Current Lush Collection #3 (+ I finally try Lush makeup!)

I'm back with another Lush post - and I couldn't be more excited! It seems like a lifetime since I wrote my last Lush haul.. and in all honesty it seems like forever since I even treated myself to a nice Lush bath... I know, I'm as shocked as you are! I have to admit something actually... this isn't really my 'current' collection at all and this haul was from quite a while ago... oops! So, whereas I usually write these hauls as more of a first impressions style post, everything has well and truly been used so it'll be more of a review (if I can even remember using these bath products - it's been a while! Mainly because 1: I plan my posts really far in advance and I was too lazy to re-jig everything to fit around this post. 2: I had only just done a collection post when I bought all this stuff (read it here!) and I was way too ashamed to reveal (/admit to myself, haha!) how quickly I used all of that up... and how quickly I went out and restocked 3: I could not wait to use it all so I took pictures as soon as possible and basically used everything within a week...oops! But yes anyway, here it is - my latest Lush haul. I hope you guys enjoy and as always be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.. what's you favourite product out of the ones I'm about to share?!

BUTTERBALL // Butterball has always and will always be one of my favourite classics from Lush - it's just so simple but effective! It's basically just a simple white bath bomb packed full of coca butter which leaves you skin feeling deliciously soft and mosturised! Honestly, every time I use this bath bomb I get out of the bath and can't stop rubbing my legs all evening (/telling people to also feel my legs!) because they'res so smooth and lovely, haha! I love this bath bomb because it's basically perfect for anyone with dry, irritated or sensitive skin (which is always me!) 

GOLDEN SLUMBERS // I had never actually tried this bath bomb before this haul but I have to say it will most probably be one of those ones I always go back to again and again! I couldn't recommend this gorgeous bath bomb more, especially to someone who loves to take baths before bed and really wants a gorgeous bath to relax in with a good book! Golden Slumbers is packed full of ingredients to really relax you right into dreamland; with lavender, chamomile oil and neroli oil - I can see why this bath bomb basically sent me straight to sleep afterwards! I also have to say, the gorgeous golden colour with its sparkly glitter really is everything, it just gave this bath something special.. even if it is a pain to clean up afterwards.. (recommendation: save your relaxed mood and do it tomorrow... or never, haha!) 

THE EXPERIMENTER // Once again another favourite of mine (I'm realising now that I chose loads of Lush products I am seriously in love with!)  I'm always drawn to this gorgeous bath bomb when I see it in store because of it's gorgeous colours and shape - it's really different from a lot of other products Lush sells! I'm never disappointed when I pick this one up and pop it in the bath either because it's always one of those bath bombs I sit and watch as it fizzes around in the bath - the colours are gorgeous and there's also popping candy in there too.. in case that wasn't enough of a show! 

AVOBATH // I have to admit I don't really know what drew me to this bath bomb having never really enjoyed the smell or the taste... or anything... about avocados! It's also another fairly simple bath bomb too, just green in colour, nothing too special at all! To be completely honest though I was pleasantly surprised once I popped this little bath bomb into my bath - it was definitely one of those uplifting baths that sets you off on your way to a good day and the fresh avocado was not too overpowering at all.. in fact I might go as far as to say I really enjoyed it! Basically don't write this one off if you're not a fan of avocado, haha! 

BIG BANG // This one is another classic bubble bar of mine which I've probably droned on about a million times before on this blog.. so I'm not going to say too much apart from the fact that it smells amazing, the cocoa butter in the pink stars leave you feeling super soft and smooth and I love all the bubbles you can get from it, love love love! 

EYELINER (COLOUR: INDEPENDENT) // I was honestly a little bit skeptical about buying Lush makeup, I've never really even given it a thought to be completely honest since the price has always put me off.. But I decided to give it a go and by the fact that it has basically become a staple part of my daily routine now and every single time I put my makeup on I use it.. I'm going to have to say I like it a lot, haha! The bottle is definitely different, especially since I'm so used to using a pen tipped eyeliner and the wand seemed super small to start off with - but now that I'm used to it, I really do love it and I've managed to create some really good looking wings with it! The colour is also amazing, I went for the jet black colour and it lasts all day long and doesn't seem to fade - I will definitely be purchasing more, despite the price.. sorry bank account! 


  1. You have a great collection! I love Big Bang, it is the prettiest colour and works so well!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I love anything lush!!!!!! get me a bath now!

  3. Avobath is one of my favourite Lush bath bombs, it smells amazing!

    Emily xo