Getting A Tattoo Routine

So, as those of you who follow me over on twitter may know, I recently got a tattoo - I've literally wanted one for years, but it was a huge whim when I went to get it done and I honestly still can't believe I actually have it there on my arm! For those wondering, I got a bunch of wildflowers inspired by a poem about wildflowers written by Julie Andrews (aka.. the grandma I wish I had, haha!) - you can find it by Google-ing it if you're interested! In the poem Julie Andrews basically writes about how she envies wildflowers because they're so brave and strong and can grow and live in all types weather and climates - so it's a little symbol to myself to be brave and strong like a wildflower! (Or if people want the less cringe-y version of why I got this tattoo, I'll just say flowers are pretty, haha!) I went to a lovely local tattoo shop near me, and had a really positive experience actually - despite going through the pain of the tattoo! But getting a tattoo made me realise how little guidance there is out there when it comes to what happens when you get a tattoo and what you should do after you get a tattoo.. (I've noticed that everyone seems to say something different!) Honestly, you can't go too wrong when it comes to tattoo aftercare (unless you're doing it terribly wrong!) but I thought I would share some of the products I've been using and loving and share my experience! Let me know in the comments if you've got a tattoo or if you want a tattoo - I would love to know!

1 - It goes without saying but you really should shower before you head off to get your tattoo - especially if you're getting a tattoo in a similar area to mine and the poor tattooist will have their nose near the armpit region, haha! You can also save your tattooist a job and shave the area carefully too!  

2 - No matter how long your tattoo is going to take you should definitely wear something comfortable! I was only being tattooed for around 15 minutes but comfort was still important and made the whole experience that little bit easier. I suggest wearing something baggy and also keep in mind where you want the placement of your tattoo to be - make it easily accessible if possible! 

3 - Just before you head into the tattoo shop you should definitely try to eat something - trust me, I know how hard it is to eat when you're feeling a bit nervous, but I'm sure you can shove down a McDondalds breakfast! It's so important to eat something fairly filling, especially if you're going in for a big tattoo, as you'll need to keep your energy up! 

4 - Depending on how long you're going to be tattooed for, it might also be a good idea to bring a few snacks with you too - something sugary that's going to keep your blood sugar high and also keep your energy up! You should also take a sugary drink with you, I definitely suggest Lucozade - that's what I was drinking! 

5 - So when you walk into the tattoo shop, you'll be shown your final design - this is the time to speak up about anything you want to change! Remember, this is going to be on your body for the rest of your life so don't be shy or afraid to have things changed, the tattooist won't mind! Your design will also be put onto special paper and put onto your body like a temporary tattoo - this is your chance to test out the placement and give you a sneak peek as to what your tattoo will actually look like once it's done! Again, don't be afraid to have the design moved if you don't like the first placement! 

6 - Once the tattoo is all done, your tattooist will wrap it all up in cling film and you might find (like me!) that your adrenaline is pumping for the moment, haha! 

7 - Once you're home you might find that your adrealine takes a bit of a dramatic decline and you may feel extra sluggish - this is your opportunity to sulk, crash on the sofa and eat junk food because you deserve it, haha! 

8 - Leave the cling film on until you go to bed, this is the time to wash away all the goop and gunk that will be inside that cling film (this was definitely not my favourite part at all!) To wash your tattoo, gently splash it with warm water, let it air dry (being extra careful with it!) and then wrap it back up in cling film ready for bed! 

9- Do the exact same the next morning and wrap it back up again. I washed my tattoo three times a day, purely because I had work until 11am most days so I would always want to wash it once I got home - I've also heard some people only wash their's once in the morning and once before bed which is also fine - just do whatever is best for you and your body! 

10 - I did the same wash and cling film routine for around three days, as I worked for those three days. But on the fourth day I was mainly at home so after washing my tattoo in the morning I didn't wrap it back up and I let it breathe for the day! I also started to use mosturiser on it to help the healing process - I used two different mosturisers throughout the week; Dream Cream from Lush and cocoa butter from The Bodyshop - both worked amazingly, they helped to mosturise my tattoo and also stopped itching too! I have to say I think I preferred Dream Cream though, since it applies so smoothly and has a real cooling effect which was so refreshing, especially for the first few days!

11 - I used mosturiser in the morning and before bed and also wrapped my arm up in cling film before bed for the next 2 nights, until I felt comfortable sleeping with it out in the open! You should continue to mosturise the area for another 2-3 weeks, until the tattoo is (should be!) fully healed. During this time you also can't fully submerge the tattoo in water either, so no baths.. unless you're careful and impatient like me, haha! Don't be tempted to pick off any scabs or skin either, you should leave it to do it's thing and heal - that way you won't ruin your tattoo and it will continue looking gorgeous! 

12 - After three weeks your tattoo should be full healed - this obviously depends on the size! The tattoo will obviously fade and become less bright over time, however I've heard that using Lemony Flutter cuticle butter by Lush can help to brighten tattoos, especially black tattoos.. that way it can continue to look fresh and new! 

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I'm finally getting my first tattoo in a few months and I will definitely use these tips.
    PS. Your tattoo is beautiful!!

    Anna x |