Romwe Haul & Review

As I said in one of my recent posts, I've been allowing myself a little bit of retail therapy lately.. I'm still using the excuse that I've just finished my dissertation and that was over a month ago.. but still, haha! So I decided to hop on over to Romwe and order myself a few tops, since my wardrobe is mainly jumpers and I need summer clothes now that the weather is actually decent here in the UK! Now, if you've never heard of Romwe before it's basically an online clothes shop based in China and everything is seriously dirt cheap... And if you have heard of Romwe before you probably know that  these dirt cheap prices mean that it's VERY hit or miss. I have to say, I've ordered from Romwe in the past before, around 2 years ago and although it was a big order I only ended up liking 2 or 3 items from the lot (these 2-3 items I still love and wear regularly today by the way!) a lot of the clothes that came were pretty bad quality and some didn't even look similar to the clothes I ordered online... not good! But I decided to give them a second chance and I am pleasantly surprised, although the package did take a little while to get here from China (that's to be expected) I actually ended up liking and loving many of the clothes I received and I can see myself wearing everything to death this summer! I was also really happy with the quality of everything I feel like they've really grown as a company over the past 2 years, but the prices have stayed the same - which is always a bonus! As you know, I really struggle to get good pictures of all the clothes for my clothing hauls, so I didn't even bother with that, haha! Instead I've left a link for everything I mention so if you like the sound of anything you can just click straight over to Romwe and see a clear picture of what everything looks like! I've also ordered loads of bits.. so I'll try and keep this short and snappy! But yeah, let me know in the comments if you've ever ordered from Romwe before and what your experience was like, also let me know if you like any of the bits I've picked out! 

GREEN V-NECK SWEATER (£9.85) | link // So, this one's obviously not too summer appropriate, but I ordered it for the colder evenings just to basically stick on with a pair of jeans. I have to say I was expecting it to be a lot more over sized than how it actually came (the length comes to just below my belly button.. but it's perfect for tucking into high waisted jeans) - but that's definitely a downside of the 'one size' items especially when it comes to Chinese companies, since everything tends to be slightly smaller than over here in the UK!  I also didn't realise that the pocket kind of hangs off on one corner (I thought that the stitching had come away) but now that I'm looking at the photo on the website it's apparently designed like that - so that's something to look out for, haha! I still really like this top though, the green colour is gorgeous and tucked into some jeans I've found this to make a really cute outfit, which is great because I apparently ordered 2 by accident.. oops! Oh, it also comes in a really cute burnt red colour which I really love too - definitely perfect for autumn. 

GREY UNICORN TOP (£6.25) | link // I have to say I'm really in love with this top, I kind of bought it with lounging around the house in mind since I love sticking on a big top and shorts when I'm in the house, especially this time of year! If you're the same you you should definitely pop over to Romwe because they have tonnes of tops with cute slogans and prints on them - it's heaven for me, haha! The quality of this top really surprised me actually and it definitely has the feel of a high quality top you would spend a lot more money on! The print is also really cute with an adorable little unicorn on the front which I am seriously in love with! I have to say, the fit is also a lot better on this top than the sweater, I actually ordered it in an XXXL (lol) because I wanted it to be super over sized and it's definitely the perfect fit for a slouchy top just to chuck on - I love it! 

WHITE 'BARRY'S ORANGE' TOP (£8.60) | link // This top is definitely a very summer-y top to me, as you'll be able to tell I wanted some simple tops I can just chuck on with shorts or a skirt on a hot day and I was really happy with the colours of this top - I especially love that gorgeous orange colour! The only couple of things I was a little disappointed about was the fact that it came a lot smaller than I was expecting (again, because of the one size) so it's slightly too small for me and doesn't look too flattering! Also the material wasn't as good on this top, its slightly see-through so you'd probably have to wear a white cami underneath. But yeah, overall not my favourite top - but I still really love the graphic on the front! 

WHITE 'GRL PWR' TOP (£6.25) | link // This top is definitely my favourite out of the whole bunch - I am seriously in love with the simple design, the quality of the actual top is amazing and the fit is also really great for me (I got an XL) it's a little slouchy and over sized which we all know I love! But yeah, I've really loved pairing this with jeans recently but I've also found that it looks really cute tucked into a black maxi skirt with a floppy hat on hotter days - I can't wait till the weather picks up properly here in the UK so I can wear this every day, haha! 

WHITE 90'S TOP (£4.69) | link // Again, this is another one of my top favourites - similarly to the last one, the quality, fit and simple design are all amazing and I love it all! I've actually really enjoyed pairing this one with jeans, a messy bun and my Firmoo glasses for a really cute, but simple nerdy look! I also bought this one in XL for anyone who's interested, it also comes in black with white numbers if that's more your style! 

WHITE PEACH LONG-SLEEVE TOP (£7.03) | link // This one is also super cute, I'm really loving the adorable little drawing of the peach carton on this and I think the colours are really cute! I have to say though, I was kind of expecting this one top be a bulkier kind of jumper material but it's more of a t-shirt material and it's partially see-through so that's definitely something to note for this one! I still do really love it though and I can definitely see me throwing this on with some jeans! (Apparently that's all I ever seem to do... lol) 

BLUE AND WHITE COLOUR BLOCK TOP (£6.25) | link // I wanted to include a more cropped top into the mix because you need a few of those in the hotter months! I decided to go for this colour block top in navy blue and white and I really love this, I think it's really cute (again, with a pair of jeans... I love this as a simple outfit!) the top is slightly shorter than I was expecting (as someone who can't  really pull of crop tops) but you if you're into crop tops you'll love it... as long as you can look past the wonky pocket.. what is that about, haha! But yeah, this one comes in loads of different colours too if you want something a little brighter! 

PINK PEACH TOP (£4.68) | link // I loved that cute peach carton drawing so much that I decided to get it on a top too, the only thing is I wish that it came on a white or grey top instead because I've realised that this pink colour doesn't really suit me that well.. I'll probably end up trying it on again once I'm a little more tanned (I'm super pale..) but for now, I'm really not a fan of this colour on me! The top itself is great though, the quality is decent and the fit is really nice too! 

BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED TOP (£8.63) | link // And last but not least, I had to go for a black and white striped top because I basically live in black and white stripes. I really love this top, I love the high-low style and the quality of this was definitely surprising to me! The only thing is I wish that it came in a slightly larger size, the largest it went up to was L and it's slightly shorter than I would've liked - I can definitely see myself tucking this into skirts or shorts in the summer though! 


  1. I love your blog! I'm not sure how I haven't come across it before haha. Fantastic post x

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