June Book Haul 2017 | TBR

Can you believe my last book haul was back in February?! I definitely can't.. where has the time gone?! To be fair, looking back at that haul I've realised I've only barely finished some of the books from back then which proves just how little time I've had to read recently - I guess when I was in full swing with writing my dissertation back in April I definitely had no time to read and after it was handed in... once my brain had turned to complete mush.. I wasn't really in the mood to read much! But I'm back and I've ordered some more books and I'm excited to be writing another book haul first impressions-ish post! I'm excited to get back into reading and I need more book recommendations, so if you have any amazing books you've read recently that you would like to recommend you definitely should leave them in the comments below.. we all know I love a good psychological thriller book too, so if you have any psychological thriller suggestions that's a huge bonus! 

THIRTEEN REASONS WHY - JAY ASHER // I actually finished this one a while ago now, but I feel like it deserves a place in this haul mainly because I do have a few things to say about it! Now, obviously everyone binge watched and loved the series on Netflix (- me most definitely included!) and as soon as it ended I was still obsessed so I went out and got the book, expecting some really amazing things! I'm always one of those people who absolutely adores the books so much more than the TV show or the film - I don't know what it is but there's something about reading the descriptions and imagining everything in your own head the way you want to picture them. And obviously having loved the show you can imagine how excited I was to read the book so I pretty much sat down and read it as soon as it was posted through my letter box, haha! I have to be completely honest and say that the whole way through the book I was just waiting for more - I don't really know how to explain it but I guess the book really only skimmed the surface and (as it was told from Clay's perspective) really only focused on Clay's side of things... Although I did really find it interesting to hear more about Clay's thoughts on Hannah and the tape I was waiting the entire book to hear more from the other characters.. especially since people like Alex were barely even mentioned (and I found him to be a seriously intriguing character in the TV show!) Still though, when looking at the book independently from the TV show it was definitely a great read - it better explained the struggles that Hannah was dealing with too and I definitely felt more compassion for her whilst reading the book! Above all though, I do have some serious love for the message that both the show and the book presents - the fact that everything effects everything and that loads of little issues can amount to so much is something I can definitely appreciate! 

BEHIND HER EYES - SARAH PINBOROUGH // Again, I'm cheating a little because I'm about half way through this book (currently slapping myself on the wrist for not writing a book haul sooner!) but again I couldn't leave it out of the haul since I am seriously loving it so far and I want to recommend it to everyone, haha! If you've read any of my book hauls before you will likely know that I have a serious love of psychological thrillers and any book that has a little bit of mystery to uncover - I mainly put this down to the fact that the only way I'll actually get through a book is to find out what happens in the end and psychological thrillers tend to have unexpected endings which make them hard to put down! This is definitely something I was drawn to with this book, especially since pretty much every review mentions that it has an amazing ending (please no spoilers in the comments, thank you very much haha!) so you can imagine how quickly I'm getting through this book to get to that ending! But yes, I'm definitely enjoying it so far and I'm finding it to be one of those books where I think 'I'll put the book down when I get to the end of this next chapter' but I always want to read one more, haha! Sarah Pinborough is a seriously talented writer though and I have to say I'm loving the mystery of this book - the blurb itself says 'don't trust this book, don't trust these people and don't trust yourself' so I definitely don't know what to believe whilst reading it... I'm just really trying to avoid reading any spoilers before getting to that ending! 

ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES - JENNIFER NIVEN // I have to say this book definitely seems a little out of place in this haul and I honestly wouldn't normally pick up a book like this by choice! Truth is, I was given it by a friend who seriously recommended it to me after reading it herself so I've decided to give it a go. Honestly, I don't think I've read a young adult love story-esque book since I read The Fault In Our Stars soo many years ago but I actually can't wait to give it a go and probably inevitably fall in love with the characters and become a soppy mess by the end of it, haha! I have definitely read a whole mixture of reviews on this book though, some people have said that this book has genuinely changed their lives and other see it as book that handles heavy topics way too lightly - so I'm trying to keep and open mind about it and maybe I'll let you know my thoughts on it once I've finished?! 

INTO THE WATER - PAULA HAWKINS // So, I have some serious love for Girl On The Train, the book was incredible and (even though I won't admit it) I do have a small soft spot for the film. Needless to say, when Into The Water was recommended to anyone who loved Girl On The Train (which, after reading reviews, I've now found out this was really only due to the fact that they we're written by the same author and are really not that similar!) I obviously had to give this a book a read! I have definitely heard mixed reviews about this one though - I feel like one running theme I've seen when it comes to reviews is that everyone seems to complain about the huge number of characters in the book and I completely understand how that can make a book pretty confusing! Still though, I'm prepared to give it a go and if it's anywhere near as good as Girl On The Train I'll be a happy bunny! 


  1. All the bright places is my fav book! I Have recommended so many people to read it. Trust your friend! Haha I fell in love with the characters. I'm not sure if I should read 13 reasons why as I still haven't watched the series and don't know what to do first!

    Jasmine x

  2. I've heard a lot of good reviews for All The Bright Places and 13 Reasons Why, I'd love to read them. It's s shame that 13 Reasons Why had you anticipating something the whole way through though.

    Carolyn x
    Faithfully Carolyn

  3. Cant wait to get my hands on into the water! I also read all the bright places and I just became frustrated with it!

    Excited to see what you think,

  4. All the bright places is one of my favourite books, I even got the finch and violet logo tattooed on me! I hope you fall in love with it like I did!

    I loved thirteen reasons why, I read that a few years a go now and I felt like the Netflix TV show just didn't feel like the book? but regardless I loved both :)

    http://allthebrightplaces.co.uk x

  5. Three of those books are on my reading list and now I'm even more excited to read them!

    Meg x | the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk