I am PR friendly and I love collaborating closely with brands to create posts that engage readers, I aim to create honest content about anything, as long as it fits in my general theme, and is something I have a passion for. However, I am always up for exploring new and exciting ideas! If you're looking for some examples of my previous brand reviews feel free to click here! I am available to do anything from giveaways to reviews and I'd love to hear from you, whether you're looking for a new blogger to work with or need some more information. If you are interested in working with me you can find email me at, please be sure to let me know of any terms and conditions and important dates in the initial email - I really do look forward to hearing from you!

I have been running my blog for over a year now and I have put a lot of my time and effort into each post, in order to expand my audience and make my blog better overall. I have often been told that my posts are easy to relate to and often sound like the reader's own thoughts, this is something that I aim to achieve in every post. I hope to not only expand my own audience but also gain more exposure and traffic for the product that you would like me to review, in this way we can help each other out! In the past my sponsored posts and reviews have proven to be very popular with my readers, and usually make it into my top 10 posts, in terms of views. 

I publish a new blog post every other day, most of my posts are scheduled in advance (as I am also a uni student with a tight schedule!) but I am obviously willing to be flexible and move posts around to suit your schedule and the timescale you have given me. 

REVIEWS AND PR DISCLAIMER // The opinions and views expressed on this blog are entirely my own and are completely personal to me, they are not influenced by the advertiser or company that own the product - my aim is to be honest and unbiased and provide a true to life review of the product. I am by no means a professional in any way, so the view expressed are unique to me and show what works well for myself as an individual. All products featured on this blog have been paid for with my own money. However, if I do happen to be lucky enough to receive a product to review, it will be clearly noted at the bottom of the post and marked with a '*' in the title of the post. Sending me a product does not automatically lead to a review post, unless this was previously agreed. In the same sense, the review is not set to a specific deadline or timescale unless previously agreed. 

COMMENTS// I am always open to receiving comments on my blog posts and I aim to reply as often as possible! I do not review any comments before they are posted so please use your own discretion when making a comment. I always accept constructive criticism, however if I deem a comment inappropriate or offensive to me or anyone else, it will be deleted. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all - this goes for making comments on any internet platform! 

COPYRIGHT// All pictures featured on my blog are my own, unless otherwise stated - I will always properly credit the owner of the picture (and ask permission, if necessary) If you wish to use any of my images for your own use please contact me first, I am fine with sharing my work as long as you contact me beforehand and credit me appropriately. However, if you fail to contact me beforehand this is breaking copyright and stealing content.