Treating Myself! | Collective Haul (feat. Primark, Tiger and Urban Outfitters)

This post is kind of a part two of a huge haul, so if you want to have a read of part one click here - I basically talked all about the clothing I've bought recently and everything I'll be wearing this Spring! So yes, part two is basically everything else I've bought recently - mainly homely bits, because I can't pass up anything cute that I can put on my dining room shelves... Also, can we just talk about Primark's home ware range recently please! I literally love everything in that section at the moment, to be fair I've been pretty good at restraining myself, so not much of it will feature in this post - but if you haven't had a mooch at the home ware in Primark recently you need to! All of the bits in this haul came together to look pretty aesthetically pleasing if I'm honest, which I'm pretty impressed with - I guess I've just been a little bit obsessed with baby pink things recently... I'm not complaining! But yes, If you like anything from this haul let me know in the comments below and I hope you enjoy!

URBAN OUTFITTERS | HEART SHAPED MUG // Okay, so I've learned recently that I literally can't leave Urban Outfitters without buying at least one mug and I mean you can see why. I just honestly love every mug they ever bring out, they're always so adorable and fun and different - and most importantly, they're big enough for me to get a decent sized mug of coffee from them. (I refuse to drink from a small mug... sorry not sorry, haha!) This mug is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen I mean it's in the shape of a freaking heart and it's baby pink... it's also called 'coffee lover mug' so I mean I'm pretty sure Urban Outfitters made this mug specifically for me, haha! And yes, everyone who's seen it keeps saying to me 'I bet that's annoying to drink out of..' so yeah, I must admit, it's not the most practical mug ever, but you get used to it and I still love it so whatever! 

HMV | THE 1975 VIYNL  // If you've read my What I Got For My Birthday post then you'll know I was lucky enough to get a record play for my birthday - so as expensive as they are I've got my eye on a whole load of records to buy and this album from The 1975 (I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.) was in my top 5 (along with ALL the Taylor Swift albums, Adele, Fleetwood Mac.. the list goes on!) so when we popped into HMV it may have slipped into my basket and I might've bought it.. oops! Funny story actually, I went to go and see Muse a while back and The 1975 was the opening act! This was way before they were really big and I had no idea who they were.. but long story short, I really love this album and I want to see them again, haha! The Sound, Somebody Else, Love Me and Ugh are my favourite songs on this album by the way! 

PRIMARK | ROSE GOLD SUNGLASSES // My main mission on my recent shopping trips was to find a good pair of sunglasses. I managed to sit on mine last September and I haven't really needed any since, but we're actually beginning to see the sun again here in the UK so I was in desperate need of some new ones! I must admit when I started looking I was opting for more Sunglasses Hut or at least Topshop or  New Look glasses... but I realised you can't really go wrong with a £3 pair of Primark sunglasses and to be honest I'll probably break them within a week anyway, so it doesn't matter, haha! I do really love these though - they're rose gold and they have this really gorgeous frame that I think really suits my face. So yes, if you're in need of some new sunglasses I definitely recommend Primark, they have a huge range of frames all for around £1 - £3 each.. you can't go wrong with Primarni! 

PRIMARK | WHITE SOFT THROW // As I was saying Primark's home ware is amazing at the moment, but I managed to restrain myself and this throw was actually the only thing I bought in the end! (oh.. and I bath mat, but it's not that interesting - trust me!) I have to admit I actually ended up using this throw as a blanket instead because it's the softest thing I have ever felt - I absolutely love snuggling up under this in the evenings.. it's also a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be (I think it's for a single bed) so it wouldn't fit on our bed... oops! It does look good as a sofa throw though, so I use it for that when I'm not wrapped up in it! But yeah, if you haven't felt Primark's throws yet, you need to. They're all amazingly soft and heavenly! 

TIGER | GOLD BASKET // I must admit this is a bit of a weird purchase, but much like Urban Outfitters Tiger is a shop I can't leave empty handed... I tried my best to show this in the picture above by the way, but it wasn't showing up very well so I'll try and describe it to the best of my abilities, haha! It's basically quite a large gold metal basket - it kind of reminds me a of a fruit bowl and to be honest I might actually use it as a fruit bowl because at the moment it's just sat empty and sad on a dining room shelves! I actually mainly got this to fill up a bit of room on our dining shelves (which we have filled with gold and white things by the way) but I have no idea what to put in it... so if you have any recommendations please let me know - maybe I'll have a browse on Pinterest, I'm sure I'll find a good idea there! 


  1. You got some gorgeous bits! I love the sunglasses they look like they cost a lot more than £3, so you can't go wrong! The mug is extremely cute too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

  2. Love that mug! xx

  3. That mug! I need that in my life. And those sunglasses look way more expensive than £3, I love a bargain :D

    Sophia xx |

  4. Ive got to get my hands on that mug!

  5. You got some lovely bits and I especially like the heart shaped mug, it's so pretty! X


  6. The heart shaped mug is so cute, would love to add one to my home!

    Carolyn x
    Faithfully Carolyn

  7. Tiger is such a good shop, so many random bits and bobs but always have to get something! Also love that mug, so cute and at least it could be a good blog prop if it's not good to drink out of :)

    Tiffany x