ASOS Wishlist | Winter 2018

It's the new year and that can only mean one thing - new clothes! Right?! So, I've been a little obsessed lately with scouring through ASOS and looking at all the gorgeous new arrivals for the new year - I have to say, ASOS have some really beautiful pieces recently, it's been difficult to restrain myself from buying the whole lot, haha! But today, since I love doing these ASOS wishlist posts, (you can read my old wishlists here and here!) I thought I would share my recent finds with you lot - I've definitely piled up a bit of a long wishlist, and these are a few of my favourite picks! So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this post - be sure to let me know in the comments what's on your ASOS wishlist, I would love to know! 

Right, so I've been so obsessed with oversized jumpers recently, they just suit all aspects of my lifestyle! I pair them with jeans for a casual look at the weekend, but they can also be paired with black trousers  or tucked into a skater skirt and add some sensible shoes for work. I've always just loved the look of them on me too... especially on those days where I'm not feeling so confident, they're perfect! I am particularly loving the mustard colour that I've been seeing a lot recently, I feel like it's a colour that really suits me - so I'm very happy to be seeing it everywhere in fashion at the moment! I've also been searching for ages for the perfect oversized grey hoodie and I think ASOS might just have the one for me - I think grey hoodies looking amazing on casual days, paired with light denim jeans or even leggings if you're in full lounge mode, haha! Needless to say, this hoodie might make it's way to my basket... oops! 

I also have a new found love for crop tops too. I definitely had a period of my life where I completely fell out of love with crop tops, mainly due to the fact that they are everywhere.. like just give me a full length top, jeez! But, I'm slowly starting to love them again and I can definitely appreciate how cute they look paired with jeans! I've actually been looking for the perfect plain white long-ish crop top for a while now, something I can pair with light denim jeans for that 'not-trying-that-hard-but-I-kind-of-look-put-together' casual look - I love the look of white tops on me for some reason, I guess it goes well with my hair colour maybe...? So I feel like this long sleeved, raw hem long-ish crop top might be just the top I'm looking for! I also love the tapestry pattern in the other long-ish crop top, I feel like this would look gorgeous with black skinny jeans, or with a black skirt.. the colours are just gorgeous! 

I have a weird obsession with hats and actually it would seem hats kind of like me back, since they do tend to suit me most of the time! I particularly have a weird obsession with floppy hats, which I love wearing for all occasions... despite the fact that I live near the coast, where it is bloody windy and my hats never stay on my head! This boater hat is just plain gorgeous though! I love the squareness of it and it's black so can easily be paired with literally any outfit. I especially love pairing my hats with cute dresses so let's bring back the warmer weather, woo! 


  1. Great wishlist my fave from your list are the shoes!!

  2. I have a weird obsession with hats too! The black hat in your wishlist looks so cute (:

    Nikki O.

  3. Great choices! My faves ones are numbers 7 and 8!

  4. I love sweater number 3! totally my fav, along with the pink sneakers

  5. Some fab picks here girl! I love that striped jumper - so fun!xx

    Lucy |