35 Simple Ways To Self Care

I'm a huge lover of self care and I genuinely think it should be an important part of everyone's life. I understand that sometimes we do forget how important it is to look after ourselves though and we all go through those times where we're too busy to properly give ourselves a well needed break! I've been a bit like this recently, with trying to finish my dissertation off my self care has been getting slightly lapse and I haven't been treating myself too kindly or giving myself time off for my sanity to rejuvenate! I definitely find though that when my self care gets a bit lapse my mental health tends to suffer too and I tend to get more anxious or have more bad mental health days - I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets like this, so I thought I would write a quick blog post with a list of my favourite ways to self care, all in one place to inspire you (and me!) to spend more time caring about number 1! Some of these are super simple too so you'll never be to busy spend a bit of time loving yourself - trust me, you'll thank me later!

1. Have a mini de-clutter of your room/your home 
2. Go technology free for one hour and enjoy the peace!
3. Be selfish and do something just because it makes you happy. 
4. Have a social media clear out of any negative people. 
5. Go for a run or a walk.
6. Eat a healthy breakfast. 
7. Go and sit outside somewhere quiet and just listen.
8. Dance around to old songs that you haven't listened to in years (I recommend Cheesy Hits on Spotify!)
9. Have a relaxing bath or a full on pamper evening. 
10. Spend a little longer pampering yourself in the shower.
11. Take an hour break and read a good book. 
12. Go and sit out in the sunshine! 
13. Take five minutes to get in tune with your emotions and really understand how you're feeling right now. 
14. Take a day to spend with a friend or family member and give them your full attention. 
15. Treat yourself, splurge a little and buy that thing you've been wanting! 
16. Plan a mini-break or a weekend getaway!
17. Bake something indulgent and be sure to lick the bowl! 
18. Write a gratitude list where you write down everything you're thankful for. 
19. Go on a bike ride. 
20. Drink a cup of coffee or tea and really enjoy it! 
21. Close your eyes and listen to your favourite relaxing song.
22. Take an hour out to procrastinate and don't feel guilty about it! 
23. Take an afternoon nap!
24. Journal or start a line a day diary - take a minute out a day to reflect on your day. 
25. Have a good sing a long (I recommend Disney songs, haha!) 
26. Catch up with an old friend. 
27. Print out some old photos and scrapbook them. 
28. Flip through an old photo album and reminisce! 
29. Photograph nature. 
30. Say no to that request and don't feel guilty about it, take the time instead to enjoy your own company.
31. Say yes every once in a while and do something new - get out of your comfort zone! 
32. Buy beautiful flowers. 
33. Sort through your emails and have a proper clear out!
34. Go on a leisurely drive. 
35. Simply take three deep breaths and relax for 5 minutes

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  1. I love doing quite a few of these, buying flowers for example. It always makes me feel better. I also can't wait for it to get a little warmer and the days just a bit longer so I can go jogging after work! And don't even get me started on my love for coffee, I can enjoy a cup of coffee so much!