Current Lush Collection #2

Guys! I'm back doing my favourite type of post.. I am of course talking about a cheeky lush haul! I have to admit though, instead of this being a first impressions type Lush haul where I haven't had a chance to try anything out yet, I have literally had these products for over a month now and I couldn't resist the urge to have a fair few baths.. so I'll be doing more of a review of all the products I suppose, haha! I've really been into Lush again recently - I feel like I place orders so so often nowadays, especially since I've gotten more into bath bombs as they only last one bath, compared to bubble bars that I can usually stretch out to 2-3 baths.. I'm just really loving all their bath bombs recently! This collection also features quite a few exclusives and also a cheeky lush kitchen product so I'm not 100% sure if those are going to be available anymore, but I'll be sure to leave a link to as many as possible. But yeah, that's about a long as I can drag this intro out so let's get onto the reviews - I hope you guys enjoy!

YELLOW SUBMARINE (link) // Let's be honest, I picked this one up because it's so damn cute - it's a tiny submarine and I love it, I mean who doesn't want a little submarine floating around in their bath!? I have to admit this was definitely the first one I tried out of this collection as I was mainly really excited to see whether it would actually float around the bath or not... hopes were definitely high and I was expecting something similar to the dragons egg bath bomb which does actually move around the bath on its own (one of my all time favourites!) ... but as soon as I put it in, it tipped over! If I said that that wasn't slightly disappointing I would be lying (lol) but the bath bomb did actually make up for it with it's gorgeous bright yellow and pink colours which blended together to form a really beautiful tie-dye effect! The submarine was also a really really slow fizzer which I always love because you can just lie there and watch it fizz for ages, haha! The scents in this bath bomb are also a favourite of mine, we all know I love anything citrus and this one features Brazilian orange oil and lemongrass so has a very fresh and citrus-y smell to it, which I always really love! 

METAMORPHOSIS (link) // I have somehow resisted the urge to use this bath bomb yet, but after reading many reviews and watching a few demos I will definitely be popping this one into my bath later! I already loved this one just by picking it up and seeing the arguably boring grey outside - but this bath bomb definitely has a few surprises up it's sleeve as it fizzes away into gorgeous orange, pink and yellow colours! I have to say I love the description on the Lush website for this one, they call it a cinnamon sunrise because of it's spicy pepper and cinnamon scents which seriously remind me of all the amazing bath bombs and bubble bars I will be loving in a few months time once Autumn hits! (I'm terrible... I'm already wishing summer away, haha!) But yeah, we all know that (along with citrus smells) spicy cinnamon scents are also a big favourite of mine (even in the summer) so I can't wait to give this one a go!  

GUARDIAN OF THE FOREST (link) // To be honest, I usually tend to stay away from the more earthy and natural bath products that Lush do, I don't know what it is about them but I'm just not normally as much of a fan... I couldn't resist picking this little bath bomb up though mainly because of the gorgeous colours - green and blue are just so gorgeous and relaxing for any bath and this was definitely something I was drawn to with this bath bomb! As expected on first smell of the bath bomb I wasn't overly sold on it, it did definitely have a subtle earthy smell but it wasn't too overpowering - in the bath it was slightly less subtle and had a fresh cut grass smell (which although I do love the smell of fresh cut grass when I'm out and about, I'm not too hyped about bathing in, haha!) so if you're into the more earthy/natural smells when it comes to Lush you'll definitely love this one! The colours didn't let me down though and the blue and green mixed together looked so gorgeous and made a really relaxing bath! 

BLACKBERRY BATH BOMB (link) // This bath bomb is pretty simple to be completely honest it's a bath bomb.. nothing more nothing less but I really like that about it, it's so simple but in such a good way! So, it's basically just a purple bath bomb that makes your bath bright purple, weirdly enough it doesn't actually smell like blackberries though (as I first though) and the main scents are frankincense which gives it a subtle woody scent and bergamot oil which gives a slight citrus smell and refreshes the skin!  But yeah, I find this one pretty self explanatory - it's a simple little bath bomb but I love it!


  1. Love the blackberry bath bomb, haven't had it in so long, definitely need to pick up next time I go to Lush. I tried the Yellow Submarine bath bomb a few months ago and really loved it. Such pretty colours x

    Tiffany x

  2. I really want to try the new bath bombs! Submarine (as you said) is so cute so I'd love to give it a go. ^_^ Depending what Metamorphosis smells like I'll get it, I only really want it because it's black/grey. :P

    Love your little haul though! ;)

  3. LOVE Lush! The blackberry bath bomb is one of my faves alongside Avobath:)

    Emily xo

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