Things I've Been Loving Lately #5

I've neglected my blog recently. And I have to say, the worst part about neglecting my blog is the fact that I haven't been able to share the things that I've been loving recently! As I always say, I love doing these posts because I love sharing all the things I love so that you can go off and love them too - you've got to share the love yano, haha! But yes, as you can imagine I've collected a fair amount of things I love over the past few months, so I've reduced my huge stock pile to a much smaller list of the my top things I've been loving recently, so you better be ready! Anywho, without further a do, these are the things I've been loving recently. As always, feel free to share a few things you've been loving in the comments too, I would love to know! 

VASE FROM TIGER (+ plant from Ikea) // The new year kind of bums me out a little bit, mainly because it means all my Christmas decorations have to come down and therefore my house always becomes a little bit bare! So to avoid this huge lack of decor I decided to go shopping for a few knick knacks, especially something for my very naked looking coffee table! We obviously had to pop into the mother-ship that is Tiger (or Flying Tiger... or whatever it's called, haha!) and look at all their insanely cute knick knacks - but something I wasn't expecting to see in there was a really gorgeous vase! I love this vase, it's got a gorgeous pottery finish with a beautiful purple bottom and it was only £4, so how could I actually say no!? Paired with my trusty cheap Ikea plant (which we had to trim just a tinsy bit) it really dresses up my coffee table and brings a very fresh, spring feel to my living room - so happy with it! 

POT AND POTPOURRI FROM IKEA // I mean we couldn't look for home decor without popping into Ikea.. and by 'popping to Ikea' I mean spend the day at Ikea because everyone knows that day trips to Ikea are a real thing, haha! I've always seen that Ikea do tonnes of 'flavours' of potpourri, but I've never really been too compelled to buy any - but after seeing their display with their vanilla scented potpourri in a really simple jar, I knew it would be the perfect addition to my coffee table. It really does just bring that something extra too, and it obviously smells amazing too - I can't wait to switch out the scents over the year and get some spicy scents in for Autumn and Christmas.. omg I'm definitely already planning ahead for Christmas, oops, haha!  

WATER BOTTLE FROM HOMESENSE // I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to find a nice water bottle! I feel like water bottles have kind of become a weird trend recently, people are buying those water bottles with the marble and galaxy patterns on and I kept trying to find a gorgeous bottle to show off at work! Needless to say, our home decor hunt led us to Homesense (basically any excuse to go to Homesense and I'm sold, haha!) and their water bottle collection is definitely something to be proud of - so if you're looking for a nice bottle too, definitely recommend! Ethan actually picked this one out and I really love how different it is and it's definitely gotten some comments at work... even if all the kids at work ask me if it's my milk because of how much it looks like a little milk jug, haha! 

CHIP MUG FROM MENKIND // I unfortunately never got round to doing a 'what I got for Christmas post' this year, but one of the things I got for Christmas, from Ethan, was one of those Chip mugs from Beauty and The Beast that everyone is obsessed with at the moment! You might have seen him in a few of my blog photos.. you know, just because he's so photogenic! I basically love my little Chip mug, he sits proudly on my kitchen worktop! 

FRIENDS  // If you're living under a rock and haven't heard the news yet - Friends is on Netflix, and I'm definitely on the bandwagon of everyone who's watching the whole series from the beginning again! I've always loved Friends, it's always been one of those shows I stick on when I'm bored or need a little 20 minute pick-me-up.. but I've never watched every episode in order! So it's definitely different to watch the episodes in Chronological order.. I am loving it though! 

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN // Oh my god, this film - is my basic review, haha! We went to go and see it last night (after I've been playing nothing but the soundtrack for like 2 weeks) and it was just everything. The story. The characters. The message of the whole thing. The fact that we finally got to hear Zac Efron sing after like 11 years. (Yes. It's actually been 11 years since Hairspray.. like wtf.. who's as shocked as me?!) And who knew that we needed a Hugh Jackman/Zac Efron duet..?! Because that was everything! I honestly love every single song from this bloody show too, they are just all so, gah! But if I had to choose I would probably say Never Enough because it's such a good song to belt in the shower, haha! I also have a huge soft spot for Tightrope, because I think Charity is a completely underrated character! God, it was just so good - I haven't been this obsessed with a film since like High School Musical when I was 10 years old, haha! If I had the time and the money I would go and see that film a million times more, so if you haven't already seen it, open up a new tab.. and buy your tickets right now!  


  1. I'm also watching friends from like the 5th time, but in order too! I agree with all you said, it's such a easy tv show to see. And I love that water bottle!

  2. I need to get that water bottle for myself! I've been looking for something to replace my old plastic one. You know, BPA and all that. It's tough to find a decent one that isn't plastic though.

    Eric | Website

  3. I was introduced to The Greatest Showman by a friend of mine and went out and bought it the next day! I absolutely loved it :) Great post!