Beauty On A Budget | Dupe Ebay Brushes Review

I've been really enjoying watching those 'trying on £5 dresses I bough from Ebay' videos that have popped up all over YouTube recently, honestly I don't know why I find them so entertaining but I guess I just love the mystery of finding out whether or not the thing that actually gets delivered will look like the picture on the Ebay listing! I guess I also love the fact that even if it is a huge fail you haven't really lost out on any money.. So I was inspired (mainly by my huge need for new eye makeup brushes... I have literally used the same two brushes for a year now and it's a daily struggle, haha!) to order a few different sets of brushes from Ebay for really really cheap to see if they're actually any good or not - I know we all love a good bargain, especially when it comes to makeup and although I have to say I'm a huge lover of my Real Techniques brushes I'm always drawn back to the cheap Ebay ones and I've always found them to be good enough quality for the price I paid! I actually ordered a dupe Nars ita brush from Ebay a few years ago and I still use it pretty much daily for my contour! But yes, I ordered a few different types/sets of brushes and I have to say I'm pretty impressed by all of them (spoilers!) especially for their prices since they're all under £3 - in fact the whole lot cost me £7.20 all together as most of them had free postage and packaging, not bad for a whole new set of makeup brushes! Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried make up brushes from Ebay and whether or not you liked them or not and I hope you enjoy my little review! 

JESSUP PRO EYE SHADOW BRUSHES (£2.83) // The first little set I got was the Jessup Pro eyeshadow brush set, you get five brushes in this set; two angled fluff brushes, one round crease brush, one flat brush and one round brush - so basically the perfect little set for beginners really, since you can pretty much have all the tools here to do any eye makeup look easily. So onto the quality of the brushes, these were surprisingly very very soft and the bristles seem to be pretty high quality for the price -  definitely looks like something you would pick up for slightly more money at a Superdrug! The only thing I noticed right off the bat (to be honest the first thing I noticed about all of the brushes) was the fact that they had the slightest smell of chemicals when you take them out of the packaging which isn't always pleasant, haha! But I made sure to give them all a good wash before use (which I definitely recommend!) - this also meant that I was able to test out the longevity of the brushes and see whether or not the bristles would fall out when washed and this Jessup set definitely survived the wash with no bristles falling out at all! When applying my makeup with this set I found that although the brushes didn't pick up a lot of product and the pigment wasn't anything special the brushes were definitely very soft on the eye and they were very easy to blend with - so definitely a win when you look at the price! 

OVAL BRUSH (£1.43) // I have to admit I was kind of deceived with this one, which is something you definitely have to be careful of when purchasing anything from Ebay! Basically the fact that the word 'foundation' was in the title of this Ebay listing led me to believe that this would be a full sized oval.. but in actuality it's more of an oval brush the perfect size for concealer! It's completely my fault though, because there wasn't really any indication of size in the Ebay listing - oops! I decided to include it in this post anyway though because it really is a good brush, I've used it for concealer a few times now and although it can be a bit of a struggle to use the first couple of times (mainly just because I'm so used to my beauty blender) once you get the hang of it it's so good! I have to admit I've never tried an oval brush before so I can't really compare this cheap one to a more expensive one, but I have to say I'm very impressed - the bristles are extremely soft and dense and it doesn't streak or smudge my concealer at all. In my opinion it's the perfect go to brush for anyone who's not sure whether they're going to get on with an oval brush because you can test it out and if you don't end up liking it you've only lost £1.50!

12 PACK EYE SHADOW SET IN PINK (£1.95) // Yes, you read that correctly... a set of 12 brushes for £1.95... and they're all pink, I know! (It also comes in black.. but why would you?! haha!) This set is just gorgeous and I genuinely couldn't believe my eyes for the price - in this set you get basically one of everything you will ever need for your eye makeup; a few flat brushes in different shapes and sizes for applying, a few rounded brushes in different shapes and sizes for blending, a tiny pencil brush for precision (perfect for adding colour to the inner corner!) a tiny angled brush (perfect for eyeliner or applying eyeshadow along the lower lash line) and an fine tipped eyeliner brush! So yeah, you're pretty much covered with this entire set and it's pink - so what more could you want?! In all honesty, I have to say I'm so impressed with this set for the price I was basically expecting these brushes to be falling apart but even after a wash they're all in tact and looking gorgeous! When it comes to application, again even though the pigmentation you get with these isn't too amazing, they blend well and the fact that you get so many different brushes in different sizes means you can choose the perfect brush for exactly what you need - I especially love the tiny angled brush for precision!


  1. The pink eyeshadow brush set looks so pretty! x

    Jordan Alice

  2. I love the pink ones!! x

  3. Thank you for sharing! The pink eyeshadow brush set looks gorgeous! x