Update #16 | A Short Break (+ happy birthday to me!)

It's my birthday!! (...well almost) I'm actually writing this well in advance since I'm expecting a bit of a hectic month.., woo. I'm actually writing this on the train on the way to my Mum's for a bit to celebrate my birthday (yes, that's how crazy busy I am.. feel sorry for me, haha!) It's not all bad though because I'm off to London this Saturday to go and see Wicked and I am super duper excited - we actually went to go and see Mamma Mia last year and I absolutely loved it, so I have really high hopes for Wicked! I am also IN LOVE with all of the songs so you can bet I'll be annoying everyone and singing along to Defying Gravity, haha! (UPDATE: I've seen it. It was AMAZING. I loved it! Want to see it again... haha!) But yes, also. As you can maybe tell from the title of this post I have a little teeny bit of bad news - basically, as you will know if you've read some of my posts recently I am a crazy busy bee at the moment with work and dissertation and travelling between home and family for my birthday so I don't really have a lot of time for my blog... to cut a long story short, I'm going to have to take a little break... just a teeny one, of maybe a week?! Just so that way I can catch up on blog posts and work and get my life back in check, haha! I'm sure you won't mind too much though because once I'm back I have tonnes of posts ready to write so be prepared for brand collaborations, spring baking a birthday haul, a lush haul, a collective haul... hauls, hauls and more hauls - I've been treating myself, haha! But really though, I hope you don't mind - I'll be back soon anyway, just need a few days to catch myself up, so yeah thank you for understanding and pop back soon or check my twitter for more posts! Speak to you all very soon! 

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  1. We all need to take breaks sometimes because you know how life gets. I wish you the happiest birthday! xx
    Marilyn | marilynnassar.wordpress.com