February Book Haul 2018 | TBR

As I said in my latest post January was a good reading month for me and I'm still one book ahead on my reading challenge *woo*! So, I'm obviously rooting for myself to read as much as possible in February too (even if that means I have to read non-stop during my week off over half term, haha!) if only for the fact that I am officially solidifying my love for reading this month by getting a book tattoo on the 10th - don't worry, I'm sure I'll be sharing photos on here/on my twitter if you're interested in seeing that, I'm so excited! So yeah, I'm setting myself quite an ambitious TBR this month, (considering reading alonside a full time job can be fairly tricky at the best of times!)  but I just have so many new books that I'm excited to read, but... here they are! As always, feel free to share the books you're planning on reading this month in the comments below, I would love to know!