Things I Couldn't Live Without As A Third Year Student

So I wrote a post recently where I talked about all the little things I couldn't live without in general and it got me to thinking - there are a few things that I couldn't live without as a student, especially now that I'm in my last year of University and deadlines are getting a bit stressful, there are a few things that are helping me to get by this stressful time and I definitely couldn't live without them! I also really hope that my list might help some of you out there who are also students, maybe you can take some of the things from my list to help you get through University - we all know it can be tough, but trust me, you'll survive it and maybe these little things might be what helps you through.. they're definitely what's helping me with writing my dissertation right now! Also, if you need any extra tips when it comes to surviving university I have tonnes of posts on this subject so you should click here to read more posts! - I also have a whole post dedicated to my tips for third year student so if you're a third year student and you need a few survival tips you can click here for that, haha! So, if you're a student let me know in the comments the little things that you can't live without as a student - I would love to know! 

COFFEE // Coffee is always there for me in tough times, when I'm putting off writing an assignment or writing more of my dissertation I'll always make myself a quick coffee and it's normally exactly what I need to get me into that working mood - I always know that when I've got a coffee by my side I'm ready to work! Not to mention coffee is also a great pick me up both during and after a long night of essay writing and it's definitely what keeps me motivated to keep working! Oh also, if you're wondering I like my coffee with quite a bit of milk and always in a huge mug, in fact all of my mugs are huge, haha... because why have a small mug of coffee, right?! 

PAMPER ESSENTIALS // It's obviously super important to take breaks when you need them, especially when university stress get's too much, downtime is incredibly important for your mental health - so if you ever feel like you need a break it's so important to give yourself the time to recover and relax. Breaks are also a great motivator and I usually use them as a treat to myself after I've spent the day writing or doing work! My favourite way of treating myself is having a pamper session in my bath. Now, I know not all students are able to have a bath (...because of stupid student houses using every spare bit of space for bedrooms, ugh) but even just having a well deserved, long shower where I use all my favourite products and spend extra long washing my hair and moisturising to the extreme can be just what I need to relive my stress and also treat myself! 

TREATS & DISTRACTIONS // On the subject of treats, my other treats include a lot of Netflix and YouTube.. probably more than I'd like to admit, haha! I definitely reward myself with YouTube and my favourite Netflix shows (I'm actually watching Bates Motel at the moment) when I've spent a long day writing and this always keep me motivated to work. I also mention distractions here because there are definitely days where I just can't bring myself to work (and that's fine by the way, as long as you get it done in the end it's important to give yourself days off!) and that sometimes makes me feel a little bit guilty, as much as I tell myself that it's okay - so I like to use distractions like YouTube and my blog since it does help to relieve my stress, at least for a little while! 

MY DIARY & TO-DO LIST // My diary is basically my life right now, without it I wouldn't know what was up or down or what I'm supposed to be doing at any given time, haha! Every morning I look at my diary and my to-do list and figure out what I need to get done today, I try and set myself realistic goals every day that I can achieve in order to get my university work done in time for the deadlines. Having a to-do list allows me to give myself a reasonable amount to do in a day without stressing myself out with everything that needs to get done - without it I would be a big stressed out mess for sure! 

GOOGLE SCHOLAR! // So for anyone out there who doesn't know what Google scholar is, it's basically been my life saver throughout uni - so listen up... especially if you're a student! Google scholar is an amazing way of easily finding studies and academic papers on any subject, making it ten times easier to find references for my university assignments! You can also use it to reference these papers automatically for you (which is a life saver for me because I still find it super difficult to reference correctly)... although I do recommend double checking the reference it gives you since it's not always correct! Since I don't really go to the library and I prefer to work from home, I can't really use the library's resources but having Google scholar means I can find journals and studies on any paper I want - so it's literally saving my life writing this dissertation! 


  1. Love this! I'm actually in the library now giving myself a little break from all my coursework!! I'm trying to learn to like coffee this year - I've always been a tea girl!! Have you ever used any referencing software? I've been using and it saves soooo much time with essays!xxx]

    Lucy x |

  2. Have you ever used jstor, it's basically the same as google scholar, but only uses academic journals, it's really good for essay writing!

  3. Google Scholar is amazing. Have you downloaded EndNote yet? It is a right pain to set up but it saves your references for you which is amazing when it comes to essay writing. I totally agree with all of this list. It is important to treat yourself with some pampering (and chocolate).

    Tea in the Tub

  4. I love a good pamper and certainly couldn't live without it! Coffee is a must too! X


  5. Loved this! I'm always distracting myself with YouTube, but it's just too good to resist! I also can't live without Google Scholar, but Jstor is an absolute saviour for me too!

    Lauren |

  6. I didn't know a lot of these things, I am totally going to use that app!

  7. 100% yes to Google Scholar! And To Do lists. I don't know what Id do without my lists and diary.

  8. omg the coffee thing, yaaas gurl!!! I love coffeee so much!

  9. Your blog is gorgeous and contains so many interesting posts! I'd love to see more university posts, too. What are you studying? x