January Book Haul 2018 | TBR

New year, new books, right! I've gotten really into reading again recently, after falling into a pretty deep slump during November.. so that means I've treated myself to a fair few new books this month! I'm super excited about all of these and my plan is to read every single one this month, so lets see how that goes... especially when I go back to work next week *sobs*! But no, I'm feeling pretty ready for this year of reading - I've set myself the goal of reading 50 books this year as I managed to read 44 last year, (and I barely read for the first half of 2017) I feel like that's a pretty reachable goal for me and I can't wait to get started...in fact I've already finished 2 books.. oops, haha! I am also so excited for some new 2018 releases this year, in fact I'm writing a post all about the books I'm looking forward to the most very soon, so pop back for that if you're interested! But yes, these are the books I hope to get round to reading this January. Also, as always - let me know in the comments the books you are currently reading, I always love a good recommendation. 

IN A DARK, DARK WOOD - RUTH WARE // This is the book I am currently reading and I'm about 30 pages in and I'm kind of enjoying it... I'm basically waiting for all the action to happen because this book promises murder, suspense and mystery and all those good thriller-ish things, so I am definitely excited to get further into this book! As this book is a thriller, I like to go in not knowing too much but I think that the basic premise is that the main character is reunited with an old friend at her hen do and it all goes wrong from there. Also, can we just talk about the gorgeous gorgeous cover, yes please thank you very much! 

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS - AGATHA CHRISTIE // I'm cheating a little because I've already read this one... I managed to polish it off in just two days, which goes to show how good it was! I actually went to see the new film that came out very recently, so I already knew who the murderer was but that didn't really hinder the book too much... although I probably would've read it way quicker had I not already known the answers just because I definitely couldn't have waited to see whodunnit! This is my second book by Agatha Christie though (my first being And Then There Were None) and I have to say, she is probably my favourite classic author - I have just fallen in love with her style of writing and I can't wait to read more of her mysteries! But yes, the basic storyline of Murder On The Orient Express (if you don't already know!) is that a murder is committed on the Orient Express train and Detective Hercule Poirot (who has an amazing moustache by the way!) has to investigate which passenger committed the crime... points if you managed to guess who did it by the way, I had no idea throughout the whole film, haha! 

PACKING FOR MARS: THE CURIOUS SCIENCE OF LIFE IN THE VOID - MARY ROACH // I don't read enough non-fiction and it's a shame really because I always really enjoy them - in fact I think my last non-fiction was the psychopath test by Ron Jonson and it was one that I seriously enjoyed reading and learning about! So this month I hope to read Packing For Mars and learn all about space travel. Space is kind of something I've always been a bit clueless in, for some reason I just can't rack my head around it, but after recently reading and falling in love with The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James I realised it's something I would love to know more about...also this book has been on my wishlist for basically forever, so I thought it was about time I got it! But yes, if you want to know how to pee with zero gravity, how to have sex in space and what happens when you throw up in your helmet during a space walk look no further than this book! I'm so looking forward to it! 

MY LADY JANE - CYNTHIA HAND // I'm probably a bit late to the game with this book.. but I recently discovered that I had to have it after realising the second book (My Plain Jane) comes out this year! My Lady Jane is a silly, lighthearted historical comedy that retells the story of Lady Jane Grey's reign and romance it's fluffy and funny and fun and also technically educational.. right?! It promises to be full of puns, jokes and mockery and it just seems like a laugh out loud kind of a book... definitely something I'm looking to read this month! 

THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE - PATRICK NESS // This book seems very different to anything I've ever read before.. and I have to say I've heard some mixed reviews, including people who are just completely confused by the story line - so I'm kind of going into this book a little bit wary but also 100% intrigued! From what I can gather from the rather confusing synopses... the main character of the story lives in a town which occasionally get's effected by supernatural forces?! However, our main character is just really normal and he isn't supposed to save the town.. so I guess it's about those normal kids who just go about their normal lives.. maybe?! I'm intrigued.

THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END - ADAM SILVERA // I am super late to this one too and I actually feel like the last person to read this book.. but ahh well! The whole concept of this story excites me and I cannot wait to get into this universe.. even if it is apparently completely heartbreaking at the end (who would've known, right..?!) Basically, from what I've gathered this story takes place in a universe where people are told when they are going to die - our main characters are told they are going to die today and they meet up on an app which matches people on their 'End Day'.. so they basically go for one last adventure and I can imagine it's just so so sad gah!


  1. I really want to read both 'The Rest of Us Just Live Here' and 'They Both Die at the End', but I haven't got my hands on them yet! I've set myself a goal of reading 50 books this year too, but I didn't come quite as close as you did to achieving it in 2017!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  2. Ohh, I feel a little bad because I haven't read any of these books. But I really want to read murder on the orient express, and you just totally convinced me to read it. Hope you enjoy all of them :)