Most Anticipated Books Of 2018

2017 was a great reading year for me, I read and fell in love with tonnes of books and it goes without saying that I'm excited to read so much more in 2018. I am, of course, especially excited for new releases that are due to come in 2018.. a lot of these have been on my wishlist for a pretty long time and now that 2018 is finally upon us, I can get seriously excited.. which makes saying goodbye to Christmas just a little bit easier! Ugh.. isn't it just the worst time, when you have to take down all the decorations and you realise that you don't have anything to look forward to anymore.. luckily I've had the first week of January off work so it's been a tiny bit easier, but still.. ugh. I want Christmas back! But yep, these are my most anticipated book releases of this year and the books I am most excited to get my hands on as soon as possible please. As always, let me know in the comments the books releases you are looking forward to in the comments below - I always need new book recommendations! 

LENGENDARY BY STEPHANIE GARBER // Possibly my absolute top most anticipate book of 2018 is of course, the sequel to the amazing book Caraval - Legendary by Stephanie Garber! I read Caraval last year on a bit of a whim, as someone who doesn't tend to read fantasy novels and I wasn't really expecting too much... I went into that book without having my hopes up too high and let's just say I came out having fallen completely in love after I devoured it during a 2 hour train journey! So I am so looking forward to the sequel, told from Tella's point of view! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE ASAP PLEASE.

MY PLAIN JANE BY CYNTHIA HAND // Now, I haven't actually read the first in this series yet (My Lady Jane) but it's in the post and I am already beyond excited to read it (yes, I know I'm late to the game.. shh, haha!) - you can read all about why I'm excited to read that one in my January TBR by the way! But yes, I'm already excited for My Plain Jane. I love Jane Eyre and I love how fluffy and funny and fun this series seems and the covers are gorgeous.. I basically just need both of these books right now please, haha! 

BRIGHTLY BURNING BY ALEXA DONNE // Definitely didn't mean to go Jane Eyre themed for this post, but it seems Jane Eyre is back this year, haha! This one just seems so intriguing.. it's basically Jane Eyre, in space. I mean come on. Also, having read the first chapter which you can find here by the way I may have already fallen in love with Alexa Donne's writing style, it definitely reminds me of Lauren James' The Loneliest Girl In The Universe (maybe it's just the space theme, lol!) which was one my favourite books I read in 2017! I can already tell I'm going to devour this book the second I get it! 

THE IMMORTALISTS BY CHLOE BENJAMIN // I have to admit the first line of the synopsis was what immediately drew me into this book - 'If you were told the date of your death, how would it shape your present?' This concept just seriously intrigues me, I can't wait to get deeper into it! 

ALL THE BEAUTIFUL LIES BY PETER SWANSON // After reading one of Peter Swanson's other thriller novels last year (Her Every Fear) and hearing so many amazing things about The Kind Worth Killing, which is super high up on my to be read list by the way, I already know that I have to get this new book! It promises murder, mystery and suspense which is everything I could ever hope for in a book... so I can't wait for this thriller! 

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER BY MARGOT HUNT // We all know I love a good psychological thriller so it goes without saying that I can't wait for this! Once again, there's murder, there's mystery... and I'm excited. 


  1. Some of these sound really interesting! Definitely going to check them out
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I love a good read! I'm hoping to pick up some more books this year so I'll keep these in mind!xx

    Lucy |

  3. I've been looking for some new books to invest in and these seem right up my path!
    Definitely going to give a few of these a go :)
    Leanne x |