORGEOUS BRONZE HIGHLIGHTING PALETTE //  The first product I tried and was immediately drawn to (which is also my favourite product that I've tried) was this bronze highlighting powder, I feel like if you have a medium or darker skin tone to me you would seriously be able to pull this off as a gorgeous cheekbone highlight. But as I'm a little bit paler I usually either use a very very small amount of this on my cheekbone or I've also found that it makes a super gorgeous eyeshadow shade and as someone who loves bronze eyeshadow looks I'm a huge fan! (They do have a lighter colour too, if you're looking for a lighter highlight!) The pigment of this product is seriously amazing too, I feel like you get the perfect amount of shimmer in every swatch. And also, can we just talk about how beautiful this product looks in the pan, I love it! 

COLOUR CORRECTING SETTING POWDER // On lazy days I typically use concealer and a small amount of powder to just cover my redness and the bags under my eyes, so I was definitely excited to test this out as a potential new lazy day powder! I used this powder under my eyes, on my forehead and chin using a brush - although this product does have a very handy puff if you prefer to use those to apply your powder. This powder definitely did this job well though, my skin was mattified and it covered any blemishes well, without feeling heavy on my skin at all! 

BROWN PEN EYEBROW DEFINER // Eyebrows are pretty important to me, so I was very excited to receive this eyebrow pen to test out! I typically use powder to fill in my eyebrows so that made me extra excited to test this out and although the pen wasn't in my shade (it comes in two shades by the way - medium brown and dark brown) I was still able to give it a go and the results weren't half bad! The pen has a thin tip which is perfect for precision but can also be turned to give it a thicker edge in order to fill in wider parts of your brow - I was actually really impressed with this and I definitely found it so much easier to use than other eyebrow pens and pencils I've used in the past! The staying power of this pen is also amazing and I found that my eyebrows didn't rub off or smear at all! 

EYESHADOW PRIMER (SHIMMER) // As someone who has strictly primed her eyes with Mac's pro long wear paint pot in painterly for as long as she can remember I was definitely excited to try out a cheaper alternative! I actually received the eyeshadow primer in the shimmer version which is designed to be used with shimmer eyeshadows, however there is also a matte version available! So basically this product swatches as a shimmery pinky, nude shade which I find to be the perfect base for any eye makeup look, the shimmer is also not too over powering which I definitely appreciate! I also found the packaging really easy to get on with, it reminded me a lot of a lip gloss tube but I found the brush to actually be a really simple way of apply the product to my eyelid, which I would then rub all over my eyelid with my finger. The staying power of this product also really impressed me, it dries pretty quickly and my eyeshadow seemed to be well put on top of it - I also didn't notice any creasing which is always a bonus! 

MEGA LASH MASCARA // I am so impressed with this mascara and it is now well and truly added to my daily routine! I'm always looking for new mascaras because I've never really found one that I'm amazingly impressed with - this might be a contender though! I just found this mega lash mascara so easy to use, I wouldn't say it overly volumised my eyelashes (nor did it make them 'mega'...) but it definitely did it's job and coated my lashes evenly, it also separately my lashes well and didn't make them clump together in the slightest! I found that using this with another mascara (one that's slightly more volumising) was the perfect combination for gorgeous lashes! 

*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post, featuring products that were sent to me


  1. That bronze powder is gorgeous!!!

    Sophia x

  2. That highlighter shade is stunning!! I seriously need to try that out. X


  3. The products sound stunning! I love the look of the highlighter, I'll have to look into the lighter shade though, but the quality of that one sounds amazing!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡