What I'll Be Wearing This Spring | Clothing Haul

Okay, so I've done a bit too much shopping recently... Not even joking though, I went shopping three days in a row around my birthday and I might have spent a little bit too much money... oops! It's totally justifiable though because I needed a bit of retail therapy anyway and it was a great distraction from my dissertation stresses - shopping always makes me happy, especially buying new clothes, I have no idea why! Also, I mean I need to have a huge wardrobe clean out at some point soon anyway so all my new bits will be replacing the old stuff... see I have a good excuse I promise, haha! I also have the excuse that I love doing clothing hauls for you lot, so there you go, haha! But yes, here are the few bits I'll be wearing this spring. I actually did one of these for Autumn last year where I shared the bits I wore in Autumn so it's interesting to see the change in colour from deep reds and oranges to purples and pinks- I've definitely gone down the pastel route because I'm loving that trend recently! You might also notice that I've bought loads of jumpers mainly due to the fact that I basically live in jumpers no matter what the weather but also I live in the UK and the weather here is so unpredictable, especially in spring, so I like to make sure I have a bit of a mixture when it comes to warmer and colder outfits! I hope you lot enjoy this haul anyways - I've bought loads so grab yourself a hot drink for this one... I actually have a kind of part two coming out on sunday featuring all the extra bits and bobs I've been buying recently, so if you want to see that keep updated on my twitter! Also, I'll try and include links to things if I can (some of the bits are from Primark so sadly there won't be any links for those!) so you can go and buy them yourself. And as always, be sure to let me know if you like any of the bits in the comments below!

TOPSHOP | JONI JEANS // I basically live in Topshop Joni jeans so I was very happy to receive these for my birthday! Considering I went six years of my life without wearing jeans I genuinely do wear these a lot, which says a fair bit about how comfortable these are - honestly if you've never tried Topshop Joni jeans, you need to. They're super duper stretchy and comfortable! But if you've ever owned Joni jeans (or Topshop jeans in general) you know they don't last too well so I was definitely in need of a fresh pair. I got the dark blue ones with rips, which are the same as my old ones, because I love the way these look with every outfit - especially in spring, I feel like you can't go wrong with a pair of Joni jeans and a flow-y top when it's a bit warmer!  

NEW LOOK | JENNA EMBROIDERED JEANS // Considering I pretty much live in jeans all year round and also because I'm loving the ripped and embroidered jeans trend at the moment I decided to pick up some of these Jenna jeans from New Look. I've actually never owned jeans from New Look and whilst they're definitely less comfortable and stretchy that Topshop jeans I don't hate them! The best thing about these jeans though is the gorgeous flower decal on the leg, I seriously love the look of these for spring and I can't wait to pair these with some equally gorgeous spring tops when it get's a little bit warmer out! 

NEW LOOK | BALLOON SLEEVE SWEATER // I actually haven't shopped in New Look for quite a long time (I used to be obsessed and I'd always go and spend my entire pay check in there when I was like 16, haha) but I need to go and look in there more often because they have some really gorgeous jumpers recently! This was one of the items that seriously reminded me how much I love pastel colours and since I typically have a black and grey wardrobe I'm definitely proud of myself for picking this up - this lilac colour does actually suit me pretty well though, if I do say so myself! But yes, I picked this gorgeous jumper up in a large size so it could basically be one of those jumpers that I just sling on over leggings and I actually haven't really taken this off since I bought it, haha! It's super comfortable though and it's kind of fleecy on the inside so nice and warm on colder spring days!  I also love pairing this with the Jenna jeans by the way. 

NEW LOOK | RIPPED JUMPER // Another really cute jumper I got from New Look was this one - again in lilac because I think I'm obsessed with this colour now! One trend I haven't actually been that fond of is the ripped top trend, I've honestly tried this with so many different tops and jumpers and I've just never really been able to pull it off. But this jumper has a pretty subtle ripped hem and as it turns out I actually suit it - so this is my way of rocking this trend! Again, I love the colour and it's so gorgeous for spring, but it also comes in a mustard yellow colour, which I would love to get for Autumn! I literally just chucked this on with a pair of jeans, lobbed my hair up in a bun and stuck on my glasses and I loved the look it gave me! 

CAMEO ROSE | WHITE FLORAL SHIRT // We all know I'm obsessed with shirts, so I couldn't not include one in this haul... honestly my trends and style changes constantly but one thing I always go back to is shirts! I especially love flow-y shirts like this one that you can just stick on with a pair of leggings and jeans! The main things I was drawn to with this shirt in particular was the gorgeous floral pattern and the colours, I love me a pop of red, haha! 

PRIMARK | OVERSIZED STRIPED TOP // This ones from Primark so doesn't have a link annoyingly, but you can kind of see it in the picture above. But yeah, I'm always look for oversized stripey things, I'm like a magpie when it comes to these things, so when I find both in one item I've basically already bought it in my mind, haha! I really love this little top though, it's super comfortable so I can literally chuck it on over jeans or leggings for a cute casual look or to be honest I've been wearing it to be because it's that comfortable. It's also v-necked so I've been loving wearing my cute sports bras underneath and having them poke out - it just makes for such an effortless spring look! 

PRIMARK | STRIPEY, CROPPED JUMPER // At the moment I'm really loving chucky on a jumper with some jeans and wearing my glasses (the ones I mentioned in this post) I love the look and it's seriously effortless - perfect for any lazy person like me! So I was definitely on the look out for some more jumpers, especially cropped ones since I don't own a lot of jumpers that are cropped - I was very excited to add this one to my little jumper collection since it's navy and I love everything navy, black or grey. But I also really loved the colours used for the stripes on this one (you can kind of see it in the picture above) and I can't wait to wear this on colder spring days! 

PRIMARK | TULLE SKIRT // Now, we have a wedding to go to next month and I was having a huge mere trying to come up with an outfit to wear - that's spring appropriate, respectable and formal enough for a wedding and also suits me, so I was getting a bit stuck for what to choose! I've kind of decided that I'm going for this baby pink midi tulle/chiffon skirt from Primark (which I don't have a link for - so you'll kind of have to use your imagination sorry, haha!) and at the moment I have either a black or white spaghetti strapped body suit to pair with it - but if you have any recommendations for something a little bit nicer or warmer please shoot them at me, I need ideas! The skirt is really gorgeous though and considering I never wear midi length skirts I love the way it looks, especially paired with some cute nude heels! I also have a really gorgeous clutch to go with it (I'm sharing that in an upcoming post so keep your eyes peeled..!) 

H&M | FLORAL TULLE SKIRT // I've spent far too long trying to find a link to this skirt on the website and I can't find it anywhere.. so you'll have to make so with my poor description, haha! But basically I was having a big tulle/chiffon skirt obsession when we went on this shopping trip, so I couldn't say no to this skirt! It's another midi skirt with a gorgeous floral pattern on it and the background colour is black. I can't wait to wear this gorgeous skirt paired with a black bodysuit when it warms up a bit - I can just imagine it now with a super cute floppy hat and sunglasses, oh yes! 


  1. Love love love that embroidered skinny jeans! Such a lovely post.

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  2. I've been looking for an affordable pair of embroidered jeans! thank-you!!!! xxxxx

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  3. I really really want to try Joni jeans, but they're just out of my budget. I think they'll have to go on my birthday list too! I love posts like this

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