Update #20 | I Graduated?!

Hello friends! I'm back from my little break - omg, it feels so good to be back! I know I know I say this every single time but I genuinely do miss blogging whenever I take breaks.. it really does completely mess up my routine when I'm not blogging every other day! Saying that, I have had a lovely time off though - I had so much time to catch up with family, chill out a bit and binge watch tonnes of episodes of Dance Moms, haha! But yeah, I thought I'd start off with a very important update since I only went and graduated last Thursday - ahh!! I still can't really believe it myself, I am no longer a student! The day was sort of a blur, but I have the pictures to prove it (including that one up there, of me being incredibly nervous about going up on stage to shake that man's hand in front of a whole hall of people, haha!) and I had a lovely day spent with my favourite people! As you'll know if you've read my latest series which was all about my university experience (you should read it here!) uni was a very huge experience for me and although I do feel like it has made me a stronger person I am so happy to be finally finished with it! I genuinely am so proud of myself for coming out the other side and I survived despite the times when I didn't believe that this would happen! Just the thought of 'what happens next?' scares me and I haven't got a definite answer to that question yet - but I'm happy where I am for now and I'm just enjoying my break from uni work and stress before I really get my head down and work out my next steps. But yes, I hope you guys all enjoyed this little update. I am planning tonnes of new posts for the future including a few summer holiday related posts coming up soon (I'm getting excited about my summer holiday!) and plenty of book hauls since I've got so much extra time to read so be sure to pop back for those! Also, congratulations to anyone else who has graduated or is about to graduate very soon, you should all be very proud of yourselves - feel free to also share your own graduation posts in the comments, I love reading them because I'm super nosey, haha! 

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