ASOS Wishlist | Summer 2017

blue leaf bikini | striped bikini | striped t-shirt | bird print swimsuit | sandals | skinny dip sunglasses | floral dress | embroidered swimsuit | pink sweatshirt | rose gold sunglasses | split skirt
I've been a little bit obsessed with reading ASOS wishlist posts and watching ASOS wishlist YouTube videos recently (I'm looking at you Lily Melrose!) so I decided why not share my own wishlist and show you guys some of the pieces that have been sitting in my ASOS saved items recently! We've actually just booked a holiday for August which I am super excited about and even though we're only going to Wales I'm counting on nice weather so you can imagine I've been spending a lot of time browsing the summer clothes a lot recently on ASOS- along with the fact we've had a heat wave recently here in the UK, I've been lusting over so many dresses and swimsuits.. I've definitely piled up a hefty wishlist! I have to say this post did actually take a lot of will power and I had to be really careful not to accidentally move some of these pieces into my basket and accidentally press checkout... lol But yeah, let me know in the comment if you like the look of any of the things I mention and also tell me what's on you ASOS wishlist, I'd love to know!

As far as my favourite pieces this summer go though, I am seriously loving the bardot dress trend this year - I love how put together you can look from just chucking on a dress and the exposed shoulders make it all the more classy and put together.. needless to say, I have pretty much been living in my bardot dresses this year and I've barely been wearing anything else when it's sunny out! I was actually thinking of doing a whole post on my collection of dresses for this summer is anyone is interested?! I've also had a serious obsession with cat-eye sunglasses too this year, especially after buying a gorgeous pair from ASOS recently, (which will feature in an upcoming loving lately post I'm sure!) cat-eye sunglasses are basically the only style of sunglasses that suits me, so I'm living for this trend! 

I've also made sure to throw a couple of simple pieces into the mix too like the striped t-shirt and the pale pink sweatshirt, mainly because of the unpredictable weather here in the UK! It's always important to have a few staple pieces that go well with jeans in your summer wardrobe here in the UK, just in case there's an unexpected rainy day.. as there very often is! These two pieces would look gorgeous with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and some simple espadrilles for a colder summer day! 

I'm also trying to embrace my lack of a summer body this year by actually acknowledging the existence of bikini's again (after avoiding them for years!) I'm especially loving basically every bikini and swimsuit that South Beach do, after buying one of their swimsuits and falling completely in love with it! 


  1. Great picks!! The floral dress is so cute, I have been obsessing over dresses lately and I put a few lists myself haha!! We love shopping!! x


  2. Great picks! ASOS always have such gorgeous bits in!I love those sandals!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush