Things I've Been Loving Lately | #2 (feat. Mr Lee's Noodles)*

Guys, I'm back with more things I've been loving! Yes, this isn't another series I've forgotten about (which has happened more times than I'm willing to admit...) and I'm back with my second post on all the things I've been loving lately - which, if you haven't read the first post (you should by the way...) is my little way of doing a monthly favourites without the monthly thing... I rambled about it in the first post if you want to know more, haha! But yes, as you may have guessed from recent posts (like my clothing haul, my collective haul, and my birthday haul) I've been treating myself a lot recently... I call it retail therapy as an excuse to buy more.. and that means I've had a lot of new things to love lately, but I've kind of saved all of my favourite/the most interesting bits up until now so I could share them in this post instead. I've included all the links I could find by the way (because I'm a huge enabler and you need to buy everything I mention *evil laugh*) and without further ado, I hope you enjoy! Also as always, let me know in the comments if you like any of the bits I've mentioned! 

PRIMARK | BALLET STYLE SHOES // These shoes were kind of a compulsive buy on my part (which is basically what happens when I go shopping with 99% of the items I buy, haha!) but I'm very glad I did get these, and I mean they're Primark so I'm pretty sure they were around £10. (I can't remember exactly!) But yes, these shoes basically look exactly like ballet shoes, with cute straps any everything and they're baby pink and I seriously love them! I actually used to do ballet from the age of three up to when I was around sixteen years old, so these shoes are kind of bittersweet to me and they kind of make me sad that I don't do ballet anymore - I'm so sad I stopped doing it! I love the way these look with leggings though and honestly with an oversized jumper and a messy bun, I look like I'm about to go to ballet class.. so I can at least fool people into thinking I'm a ballerina, haha! Oh, also for anyone wondering, these do have proper soles on the bottom and they aren't as thin as actual ballet shoes - so perfectly fine to walk around in and they shouldn't get wrecked, haha! 

ED SHEERAN - ÷ // Yes, I ...along with the rest of the world... am completely obsessed with this album at the moment. I've pretty much been listening to it non stop and I was actually lucky enough to receive the album on vinyl the day it came out - thanks Ethan! So I've pretty much been listening to it on repeat since then. I've always loved Ed Sheeran, his music is just the perfect chill out lazy day soundtrack and it also works well as background noise for writing my dissertation apparently! My favourite songs on this album though are Perfect, Happier, New Man and Dive - which is completely my favourite by the way, I love it!  

BOOHOO | MERMAID CLUTCH (SILVER) // Okay, so if you read my recent clothing haul you'll know I mentioned that I'm going to a wedding next month and I'm most likely wearing a baby pink tulle skirt (I talk all about it in this post, you should read it!) with a white or black spaghetti strap top. (I still need ideas for tops by the way - let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations!) So to compliment my outfit I really wanted to find a cute silver clutch since I love the way silver and baby pink look together but I just wasn't finding anything amazing - until I found the mermaid clutch! Yes, you read that right, mermaid. clutch. This clutch is the most gorgeous bag I've ever seen and the picture doesn't even do it justice.. the way it reflects light is beautiful and all the colours that reflect off of it are amazing - I can't wait to rock this at the wedding! Also, it's actually pretty size-y and can definitely fit all necessary wedding/night out essentials!

YOUTUBE | ANNIKA VICTORIA // One thing I've been really obsessed with recently is thrifting videos on YouTube, I can't remember what sparked this but now I'm just crazy about watching charity shop/thrift hauls and watching vlogs of people wandering around charity shops... is that weird? haha! But through this love I actually discovered a new YouTube to watch and she is Annika Victoria! Basically, she is a pro sewer who is into DIY fashion and loves to upcycle thrifted clothing into some really amazing fashion items! I'm really not good at sewing or being creative in general and watching her has completely made me want to buy a sewing machine and start making cool things, haha! (Dream on...) But yes, if you're into fashion design, you're keen to learn how to sew, or you're just someone who's really bored and want to watch someone make something really gorgeous out of a piece of fabric I couldn't recommend her more - I especially love her Get Thready With Me series!

MR LEE'S NOODLES // Last on my list is Mr Lee's noodles and I'm so excited to share these with you as I have certainly been loving these recently! As a student I'm basically the number one fan of any healthy, quick, easy lunch (or dinners to be honest!) so I was super excited when Mr Lee's noodles contacted me to review several flavours from their range of instant cup noodles! I will be the first to admit I definitely enjoy noodles for lunch pretty often - they're so quick, so easy and there's no mess, basically perfect for anyone as lazy as me when it comes to lunch - but supermarket instant noodles are definitely not the healthiest and they tend to be full of salt and sugars so I was definitely excited to try these noodles as a healthier alternative! Mr Lee's noodles are low in salt, sugar, saturated fat and calories and yet they still taste so amazing because of the serious amount of time spent by Mr Lee himself to develop flavours - so they're basically the perfect guilt free snack, that still tastes indulgent and delicious at the same time! Mr Lee's noodles are just as quick and easy as supermarker noodles though - you literally just peel back the lid, pour in your boiling water to the fill line, stir and wait a few minutes, then enjoy! In fact, you can enjoy Mr Lee's noodles in six flavours (all of which I have tried, loved and approved, haha!) - Hong Kong Street Beef, Tai Chi Chicken, Dragon Fire Mushroom, Penang Chicken Curry Laksa, Shaolin Monk Vegetable and Warrior Fighting Shrimp. My favourite flavour by far was the Hong Kong Street Beef one but I loved the fact that they have spicer options available for anyone who loves a little bit of an extra kick! To get your hands on these six delicious flavours you can click here to be redirected to Mr Lee's shop and also go on over to their website in order to find out more! And, as always you can also show them some love by giving them a follow over on twitter!
*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post, featuring products that were sent to me


  1. I am loving the Ballerinas <3

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  3. I'm so obsessed with "÷" by Ed Sheeran too. I love every single song in this album! xx

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