7 Things I Would Save In A Fire

I love doing these little tag posts every now and again and I was feeling inspired by one of Gabby's recent videos where she shared some of the things she would save if there was ever a fire in her home! Luckily, I've never had to deal with a house fire in my life *touches wood* but it really got me thinking about some of the bits I would try my best to save if I got the chance to, because there's definitely a few bits that are super sentimental to me in this house! To be honest, I am pretty lucky though, since the majority of my sentimental bits and bobs are at my Mum's house... (including my box full of every sentimental thing I own!)... is that cheating!? Also, I know in reality you probably wouldn't have time to grab 10 things from your house (let's be honest) but you kind of have to use your imagination a bit... Although I won't be tagging anyone specifically I think it would be really great for some other bloggers to get involved in this tag too - so be sure to leave links to your own '10 Things I Would Save In A Fire' posts in the comments below! 

1. 18TH BIRTHDAY SCRAPBOOK // So the first thing that comes to mind without a doubt is the scrapbook my Mum put together for my 18th birthday! I remember when I opened this on my birthday I just burst into tears for some reason, haha! But it really is quite sentimental to me, it basically is a little scrapbook of my life from when I was born right up to when I was 17-18 years old - it has so many pictures and memories that I had completely forgotten about, so I'm glad I have this to remind me... especially the reminders of all the words I used to say wrong as a child... thanks Mum! But yes, I think this would be absolutely at the top of my list when it comes to what I would save! 

2. BOX OF PHOTOS // Pretty similarly to the scrapbook I also have a box of printed out photos that I would to try and keep! Basically in my first year of university, in an effort to make my room look semi-decent I COVERED my walls in photos! I used to send around 30 photos off to get printed every few months and then I would stick them up on my wall.. it was crazy! I actually wish I had taken a photo of my wall before I had to take it all down because there wasn't much wall left to be honest, haha! But yes, when I took them all down they went into this box and now I basically have a box full of photos from my first year of university (and also a few from just before uni, which I had printed before I moved in to help my uni room look more homely!) Although my first year of uni wasn't one of the best years I've ever had, I'm really glad I have these pictures to look back on - even if the majority of them are selfies of me and Zoe, haha! 

3. NECKLACE AND BRACELET // The next things I would save kind of come as a pair (I know I'm cheating!) so I'm counting them as one item! I really can't remember how old I was when I received both of these but I was around 16 I think... basically, My Dad bought me a Tiffany necklace and in the same year Ethan bought me a Tiffany bracelet. Although I don't really wear them anymore and I'm 90% sure the bracelet won't fit anymore (it was tiny when I was 16, so there's no chance!) I am definitely keeping them around since they're so sentimental to me! 

4. ONE LINE A DAY BOOK // I guess this one would make more sense if I'd had the one line a day book for 3 years or something.. but I haven't actually had it that long! By not that long I mean around 3 months but I do still think it would be a shame to part with it since it's something I would love to keep for the full 5 years! I already love going back and reading all the things I've been up to over the last few months (even though 99% of it has been 'today I worked on my dissertation again...' haha!) 

5. CAMERA // As I've mentioned in previous posts I've actually had my camera for around 6 years now (I'm well due an upgrade.. I know!) and it's really done me well for all those years, so I guess now it does have some sort of sentimental value! I like to think that even when I do eventually treat myself to an upgrade and get a new camera I'll keep this one, mainly because it was my first 'proper' camera and I've literally had it forever and taken thousands of photos on it! 

6.  LAPTOP // Although I didn't want to admit that my laptop is on this list, I feel like I can because I've already saved everything sentimental in my house... (I hope I'm not forgetting anything!) My laptop is actually quite important to me, it holds a fair amount of my blog photos (don't worry, all my sentimental photos are stored on Google drive!) and sometimes I really do like going back and having a mooch through those. As sad as it sounds my laptop is kind of my life too... it's where I do my favourite hobby and the place I go to when I'm bored so I definitely don't think I could part with it! 

7. PHONE // My phone is another one I don't really want to admit but I feel like we all feel the same way about our phone.. and let's be honest 99% of the time it's either in my hand or right next to me so I could grab it right away! I actually realised how much my phone meant to me the other day when I dropped it in the bath... silly me... luckily I managed to fix it (thanks to rice and my hairdryer!) but I definitely realised how lost I would be without it and I also had that moment of 'omg all my pictures are lost!' and 'omg how will I know what to do without my 'to-do' list!' (the second it turned back on I backed everything up, haha!) But yeah, my phone would definitely be saved! 

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