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Although I'm not big into festivals (in fact, I hate to admit I've never been!) we can all appreciate that summer is the time for people to hunt down their wellies and brave the rain... and the mud (or if they're lucky the sun!) because festival season is upon us! I suppose the main reason why I've never been is because of the camping.. I'm definitely no happy camper, especially not with our unpredictable British weather, haha! If I ever was convinced to brave the weather though, I know I'd be stuck for what to pack into my festival survival kit (how do you pack everything you need into a bag you can easily carry?!) so I was very happy when contacted me to review one of their festival packs they are offering on their website! These festival packs are brilliant, they include everything you could ever need to survive at a festival all in one place- even some things I would completely forget about! So I thought today I would share the bits I got in my pack and hopefully help anyone out there who's stuck for what to include in their festival survival kit (or anyone who needs some ideas for handbag essentials, because you never know when you'll need hair grips, plasters and makeup remover pads!) I also just wanted to mention that I am having to take a little break from blogging for a while after this post - I'm basically away for most of July visiting family (and graduating uni, ahh!) and I doubt there'll be much time for me to write posts whilst I'm away *sob*! So, no - I haven't fallen off the face of the earth and I will be back with new blog post on the 24th of July. (After I've officially got a degree, ahh!) If you want to keep up with me in the meantime though I will most likely still have time to tweet - so you can always find me over on twitter!   

So, I went for festival pack #2 which includes eight festival essentials and costs £14.79. This set is a middle of the range pack and includes everything you might need to say safe, happy and healthy when at a festival! It even includes things like energy tablets which I would 100% forget about but are totally necessary - so yes, here is everything included in festival pack #2: 

1. ORS HYDRATION TABLETS // This definitely falls under the category of things I would forget to include in my survival kit! I'm so glad that included this in their packs though because staying hydrated is super important - especially if you're lucky enough to be out in the hot weather! These come in a pack of 12 so are super easy to carry around in your survival kit but also plenty to last you through. 

2. DEXTRO ENERGY TABLETS // Again, something I would completely forget about but something that is super important are energy tablets - I'm sure we can all appreciate that dancing all weekend long at a festival can be pretty tiring (...even for those of us that manage to stay up past 9pm on a saturday night, haha!) so energy tablets are the perfect pick-me-up so you can carry on dancing the night away and enjoying yourself, haha! These are also super easy to carry around with you on the go and are blackcurrant flavoured which is always a bonus! 

3. SAVLON PLASTERS // For me, wherever I go, plasters are essential, so these would 100% be put into my survival kit! But to be honest you'd be silly to not pack yourself some plasters - you never know when you might need them - so I'm so glad these were included in this pack! You get 40 plasters, which is more than enough (unless you're an even bigger klutz than me!) and each plaster has an antiseptic pad to kill any germs or nasties, which is definitely a must for being outside at a festival! 

4. SMINTS // Let's be honest, you're camping. You're not always going to have the necessary facilities to brush your teeth properly. But if you want to keep your morning breath at bay and save everyone else your bad breath, mints are a total must! I love smint's especially because they're so easy to carry around with you in your festival kit and they really do a good job at giving you minty fresh breath and work perfectly at hiding the fact you haven't brushed your teeth yet, until you can find a place to brush them properly, haha! 

5. TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH // When you do find a good place to brush your teeth you'll be happy to know that a travel toothbrush came in your festival pack! Let's be honest not everything you take with you to the festival will make it home again and there's nothing worse than getting home and realising you've lost your toothbrush - that's why a travel toothbrush is definitely in my festival survival kit! I love this one by wisdom in particular because you can pack it away neatly into it's own little case so it's protected and easy to carry around with you! 

6. HAIR GRIPS & 7. HAIR BANDS // You can't forget your hair essentials either - you never know when you might need a hair grip or hair band and if anyone else is in desperate need of a hair band you can be that friend who comes to the rescue because you're so put so put together and full equipped with everything you might need, haha! .. or you can at least pretend you're put together! 

8. QUICKIES MAKEUP REMOVER PADS // Although taking off your makeup might be far from your mind when you stumble into your tent at 4am, I'm sure you face will thank you in the morning - and whilst I'd love to bring along my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and start fully cleansing my face in the middle of the field that's not really do-able so these Quickies eye-makeup remover pads will have to do for now! These are so easy to carry around with you and you don't need to bring any other micellar waters or lotions or potions with you to just remove your makeup ready to be fresh faced in the morning.. or as fresh faced as you can get with 3 hours sleep, haha! 

However, if you're in need of other essentials there are four other packs to choose from ranging in price from £7.99 to £21.99 - these packs feature many other festival survival kit essentials including a set of chap sticks, travel sized batiste dry shampoo and a pack of fake eyelashes, so you'll be sure to find the pack to suit all your festival needs! I think these packs are such a clever idea, instead of trawling through the drugstore to find the bits you need you can quickly and easily select a pack from and have everything you could possibly need all in one place and for a very reasonable price too! If you want to take a look at the other packs available you can click here, but also be sure to take a look at everything else have on offer too - they have tonnes of health and beauty essentials for amazing prices that will all get speedily delivered to your door! 

*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post, featuring products that were sent to me

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