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Guys! I'm finally back, sorry for my little break - but if you've been reading some of my recent posts you'll know I've been a bit busy when it comes to uni work, good news though, I've pretty much finished my dissertation now so hopefully I'll have way more time for blogging now! I'm back with an exciting post too, as I've had to pleasure to work with skinChemists for a second time and I have another amazing product from them to show you (and an absolutely amazing offer code, no less!). If you haven't read my previous post where I talked about my experience with one of skinChemists star products from their rose quartz range  (which has definitely become one of my favourite products in my skin care routine by the way!) you should definitely go and give that one a read - especially if you want a bit of a run-down of who skinChemists are. why they're so good and why you should make the most of this offer code! But yes, I am super excited to share this gorgeous night cream with you, I've been using it for around a week now and I have to say, I'm really impressed by the results! 

During April skinChemists are have a collagen themed month and if you haven't already had a mooch at their Pro-5 collagen range you definitely should, they have some seriously amazing products in that collection (and there's some amazing sales on right now!) and I've also read some lovely reviews who are equally as impressed as me! I've been lucky enough to receive the Advanced Pro-5 Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream and as I said, I've been using it for around a week now and added it to my existing night time skin care routine - I have to say I am blown away by the results already and honestly, since the first use I did notice a difference in my skin - I just can't wait to see the long term effects after using this for a longer period of time! So if you're looking for brighter, healthier and more radiant skin look no further! 

So, getting down to the science-y bit the Oxygenating Night Cream is basically made to be the perfect formula in order to make you skin look more youthful and revived, it aims to boost the skins elasticity and also even the skin tone which overall, helps you to look healthier and more awake - and it does all this whilst your sleeping which is basically when you're skin is in it's most restorative state! The formula has three main active ingredients; marine collagen, gatuline bio and matrixyl 3000 which are all very big words, but they basically all work together to give you an amazing formula illuminates, revives and hydrates your skin! Marine collagen helps to leave the skin smooth and supple and gives you a gorgeous glow. Gatuline bio works to promote your skin's overall health, it provides hydration and helps to reduces the visibility of the effects of ageing, dull skin and wrinkles - basically what we all strive for! Matrixyl 3000 also works wonders for your skin, this is the ingredient that basically helps to keep the skin look mattified, it smooths away blemishes and visible wrinkles for an even complexion! The best thing about this cream is that it's basically perfect for anyone; you can use it if you have any skin type and I've found as someone with sensitive skin that this cream is definitely very light and kind to the skin! Also, don't think that you need to have wrinkles to be using this product, skinChemists recommends this night cream and all collagen-rich products should be used from the age of 20 as this is when collagen production starts to decrease and when your skin might need a little helping hand - this is where collagen-rich products such as the oxygenating night cream are perfect as they help to boost and support collagen production! 

Now, down to my own opinion on the product itself! First of all, can we just talk about the gorgeous packaging - I said this in my previous post about the really adorable Rose Quartz facial oil but skinChemists packaging is always so gorgeous! The cute yellow bottle is so unique and the silver detailing really reflects the quality of the product itself, the pump also carefully dispenses the perfect amount of product onto your fingertips - a little goes a long way with this product too and I've found that one small pump is plenty, so the 50ml will go a long way! The night cream is also freshly scented with a very light scent, it reminds me of citrus in a very subtle way and I have to say, it's gorgeous and so refreshing! I found the formula itself to be super refreshing; it blends so gently onto the face and instantly made my skin feel hydrated (something my skin was desperate of as I've been neglecting it a bit recently - thanks to my dissertation!) and after a week of using it daily, I have to say I definitely see a difference in the brightness of my skin, I feel like my face looks more radiant and alive - I can't wait to see long term results! To be completely honest, I found only one downside of this product overall and that's the fact that there is a very slight shimmer in the formula and my face did have a thin layer of shimmer on it after I applied it - obviously this formula is designed to be a night cream, so shimmer isn't a problem since it will have worn of by morning. But that's just something to be aware of, if you're not into shimmer! 

So now that you know how amazing this product is you can get your hands on your very own Advanced Pro-5 Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream by clicking here! Remember the month of April is collagen month, so you can get this star product for a reduced price with my unique discount code - meaning you can get this product for £19.99 (down from £109, what a bargain!!) - my code is SIMPLEBLOG and can be used at checkout until the end of April! 
*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post, featuring products that were sent to me

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