Things I've Been Loving Lately | #4

It's that time again where I share some of the things I've been obsessed with lately... I actually don't have that big of a haul to share this time (probably because I've been way to engrossed in trying to finish Stephen King's IT (yes, I'm crazy enough to try and tackle this 1156 page book!) I literally haven't had time to get into anything else! I'm still very excited to share my little list with you lot though, I always love doing these because I want everyone else to go and also become obsessed with these things too.. lol is that weird?! But yeah, stay tuned to hear all about the song I've had on repeat for hours, what my new tattoo means and my eczema - woo! Let me know in the comments what you've been obsessed with this month and your thoughts on the things I've shared - I would love to know! 

OUT LOUD - GABBIE HANNA (SONG) // I dread to think how many times I've actually listened to this song since it came out last week... because it's probably a lot, lol. I'm not kidding when I say I've literally had this on repeat for hours... (despite Ethan not being the biggest fan - oops) I just LOVE it! If you don't know, Gabbie Hana is actually The Gabbie Show on YouTube - I've been a huge fan of her videos since she blew up with all her storytimes 2 years ago! I'm so pleasantly surprised by her song because it's not your typical happy, meaningless bop that other YouTubers tend to bring out its genuinely such a catchy song and something that I've had a great time belting at the top of my lungs for the past week, haha! So yeah, if you haven't already given it a listen you really should - here's a link, or you can find it on Spotify!

MY NEW TATTOO! // It's been a while since I got my tattoo.. in fact it's been well over a month now (time flies!) and that just goes to show how long it's taken me to actually write this post..oops lol! But yes, I couldn't write one of these posts without mentioning it because I've been obsessed with it and I can't stop looking at it all the time, haha! So, for everyone who didn't read my getting a tattoo routine I got a bunch of wildflowers inspired by a poem about wildflowers written by Julie Andrews (you can find it by Google-ing it if you're interested!) In the poem Julie Andrews basically writes about how she envies wildflowers because they're so brave and strong and can grow and live in all types weather and climates - so it's a little symbol to myself to be brave and strong like a wildflower! Or if anyone asks I'll just say I think flowers are pretty to avoid the cringe, haha! But yeah, I talked all about it in my Getting A Tattoo Routine so if you're interested you should definitely give that a read! 

LUSH DREAM CREAM // Talking of tattoos, Lush's Dream Cream was a huge recommendation when it came to mosturising and healing tattoos so I went and bought myself a little pot and now I think I'm in love, haha! Not only did Dream Cream heal my tattoo really well, it also kind of saved me from a really bad patch of stress induced eczema! I'm not kidding when I say I tried a lot of mosturisers to try and calm down my eczema and not even E45 cream could help me - until I tried Dream Cream and it literally cleared in less than a wee - I wish I had found Dream Cream sooner to save my poor arms! So yes, if you also suffer with sensitive skin or things like eczema I couldn't recommend it sooner! 

FEEL GOOD 101 - EMMA BLACKERY // I have to admit, I wasn't going to buy this book... I know! No matter how much of a huge Emma Blackery fan I am, there was no way I was going to fall into the trap of picking up another crappy YouTuber 'self help' book and it being one of those books that's 99% pictures and 'fun facts'... you know the type, I can't stand those! But as soon as I realised that this is the real deal and it's an actual biography style self help book that's getting genuine good reviews I knew I wanted to give it a go! There are so many issues in this book I can relate to, be it something I'm dealing with now, or something I dealt with when I was younger and it was so nice to have a reminder that I'm not alone and even people who seem to have a really great life have the same problems as me! So yeah, if you want a genuinely good 'self help' style book that will make you laugh and cry I couldn't recommend Feel Good 101 more! Also can I just say how much I LOVE this gold spine... it's going to look so gorgeous on my book shelf - I need more gold spined books please! 

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  1. I don't actually watch The Gabbie Show but I came across Out Loud whilst on YouTube and I've had it on repeat too! She has such an incredible voice!