Part 1 | Reflecting On My University Experience

So, as you may or may not know - I've just finished University completely! I finally handed in that last assignment and I'm in that weird place in between handing in that last piece of work and graduation.. where you're just like 'now what' haha! So I thought I would write a bit about my three year experience with uni - maybe to help out anyone who's currently at uni or someone who's thinking about going to uni but also to mark then end of the three years, so I can come back to these posts when I'm old and grey and remember my experience! It's also just nice for me to reflect on my experience since the whole three years has gone past in a complete blur and it only feels like yesterday that I received my acceptance email! In order to save your boredom and my sanity I've decided to split the post into a few parts, so today I'll be sharing a bit about my experiences before uni (if I can remember that far back, haha!) I'll be sharing everything I can from how I managed assignment stress and anxiety, to my bad relationship with my first ever housemates, to how it felt moving out of my family home, to what the night life was like, so if you want to know more about all that be sure to pop back for the whole series! For those of you wondering, I studied (feels weird not saying 'I'm studying' haha!) Early childhood studies - I'm not going to share the name of my uni for reasons, but you can probably find out (I've mentioned it before) if you're interested in that. But yeah, let me know in the comments if you're currently at University or if you're thinking about going to uni - I'd love to know! Also, if there's anything you want me to talk about in Part 2/if you have any questions you need answering please feel free to ask away in the comments, I'd be happy to help! 

Romwe Haul & Review

As I said in one of my recent posts, I've been allowing myself a little bit of retail therapy lately.. I'm still using the excuse that I've just finished my dissertation and that was over a month ago.. but still, haha! So I decided to hop on over to Romwe and order myself a few tops, since my wardrobe is mainly jumpers and I need summer clothes now that the weather is actually decent here in the UK! Now, if you've never heard of Romwe before it's basically an online clothes shop based in China and everything is seriously dirt cheap... And if you have heard of Romwe before you probably know that  these dirt cheap prices mean that it's VERY hit or miss. I have to say, I've ordered from Romwe in the past before, around 2 years ago and although it was a big order I only ended up liking 2 or 3 items from the lot (these 2-3 items I still love and wear regularly today by the way!) a lot of the clothes that came were pretty bad quality and some didn't even look similar to the clothes I ordered online... not good! But I decided to give them a second chance and I am pleasantly surprised, although the package did take a little while to get here from China (that's to be expected) I actually ended up liking and loving many of the clothes I received and I can see myself wearing everything to death this summer! I was also really happy with the quality of everything I feel like they've really grown as a company over the past 2 years, but the prices have stayed the same - which is always a bonus! As you know, I really struggle to get good pictures of all the clothes for my clothing hauls, so I didn't even bother with that, haha! Instead I've left a link for everything I mention so if you like the sound of anything you can just click straight over to Romwe and see a clear picture of what everything looks like! I've also ordered loads of bits.. so I'll try and keep this short and snappy! But yeah, let me know in the comments if you've ever ordered from Romwe before and what your experience was like, also let me know if you like any of the bits I've picked out! 

Things I've Been Loving Lately | #3

Having neglected my blog for a little while I've actually really missed doing these posts because I do really love sharing and recommending all the little bits I've been obsessed with for the past few months... I've actually collected quite a stock of bits to share (I've had to narrow it down to the best bits so this post isn't boring-ly long...) so grab some snacks and get ready for a long(ish) read, haha! But yeah, I feel like I've forgotten how to ramble for my post intro's since I've been gone... so, how is everyone? Are you enjoying the lovely weather? I definitely am - we actually finally got around to weeding the garden yesterday (it was a literal jungle out there..) and now I can't wait to get out there and get the barbecue going! I also took the new sunny season as a chance to change my coffee table around since I was getting pretty bored of the old set-up and I have to say I'm really loving it now.. which is why it made a little appearance as the photo for this post, haha! As much as I don't want to wish Summer away I have to admit I always look forward to Autumn though, mainly because I have so many cute ornaments and coffee table decor to put up everywhere.. exciting!  Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the post, and as always be sure to let me know what you've been loving lately or if you like any of the bits I've shared in the comments below!

Beauty On A Budget | Dupe Ebay Brushes Review

I've been really enjoying watching those 'trying on £5 dresses I bough from Ebay' videos that have popped up all over YouTube recently, honestly I don't know why I find them so entertaining but I guess I just love the mystery of finding out whether or not the thing that actually gets delivered will look like the picture on the Ebay listing! I guess I also love the fact that even if it is a huge fail you haven't really lost out on any money.. So I was inspired (mainly by my huge need for new eye makeup brushes... I have literally used the same two brushes for a year now and it's a daily struggle, haha!) to order a few different sets of brushes from Ebay for really really cheap to see if they're actually any good or not - I know we all love a good bargain, especially when it comes to makeup and although I have to say I'm a huge lover of my Real Techniques brushes I'm always drawn back to the cheap Ebay ones and I've always found them to be good enough quality for the price I paid! I actually ordered a dupe Nars ita brush from Ebay a few years ago and I still use it pretty much daily for my contour! But yes, I ordered a few different types/sets of brushes and I have to say I'm pretty impressed by all of them (spoilers!) especially for their prices since they're all under £3 - in fact the whole lot cost me £7.20 all together as most of them had free postage and packaging, not bad for a whole new set of makeup brushes! Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried make up brushes from Ebay and whether or not you liked them or not and I hope you enjoy my little review! 

Update #18 | Guess Who's Back (...back again)

Ooh yes, I am back! In case you didn't notice, I took a bit of an impromptu break from blogging (a break that ended up being way longer than I realised... how is it already nearly June?!) but yes.. I'm back, hopefully for good this time! It's funny because I always thought that once my dissertation was in full swing I wouldn't really have time for blogging, but I actually managed to stay up to date with blog posts the entire time I was writing my dissertation (somehow!) It was actually the two essays after my dissertation deadline that killed me (I had that moment where I looked at the question and just didn't understand it at all.. it was hell, haha!) so that's why I kind of had to put blogging aside... annoyingly! But I'm actually finished with University completely done! MY SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN- WOO! I have no idea how to feel because it's really scary and exciting all at the same time, but at the moment I'm enjoying the extra free time and my non-existent to-do list - I can't even describe how relived I was to hand in that last piece of work! I'm actually hoping to write a post where I talk about my experience with University soon, so if you're into that definitely pop back soon (or follow my twitter to stay updated.. I'm super excited to get back into blogging though and I have some exciting posts planned... plenty of hauls, plenty of Lush reviews and makeup first impressions - I've needed some intense retail therapy, haha! But yeah, this was just my quick re-introduction just to let you all know that I haven't completely abandoned my blog and I will be back with posts every other day from now on! As always, thanks so much for all your continued support by the way, you're all the best!