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Okay. So I've been gone a litttle while! Truth is, having a full time job means you basically have no time for blogging and I was so not prepared for that. But you know what, it's a new year and I've missed blogging so so much - I seriously want to get back into it and I just hope I can keep it up! So even though we're already three days into the new year, and I know I'm a little bit late to the game when it comes to the all the new year posts I couldn't miss out on a good old year in books posts! 2017 was the year I really got back into reading, I read some truly amazing books and I completely filled the two empty bookshelves in my dining room! So, I hope you enjoy this little summary of all the books I read last year - also, if you ever want to keep up to date on the books I'm reading at the moment be sure to add me as a friend over on Goodreads

FIRST BOOK OF THE YEAR: The first book I read in 2017 back in January was The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena. I wasn't quite as addicted to reading back then as I am now, and most of the books I read fell into the psychological thriller genre so this book was completely my cup of tea! In fact, I would say it's still one of my favourite books to this day - I really loved the twisty and turn-y story line and it was really a book that not only made me come up theories as I was reading it but also I continued to think about after I finishing it! 

LONGEST BOOK I READ: The longest book I read tackled in 2017 was of course It by Stephen King which is 1,156 pages long... and when I say tackled I really do mean it, because I'm willing to admit that this book took me over a month to read! Needless to say, this is the longest book I have ever read and I would be lying if I said there weren't times when I was seriously considering giving up...and times when I'd work out how many pages were left and convince myself that it was do-able! I have to admit this was a slow read for me and at times the only thing that kept me going was creepy, suspenseful atmosphere that the book gives off and the fact that there were scenes that I found truly scary (which is something I've never experienced with a book before... particularly the one scene where that woman turns into a creepy ass monster really slowly - and the refrigerator. ugh.) One thing that I've seen mentioned a lot in reviews is the amazing way that King is able to get inside the heads of the children and really portray their fears - this was one of the things I really loved about It, it gave the book an extra edge and at times I really was feeling their fears as if they were my own!

SHORTEST BOOK I READ: The shortest book I read was strangely another book that fits the horror/thriller genre and that was The Grown Up by Gillian Flynn, this lovely book has only 64 pages, but it still a really great read to polish off in one sitting! We obviously know Gillian from some of her very well known classics, like Dark Places, Sharp Objects and Gone Girl so I remember being very excited to read her short story and I wasn't disappointed at all, but you can throw anything with paranormal/thriller-ish elements in it at me and I'll probably enjoy it! 

LAST BOOK OF THE YEAR: So, although I technically finished this book 2 hours after the new year I am breaking all the rules and saying that this was my last book of the year, just because it was just the sweetest book to the end (/start) the year with! I picked up Moonrise by Sarah Crossnan on a bit of a whim whilst shopping after I basically fell in love with the cover and after discovering it was written in verse I was so intrigued! I had never read a book that was written in verse before and I honestly had no clue whether I would like that style of writing or not! Turns out it didn't even matter what the style of writing was like because the story was just SO GOOD... it was honestly just such a beautiful story, so beautifully told! Seriously something that has stuck with me even after turning the last page! 

TOP THREE BOOKS OF THE YEAR: So I gave 5 stars to 18 books in 2017 and it was actually pretty difficult to choose my favourite out of those but here are my top three books: 

1- Caraval by Stephanie Garber
2- The Lonliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James
3 - Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

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2017 Reading Challenge
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  1. I read The Couple Next Door in 2017 as well and thoroughly enjoyed it! Have you picked up Shari Lapena's other book? I think it's called A Stranger In The House. It sounds so good!

    Sharni xo