Update #23 | Why My Job Is The Best Job

If just got back from my first day of work this year so apologies if I seem a bit tired - definitely not used to socialising/getting out of bed before 11:30am so my brain feels a bit numb to be honest, haha! Probably shouldn't complain though since we had an inset day and the most difficult thing I had to do today is negotiate double sided sticky tape...lol. But yeah, I have to say I am seriously loving my new job. I'm having the best time and it's like whenever anyone asks how I'm finding it I always just feel like I don't do it enough justice, I'm always like 'yeah, it's really good' but like I'm really really enjoying myself! It makes me so happy actually, because if you asked me the same question this time last year I would've said something along the lines of 'meh' and probably would've made a face. Honestly, this new job has made me realise how shitty my last job was - waking up at 5am to do a job I really didn't want to do was tough. And I felt like I literally didn't have a purpose or a goal... add on the stress of writing my dissertation (ugh.. still can't say that word without gagging a bit, haha!) and you've got yourself one miserable bunny. But now I've found something that I genuinely love waking up for and that I can't wait to learn more from every day - you know it's good when work doesn't feel like work and that's exactly how it feels right now! That's not saying I don't have days where I get home from work absolutely stressed and knackered, but I know it's all worth it because I guess I feel like I have a purpose and it's so amazing seeing all my lovely children grow! But yeah, I thought today I would write a quick little update, since I've kind of been neglecting my blog recently due to a huge lack of time and organisation... that's the one thing about having a full time job I'm not so keen on, haha! But I'm definitely hoping to be more organised and prepared this year, so I can work full time and keep my blog going, because I genuinely feel lost without my blog and it's something I love doing! I guess I just need to take all my photos in bulk at the weekend because I get home when it's dark so there's no hope for taking photos then - thank god it's starting to get lighter again in the evenings! 

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  1. I hope you learn so much and keep being sooo happy! wish you the best :)