January Book Haul 2018 | Wrap Up

I have to say, I'm quite proud of myself when it comes to reading this month - despite being back at work full time and having a pretty busy schedule (for me anyway!) I still managed tor read a fair few books this January.. and I'm still one book ahead of my reading challenge (*mini celebration*)! It definitely helped that I was so into all the books I chose to read this month, in fact two out of five I rated five stars.. and I don't give out my five stars that easily! But yeah, I definitely had a good reading month and really enjoyed all the books I'm about to share, so if you're interesting in reading a few good books I couldn't recommend these more! As always, feel free to share your own recommendations in the comments below and I hope you enjoy. 

MOONRISE - SARAH CROSSNAN //  I'm pretty sure I've already shared my obsession over this book already on my blog but I can't recommend it enough! I definitely don't hear enough people talking about this book and that's one of the reasons I wasn't too sure about reading it when I picked it up on a whim. I have to admit, I completely picked this up because of the gorgeous cover, thinking if I hate it then at least it's a good addition to my bookshelves, haha! But oh my god, this book was amazing. Just everything about it, it was so emotional and well written. I was definitely taken back when I realised it was written in verse, but it really just added to the whole feel of the book and I can't rave about it more, haha! I'm so glad this was my first book of 2018. Such a beautiful story,so beautifully told, that will definitely stay with me for a long time. 

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS - AGATHA CHRISTIE // I managed to polish this one off in just two days, which goes to show how good it was! I actually went to see the new film that came out very recently, so I already knew who the murderer was but that didn't really hinder the book too much... although I probably would've read it way quicker had I not already known the answers just because I definitely couldn't have waited to see whodunnit! This is my second book by Agatha Christie though (my first being And Then There Were None) and I have to say, she is probably my favourite classic author - I have just fallen in love with her style of writing and I can't wait to read more of her mysteries! But yes, the basic storyline of Murder On The Orient Express (if you don't already know!) is that a murder is committed on the Orient Express train and Detective Hercule Poirot (who has an amazing moustache by the way!) has to investigate which passenger committed the crime... points if you managed to guess who did it by the way, I had no idea throughout the whole film, haha! 

IN A DARK, DARK WOOD - RUTH WARE // I have to admit, for a psychological thriller (which we all know is one of my favourite book genres) this story line didn't really stick with me too well after I turned the last page. I was very much excited to get through this book as it promised murder, suspense, mystery and all those good psychological thriller-y things I love, and while it did bring all of those things I still feel like it was missing something.. I don't know! I did enjoying trying to figure out the mystery though and I will admit it was a bit of a page turner in the 'I can't wait to see who did it' way, haha! 

PACKING FOR MARS - MARY ROACH // I'm cheating just a tad here because I have yet to finish this one.. but it's going to take me a little while since I really have to be in the right mood for a non-fiction book! I am definitely enjoying this though, I've found every chapter intriguing so far (particularly the one about food.. surprise surprise, haha!) and I'm really enjoying impressing Ethan with all my new knowledge about space... (he's usually the one who shares all the useless, but interesting facts in our relationship, haha!) But yes, if you're looking for a surprisingly easy to read non-fiction book all about how to eat, sleep and have sex in space then I've found the one for you! 

THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END - ADAM SILVERA // It says it all in the title and yet here I still am, heartbroken after turning the last page! The unique concept of this book just intrigued me so much and the whole way through I kept thinking what I would do if Death Cast ever called me.. and if I would even want that to happen... I don't think I would, by the way! I definitely would love a second book all about how Death Cast became a thing because I feel like I would love to know more, but other than that I love everything about this book! 


  1. These sound good! Need to get myself back into reading!


  2. I absolutely love Sarah Crossan! I read her book Breathe (but waited too long to continue the series so I need to restart). I haven't heard of this one but will be checking it out. Great haul :)