Spooky Book Recommendations

October is probably one of my most favourite times of the year to binge read. It's just so lovely snuggling under a blanket, surrounded by candles with a huge cup of coffee, reading a good book! This year, to get into the Halloween mood I'm reading only spooky books...or any books that fit with a slightly creepy/mystery vibe! I figured I can't be the only one doing this this October so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite 'spooky book' recommendations for the autumn season, so you can also get into the spooky spirit in time for Halloween! I tried to make sure there is something for everyone there, ranging from just slightly creepy to full on horror.. so don't worry if you're not a massive horror fan - you don't have to be! Ooh, also! If you want any more recommendations you can also read my TBR for this month, there's tonnes of spooky books over there... you can find that here! Thrillers and generally creepy books are actually some of my favourite to read - I just love a book you can't seem to put down and these always have that effect on me. So some of my favourite books of all time are in here and I cannot wait to share them with you! As always, feel free to recommend your own books in the comments below, I'm always looking out for spooky books so I would love some ideas! 

ONE OF US IS LYING - KAREN MCMANUS //  Starting off with a book that is more for people who aren't a fan of full on horror, the only really spooky thing about this one is that it's a murder mystery... I couldn't really leave it off my list though, since it's definitely one of my favourites and a book I really enjoyed earlier on this year! I actually wrote a longer review of this one here, if you want to know more. But yes, definitely recommend this book to those of you looking for a bit of a spooky read for Halloween but don't want a 'keep-you-up-at-night' type of horror read! 

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - B.A. PARIS // I, of course.. being the number one fan of thrillers, just had to include at least one thriller in this list! But I mean, thrillers are a great way to get in the mood for Halloween and Behind Closed Doors is definitely one of those books that creates such a creepy, mysterious atmosphere. I think what made it even creepier for me, was the fact that this story line could literally happen to anyone.. any couple who might seem perfect on the outside could actually have a really dark and twisted truth hidden away! It was definitely one of those books for me that I couldn't put down and when I had to eventually put it down I was constantly thinking about it and trying to solve the mystery... would be a brilliant read for October! 

BEHIND HER EYES - SARAH PINBOROUGH // This is my all time favourite book of all time so I mean I obviously couldn't leave it off of my list! This book has an all round creepy and mysterious atmosphere but it's the twist ending that just takes everything to a whole new dark and twisted level.. and what made me love it even more! If you've read books like The Couple Next Door or Behind Closed Doors, you'll be very familiar with the narrative in the beginning as it seems to take on the same story line as those 'couples who seem perfect on the outside but really aren't' type of books.. but the ending is just EVERYTHING and would honestly make this a great book for Halloween.. I'm thinking of re-reading it! 

IT - STEPHEN KING // I obviously couldn't write a spooky recommendations book and leave the king (pun not intended) of horror out! I managed to trawl my way through all of It's 1100 pages last month and I was not disappointed! I feel like we all kind of know the main story line of It or we've seen one of the movies, so we know the basics... but this book just brings a whole new level to the horror as I said in my full review, particularly the refrigerator scene and one scene where that woman turns into a creepy ass monster really slowly.. that freaked me out! I've honestly never been properly scared by a book before, but It definitely had some truly terrifying chapters! So, if you're not too scared.. and aren't afraid to be kept up at night I couldn't recommend this more for a truly spooky October read! 

THE GROWNUP - GILLIAN FLYNN // If you want a short book with a bit of a creepy vibe about it The Grownup is a great place to start! We obviously know Gillian Flynn from some amazing thriller books like Dark Places, Sharp Objects oh and you know... Gone Girl! I always love her writing style and the way she makes books truly creepy and dark and The Grownup is no different.. this one also features paranormal elements which I obviously had to include in my recommendations because who doesn't love a good ghost at Halloween, right... haha?! But yes, a very creepy short story that you can read in one sitting on a spooky October night... or in the light because you're too scared to read it at night...like me! 


  1. Great post, I love any story thats remotely spooky! I've got the book of IT sat on my bookshelf but I've gotten round to reading it because it is one hell of a book, although after watching the movie I definitely want to give it a go along with all the other books you mentioned here!


  2. These all sound like brilliant books, I definitely want to read IT sometime soon!

    Emily xo