What I Got For My Birthday | 2017

Guys, I'm back! First of all, thanks for your continued support for my little break, it was so nice to just chill out with my family, get away from my laptop and work and uni and just celebrate my birthday! I got to see as much family as possible and enjoy not having to cook or clean- so that was lovely, thank you! But yes, I am back and of course, it's been my birthday. So here I am with a What I Got For Birthday haul! As I said last year it wouldn't be a birthday without one of these posts, so here we go! I absolutely love reading these because I'm super duper nosey and I love seeing what people have got, so if you're as nosey as me I'm sure you'll appreciate this one. I also obviously want to share a few of the bits I got with you guys because I love it all, I wish I could share everything, but this post would probably get a little bit too long, so I'm just sticking to a few of the bits I think you lot will be the most interested in! It feels so weird being back to blogging by the way, I've literally had a week off and I feel like I've been gone ages - I genuinely missed it! I'm glad to be back too and I've done a fair bit of shopping during my time off, so be prepared for a few more hauls coming your way... I've got loads scheduled, haha! Let me know in the comments if you like any of the bits I got for my birthday and I hope you guys enjoy!

RECORD PLAYER AND RECORDS // So the first presents that I got I actually opened over 2 weeks ago...oops! Basically, I had no idea what I wanted for my birthday and Ethan kept asking so I mentioned that I'd been eyeing up record players for a while now and so he actually got me one! It came in the post around 2 weeks before my birthday and we were both way too excited to wait (I think Ethan wanted me to open more than I did, haha!) so we caved and I opened it, and I've been hooked since... I absolutely love it! I got a really gorgeous cream and brown one and it looks so cute sat in our living room - it's this one for anyone interested! As you can tell, I was also lucky enough to get some records too, Ethan bought me Frank Sinatra, (which sounds amazing on vinyl by the way!) Panic At The Disco, (because I've been in love with that album since it was released!) Amy Winehouse, (because you can't not get Back To Black on vinyl..) and Ed Sheeran X and Divide (which are both amazing albums.. omg.) I've been listening to Divide non-stop and it sounds so amazing on vinyl! I've obviously also been eyeing up tones more records, so I'd love to know your recommendations if you have any!

CLUSE WATCH //  Something that I really wasn't expecting was a new watch! I actually don't really wear jewelry, mainly because I haven't ever really had a proper look for something that suits me, and I haven't really ever owned a nice watch! But my Dad got me a seriously gorgeous watch and I think I've been converted, haha! So the watch I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday is this seriously cute rose gold Cluse watch (this one if you're interested!). To be completely honest whenever I have a little browse for watches myself I always look for the ones with huge faces, so it's something that I probably wouldn't have picked out for myself - but when I put it on I actually really really love it! It's kind of a more subtle look than a huge watch so it goes with every outfit and I means I can literally just chuck it on every day and it'll go with everything, woo! 

SLATE TABLE SET // I kind of hinted to my Mum a while ago that I was looking for a slate table set because we were using some temporary wooden ones that I wasn't really fond of - and she actually went and bought them for me! As you may have read in a recent post, we bought gorgeous dining table from John Lewis and I absolutely love it, so I really wanted some cute table mats and coasters to complement the table and complete the sophisticated look! I was lucky enough to get 6 table mats, 6 coasters and a really cute rectangular shaped piece of slate which we discovered is perfectly sized for three tealights - if I ever do a little dinner party I will for sure be doing that. It actually seriously makes me want to throw a little dinner party actually, since me and Ethan obviously only use two of the table mats from the set - I want to set the whole table up and make it look really nice.. you're all invited, haha! But yes, this set is so lovely and I'm really pleased with it, my Mum did well! 

HOMELY BITS // Now that I've moved into a more spacious house (and have four mantle piece and many many shelves to fill) I always get super excited to receive homely ornaments and bits and bobs - I also am just super obsessed with everything homely and cute so its a big win for me, haha! My younger brother actually got me that really cute Yankee candle - I love Yankee candles and the tiny ones look amazing scattered around the house and all over the mantle pieces, so I was super happy to add this one to my collection! The scent is aloe water and it's such a fresh scent that makes my living room smell delicious, I also really love the colour of this one too, it compliments my mantle piece well! Also, just sitting next to that is this really adorable tea light holder that's in the shape of a house, I actually lit this one last night.. which is why there are remains of a tea light inside..oops! But I seriously love this little thing, it has windows on all the sides so when you light a candle inside the windows shine like the lights are on in the house and it just looks so adorable and snug, I love it! 

BEAUTY BITS // I was also lucky enough to receive some cute beauty bits! I actually asked my Mum nicely for some more Liz Earle cleanse and polish because mine was on it's way out.. in fact it ran out the day before my birthday so that was lucky! I genuinely could not imagine going back to using makeup wipes or even micellar water now that I've tried this stuff - even though it's super expensive it really does live up to the price and I seriously couldn't rave about it more! I've already raved about this a fair amount in one of my recent posts but basically my face always feels amazingly clean after I've used and I couldn't recommend it more, so get it, haha! I also got a really gorgeous body mist from Next, I actually picked this one out myself because we went shopping on my birthday (haul coming soon!) and my Mum has been using this scent recently and I seriously love it so when I spotted it in Next I knew I had to get it! I actually almost picked up the perfume but I've always loved using body mists more (especially the Holister ones when I was in my teens!) and I feel like the scent just lasts longer when you use body mists compared to perfumes.. for me anyway! But yes, this scent is gorgeous it's called Just Pink and I definitely recommend giving it a sniff next time you're in Next! 


  1. You got so many lovely gifts! That record player looks amazing, I've always wanted one of those. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. OMGG that record player is absolutely stunning! I'm in love with all the gifts you got. xx
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  3. You've got some lovely bits! I'm really tempted by a record player, I love how they look and love how they force you to listen to a whole album rather than just going through singles! Happy belated birthday :)

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