Time To Relax & Unwind | My Pamper Routine

I've done a few of these evening pamper routines in the past, so I guess this is sort of an updated version - but if you want to go back and have a read of my past ones to see how I used to relax and unwind you can click here and here! I've definitely been sure to pamper myself recently, I've had so much going on in the past month I honestly think pamper routines are what keep me sane, haha! Honestly though, 'me time' is so bloody important and I couldn't recommend even just giving yourself an evening to rejuvenate and shake off all the stresses of daily life... even just for half an hour - we all need a break every now and again! We all know I'm a bit of a bubble bath addict so I do end up having a fair few baths in my time, but when I need a full-on pamper I take time to treat myself and use all my favourite products to leave me feeling relaxed and smelling fabulous! So I hope you enjoy this little post and agree with my pamper routine essential recommendations - let me know in the comments some of your favourite pamper products, I need new recommendations too! 

So to start off my pamper routine, I usually light some candles and get the bathroom into full-on relaxation mode, I have loads of tiny tea lights that I like to set up all over the bathroom (carefully!) to give it that gorgeous mood lighting (if you can't go to the spa, bring the spa to you, right?!) and some of my favourite candles to light are Fluffy Towels or Clean Cotton by Yankee Candle - basically I love anything fresh and soft! Annoyingly, I've burnt down my larger candles so recently I've been using my smaller Aloe Water scented one which I've found is such a gorgeous fresh scent to relax to and makes my bathroom smell very spa like - the perfect start to any pamper evening! I then set up my laptop close to the bath and either stick on some Netflix (at the moment I am obviously loving 13 Reasons Why and I only have a few episodes left so this has been my go-to Netflix series to watch in the bath recently!) some YouTube or I sometimes just stick on a playlist, I actually have a playlist filled with some of my favourite slower songs that I've found is the perfect background noise for any bath (I might do a post sharing these songs in the future, but my favourite song in this playlist are 'Don't Know Why' by Norah Jones and 'Sick Of Losing Soulmates' by dodie) 

Once the bathroom is set up for relaxation, I grab my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and take of my makeup from the day, I have to say this is probably one of my favourite parts of the whole routine... I mean, who doesn't love taking off their makeup after a long day! This Liz Earle cleanser is seriously amazing too, my skin has never felt so soft since using it and it really does take off any trace of makeup without being too harsh on the skin - it's also perfect for any lazy person just like me because you literally just cover your face in a thin layer of the cleanser then after rinsing out your muslin cloth under warm water you just run all the cleanser off your face and off comes your makeup - it's super easy and a great treat for your skin! After wiping off my makeup I usually pop on a face mask as you may know from reading my old pamper routines I absolutely love origins face masks, in fact I'm actually still obsessed with their Active Charcoal mask which I'm sure featured in both of the past pamper routine posts, haha! This face mask really is amazing though, it's designed to clear pores and always leaves my skin feeling super soft and fresh. 

During this face cleansing process I usually like to start running my bath, as we all know I am obsessed with Lush so it's not a surprise than on a pamper evening I of course like to fill my bath with Lush goodies! You can actually tell that I've been having a fair few pamper evenings recently because my Lush stockpile is sadly empty which never happens - I need to go and stock up VERY soon! Some of my essential Lush bath products however are; intergalacticthe experimenter and of course brightside which is always my definite favourite! I also definitely tend to opt for bubble bars when I'm having a pamper evening, since I find bubbles so much more relaxing and spa-like! Once my bath is fully run I obviously get myself comfortable and spend as long as possible watching YouTube, Netflix or listening to music and trying to avoid having to shave my legs... because who likes doing that, not me! I do however, love using some of my favourite shower creams, particularly the coconut shower cream from The Body Shop (which I always have stocked up!) and also, Baylis and Harding's pink prosecco and cassis Luxury Shower Creme (which smells absolutely delicious!) 

Then when I eventually have to get out of the bath out of fear of turning in to an actual prune, I normally hop straight into some comfortable PJ's and I have to admit I don't always mosturise.. oops! But when my skin does need a little pick-me-up I do either opt for The Body Shop's coconut scented body butter which has always been an essential product for me, I just find it does it's job really well and leaves my legs and arms feeling super nourished and smelling fresh! Or sometimes I go for  Niveas Q10 firming body lotion which is perfect for anyone looking to improve their skins firmness and also give it a nourish while you're at it! 

Once I'm comfy and feeling nourished, I usually bring my laptop upstairs to my bedroom and finish off my routine by giving my nails a little TLC! I don't actually do this very often, in fact I hardly ever paint them nowadays, but I try and include this in my little routine just to keep my nails looking half decent, at least! During this time I usually give my nails a little shape with my nail file, my job tends to mess my nails up quite badly so I try and do this as often as possible. I then usually grab my favourite nude or natural nail polish as I'm a huge fan of nude nails all year round! My favoruite polish at the moment is Essie's Lady Like which is a gorgeous natural mauve colour, I usually opt for one of my Essie shades nowadays because I've found their super long lasting for me and don't chip as easily as some of my other polishes! I finish off with my favourite cuticle life saver Lemony Flutter from Lush - this stuff has honestly saved my nails and makes them feel super duper soft! 


  1. I love a good pamper and like to read other people's routines! That nail polish shade is gorgeous. X
    Kate// itskaterose.com

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