Update #22 | Exciting Life Updates

I'm taking a break from dancing around my kitchen with joy to write this post because I really want to document this moment... but I'm going to do that annoying thing and make you wait to find out why I'm so happy, mwaha! Honestly, this month has been pretty tough for me. It's been filled with job applications and preparation for interviews (which is super nerve racking, especially for an anxious person like me!) add on an interview which I thought went really well, that I got turned down for and obviously my confidence was completely knocked. Oh and pair all that with a current job that you are really not enjoying and cannot wait to leave and you end up feeling pretty down to say the least! But today I had my second interview, I was feeling slightly more prepared for this one, but my confidence really wasn't back to normal and there definitely was a part of me thinking should I even bother if I won't get it anyway?! I have to admit, I came out of the interview feeling pretty upset, I felt like it didn't go as well as planned and I don't know if it was just my lack of confidence but I was convinced that I wasn't going to get accepted at all... so I called everyone to let them know that it didn't go too well, but it was another learning experience and walked home to wallow in my self pity and eat some magic stars. (Because I'm an adult, lol!) I got home and was literally about to tweet saying that the interview didn't go well when I got a call from the school. At this point I was pretty convinced that they were calling so soon because they knew that it was a solid no.. but I got the bloody job! I literally had the biggest change of emotions I have ever had in my life and I was pretty sure I was about to go into shock, because it was so unexpected! So now I am a teaching assistant in a reception class at a really lovely local school and I am beyond excited to start there now, gah! (Now you understand why there's google-y eyes in my photo for this post, haha!) And even better, I get to say peace out bitches to my current job, haha! So yeah, if I was going to be cliche and add some sort of sappy moral to this post I would say don't loose faith in yourself - whether you've been turned down for a job or your confidence is knocked for whatever reason, just continue to believe in yourself because one person's opinion of you really doesn't count for much, I promise! 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I know how extremely hard it is to find a job and how draining it can be. I am so proud of you for not giving up :) I wish you nothing but the best in your new job!

    Nikki O.

  2. Oh congratulations babe! That's so exciting.

    Sharni xo

  3. That's so awesome! I love teaching :) I hope the job goes great!

    - Courtney